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  1. You know a superpower that would be pretty nice to have? The ability to delete all trace of your younger self from the internet.

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      I’d like to do that too, to be honest.

  2. Jokuc

    Friends System

    Was about time! How long has it been? Like 5+ years? Sadly, I don't think many of the people I knew are still here. Oh well.
  3. I do, a colleague of mine. Luckily she recovered after a month or so and her condition - while not mild by any means - did not get to life-threatening stage. So she does not have covid anymore.
  4. Those look awful to be honest. I don't know how accurate they are to the show though, I haven't watched it. I don't see why you think this was unexpected, every time McDonald's has done the MLP figure line they have been immensely popular, so of course they want to do more of them.
  5. As in a realistic change or could it be like ..anything is possible? For the latter I would probably just say be able to stop and resume aging at will, living longer means more experience and more time to learn things. Things such as money will likely follow naturally from this. For the more realistic change then possibly the ability to focus better on things I find boring. I always have difficulties committing to projects I don't have any interest in despite knowing their importance and benefits.
  6. I'm doing some research, would you mind filling out this short form about museums? https://forms.gle/MAyVDm6GpQnNHJyE8

    Thank you

  7. I use the alarm feature on my phone, I use the alarm on my alarm clock and I use the alarm on my nintendo ds but despite this I manage to shut them all off in my sleep anyway. the pain
  8. I am so sad, I posted my build here ages ago and back then my pc was a beast. Now it has been like 7 years or more since I bought it and my computer is now below average and I'm having troubles with my video editing and stuff. I want to build a new computer but all the freaking parts are out of stock and it's so annoying..
  9. Jokuc

    Guess That Reference!

    I don't have the slightest idea, some youtuber I don't watch like markaplier or similar probably? Let's see if anyone knows this: "I was so excited for Justin Bieber's new movie "Never Say Never" to come out on DVD! When I went to the store to buy the movie, I noticed Justin Bieber had other things. No music career would be complete without your own action figure, and, screaming girls! What's with the unicorn? He's got CDs, a movie, and his own autobiography! Now wouldn't an autobiography be more appropriate for someone who is more legendary? Maybe if we blend all of his accomplishme
  10. Jokuc

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Saw a movie called Finding Bobby Fischer which - in case you couldn't guess - is about chess. It was actually pretty good, was inspired to watch it after finishing Netflix great show called the queen's gambit.
  11. I would assume this topic is just outdated cause nowadays everyone has wireless headphones that connect via bluetooth. I have a pair of sony headphones and I love them.
  12. Jokuc

    Mega Thread Favorite songs?

    It is not my favorite by any means but right now I am really enjoying the music from an artist called Binärpilot (binary pilot)
  13. Yes and no. It is not difficult for me to carry a conversation and be talkative.. which makes it pretty easy to introduce myself and get to know people. However, I usually do not interact with people I do not know unless I either have to or if there is some sort of social event that requires you to talk such as.. playing board games or similar. So to answer the question, I am not making many friends because I am not really trying to. If I did, I doubt I would have any problems. I am very good at creating new relationships but I am horrible at maintaining them.
  14. Did we change server or something in the last couple months? The forum seems to run smoother than I remember it... :umad:

  15. I do not think there is such a thing as labeling one's personality. Personalities are way too complex to fit into a category. You can theorize and predict what someone may think and do in a certain situation based on the category they are in but your guess might not always be true because people value things differently and have different experiences. I always get different results on this test. I have noticed it depends on when I take the test and what my mood is, but by far the most influential factor is how I look at the questions. A lot of the questions asked are kind of broad and can
  16. I have never had any issues with these, honestly I can't even see how you would get them mixed up. Depending on the context I may point it out.
  17. It's amazing, great communities for the subs I tend to participate in. Been using it daily since before I joined mlp forums, probably like 10+ years. The subs I enjoy the most at the moment are r/science r/worldnews r/aftereffects and r/hololive cause you know, vtubers. I think the arguments that "people are toxic" is pretty silly, that goes for literally any social media platform on the internet. It's just about the amount of people using it and how easily accessible your posts become to others and vice versa that causes this perception that "reddit is toxic" "twitter is toxic" "x and y
  18. Jokuc

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    I just realized I haven't seen Zero yet. Seeing how highly it is rated I'm sure it'll be just as great as the original, the difference in rating only existing due to originality bias. I just got to the part where they entered Grand Line and I feel like my life has been a lie cause I always thought the show would be about their journey to get there.
  19. wazzup equestria?

  20. Of course we will recover from it eventually. Whether or not it will ever go away, well that's more of a question to leave to the experts I would assume yes it will, but a lot of scientists seem to think that it won't, so I guess it will most likely stick around in small clusters seasonally even after a vaccine. Kind of similar to the flu but not as prominent due to us spending so many resources to contain and research it.
  21. During the period of the last 2 years I have subscribed to more vtubers than regular youtubers during 15 years on youtube combined.



  22. I do not know nor am I interested what that drama was about, but can you tell me how her personal attacks against a creator makes her *less invested* in the fandom as a whole? Because that is what it seems like you are implying here. To me it looks like you are writing her off as uneducated because she did something bad and you don't like her. I don't agree with your statement of her "shitting on the fandom". The whole video is delivered more like a nostalgic love-letter from my perspective. As I said, fandoms don't simply die. On paper. There will always be those who stick around no m
  23. Hehe, this video made me a bit nostalgic.. Anyway, just watched the entire thing, I think it was a great video. One of, if not the best one yet explaining the history and life of the fandom. Lots of people seem to be in denial to admit certain things so I'm glad she addressed a lot of it. I like how she mentioned John being an ahole, I remember seeing interviews with him where he just seemed very rude and unhappy about the existence of bronies. The only things I do not agree with her on are #1 how she claims that everyone who watched the show either were or became a furry, which seem
  24. Jokuc

    Health Exercise Frequently?

    Exercise? What's that? I wish I did I'm just too lazy. Whenever I make an effort to try it I end up either forgetting about continuing or I get quickly bored of doing it after about a week. I really should though, I'm not really the healthiest person in the world. I could use some better stamina :/ I feel like I would get more motivated to if I was overweight or something lol, it's harder to be motivated if the negative consequences for not doing it aren't really visible.
  25. I don't really spend too much time thinking about my clothes haha I'm not sure what to answer here. Cause the clothes I wear everyday fit well and I don't have any reason to not be happy with them, I'm not really that into fashion to care lol. But on the other hand there are some type of clothes I just kind of wish I could or feel would be fun to wear.. but in reality I wouldn't actually wear them either because they aren't very comfortable or because they don't really suit my looks. Like for example I really like the looks of older 20s-40s fashion but I would look silly in that.
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