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  1. I just realized I haven't seen Zero yet. Seeing how highly it is rated I'm sure it'll be just as great as the original, the difference in rating only existing due to originality bias. I just got to the part where they entered Grand Line and I feel like my life has been a lie cause I always thought the show would be about their journey to get there.
  2. wazzup equestria?

  3. Of course we will recover from it eventually. Whether or not it will ever go away, well that's more of a question to leave to the experts I would assume yes it will, but a lot of scientists seem to think that it won't, so I guess it will most likely stick around in small clusters seasonally even after a vaccine. Kind of similar to the flu but not as prominent due to us spending so many resources to contain and research it.
  4. During the period of the last 2 years I have subscribed to more vtubers than regular youtubers during 15 years on youtube combined.



  5. I do not know nor am I interested what that drama was about, but can you tell me how her personal attacks against a creator makes her *less invested* in the fandom as a whole? Because that is what it seems like you are implying here. To me it looks like you are writing her off as uneducated because she did something bad and you don't like her. I don't agree with your statement of her "shitting on the fandom". The whole video is delivered more like a nostalgic love-letter from my perspective. As I said, fandoms don't simply die. On paper. There will always be those who stick around no matter the state of the media. I did not say it is dead as soon as there is no "vast rapid growth". A fandom can have its growth slowed down but still be highly relevant and present. What I am saying is that if you are going to judge whether a fandom is "dying", then do so by looking at its overall activity. "Activity" includes fan-made content such as those things you mentioned. As there are no "minimum requirements" you have to set those for yourself. Everyone has their own views on what "dead" is and what is not. For me, a factor would be heavily declining growth and activity. "No vast rapid growth" and "heavily declining growth" are obviously not the same. Of course these are subjective numbers but the former would indicate the fandom is out of its golden era so to speak and the latter would be a state where the community is barely growing at all. I am not saying a fandom is dead once it is out of its "golden era". Now that we have that all cleared up let me reply to some stuff. 1. I did not say the fandom is dead. I said the brony phenomenon is dead, referring to the period of attention to the fandom. I did say the fandom is dying, and as far as I can tell this seems to be the case from my own subjective view. Attracting new fans or not, I am not seeing any noticeable growth. And even if the participation among fans is still there, there is a noticeable decrease in numbers. 2. It is a numbers game. Of course it is. The percentage threshold I was talking about is not supposed to mean that I see a fandom as dead when only 10% of the fans are left. It's supposed to be an arbitrary number. I am thinking like a sum of all the fans, creations, discussions etc by the fandom. Its activity if you will. Like I said. 3. The convention is growing because the convention is growing, not necessarily because the fandom is. Maybe the brony fandom is growing and all the new fans have just gone under my radar. I don't know. I'm just sharing my observations really. Even if so would be the case, there is in my mind no denying that the community is becoming less relevant and less active, even if fan creations are still being made. Yours truly is and have been a part of many fandoms, I know very well how they work. There's no need to get all upset about it and use passive aggressive phrasing. I have a different opinion than you and that's all there is to it, buddy.
  6. Hehe, this video made me a bit nostalgic.. Anyway, just watched the entire thing, I think it was a great video. One of, if not the best one yet explaining the history and life of the fandom. Lots of people seem to be in denial to admit certain things so I'm glad she addressed a lot of it. I like how she mentioned John being an ahole, I remember seeing interviews with him where he just seemed very rude and unhappy about the existence of bronies. The only things I do not agree with her on are #1 how she claims that everyone who watched the show either were or became a furry, which seems very exaggerated unless she sees 'liking ponies' as 'being a furry' (Like, yes obviously a lot of people in the fandom do enjoy furry artwork too but at least from my view it was more like people who joined the fandom were mostly just invested in the ponies and not necessarily furries in general, I would barely even call the characters in the show furries to begin with.) And #2 the rant about nsfw bodypillows seemed kind of unnecessary to the video, felt more like she couldn't let go of a chance to squeeze in some of her personal annoyances in there. #3 a lot of bronies being sexists, racists, homophobics (the part about people trying really hard to show how non-gay it is I do agree with though!) or whatever when it was at its peak. I don't see the point of including this either as this wasn't a pony fandom specific thing, it's just what happens when a community becomes that big, it is bound to include some bad apples. But once again, other than those things it was pretty solid. I mean she seems pretty invested to me and I have the same view on most things she was talking about. Depends on what we're talking about here really. The whole mlp/brony phenomenon seems pretty dead to me. Selling out 2 hotels doesn't mean it's not dying. Might just have different views on what dying is. The hype is gone, the growth is gone, most presence is gone. Of course the fandom itself won't simply die off, we are not taking notice of let's say the Digimon fandom anymore but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist and that there are no new people joining it. But at least in my opinion, relative to how active a community is during its prime you can kind of make a threshold and call it "dead" once its activity is at a certain low percentage of that number.
  7. Exercise? What's that? I wish I did I'm just too lazy. Whenever I make an effort to try it I end up either forgetting about continuing or I get quickly bored of doing it after about a week. I really should though, I'm not really the healthiest person in the world. I could use some better stamina :/ I feel like I would get more motivated to if I was overweight or something lol, it's harder to be motivated if the negative consequences for not doing it aren't really visible.
  8. I don't really spend too much time thinking about my clothes haha I'm not sure what to answer here. Cause the clothes I wear everyday fit well and I don't have any reason to not be happy with them, I'm not really that into fashion to care lol. But on the other hand there are some type of clothes I just kind of wish I could or feel would be fun to wear.. but in reality I wouldn't actually wear them either because they aren't very comfortable or because they don't really suit my looks. Like for example I really like the looks of older 20s-40s fashion but I would look silly in that.
  9. At this point it's just easier to say that you prefer men But yeah explaining your sexual preferences can be quite annoying sometimes, I feel like it's not as simple as just putting ourselves in a category. Sometimes I need to explain that I find girls the most physically attractive but I'm rarely comfortable taking on the "leading" role with one so I rarely pursue them, I tend to be drawn to boys more because of they're more chill to be around, because I don't have to feel pressured to take on said role and well their "asset" However I do not find most men physically attractive as bulky built people, hair and abs is not hot to me. If I'm drawn to a guy's appearance they are 9 times out of 10 just kind of cute. For guys it's more about their personality. So one might say "but I thought you were bi?" when they see me cross over 99% of the guys in their "list of hot guys" collection haha
  10. happy birthday

  11. I saw the third video of the Marble League from Jelle's Marble Runs haha. I love those, he puts to much effort into it.
  12. It depends what type of game it is. In 99% of the cases I would say no it is not as I don't really care that much for cool graphics, but if it's like a single player first person adventure game or something then good graphics would most likely be what would draw me to the game first and the gameplay would be what decides whether I stick around or not.
  13. I get a bit annoyed whenever people call the 24h clock "military time". It's just another example of americans being ignorant And yes as I live in Europe ofc I know it. The only reason the 12 hour system exists in the first place is to fit the 12 hour analog clock (as 24 hours on an analog clock is hard to tell from a distance) but nowadays we mostly tell the time by digital clocks anyway and for digital the 24 hour clock makes way more sense. But as analogs still are a thing we still refer to the hours as 1-12 while speaking of something that is going to happen the current day. For example, if the current time is 10 AM and we are going to refer to the time 9 PM, we just say "at nine", because it has already been 9 AM so nobody would think that it is 9 AM I'm talking about. If times are specified for an upcoming day though, like when reading a schedule or opening hours, 19:00 would be specified.
  14. Never ever not a chance. That's not how I roll. I wouldn't put myself at risk for the sake of others. Plus I'm not interested in their activities in the slightest.
  15. how's it going?


    1. Bakugou is my Man

      Bakugou is my Man

      Hey! I’m doing alright. I just got home from meeting a friend for breakfast. It was nice ~ I am planning on getting another tattoo today too! How are you today?


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      pretty good, spent some time outside today