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Everything posted by Jokuc

  1. So apparently we have new badges, that's cool. Where is the artistic consistency though?

    1. Splashee


      Different artists. But at least there are some more badges, that's good!

  2. Hi! How rude to stop by my profile without saying hello ;)

    1. Rikifive



      My bad, my bad. SB2bpHO.png

      Hello, hello! :D 

      What's up? ^_^ 

    2. Jokuc


      Dying from the heat, going to an anime convention today. How about you?

    3. Rikifive


      Oh yeah, where I live it's okay-ish at the moment, but high temperatures coming back soon is already announced. I'll have two weeks off work, so I wouldn't mind that tbh. :P

      Anime convention sounds nice, have fun there! :yay:

      As for me, nothing exciting to say I think. Maybe that I'm hyped for the physical album of pony metal that I ordered. :yay:

      Doing fine in general. :mlp_smile:

  3. YES. It is among the best things in existence. Thigh highs and over-knee socks I don't care for normal socks though I mean, I don't want to brag but I look pretty damn good in my thigh highs
  4. How are you feeling Jeric? Everything good?

  5. wtf that's a thing? yuck beef ramen
  6. give me your best Duskull impression

    1. Ayyngel Dust

      Ayyngel Dust

      "Look at me I'm cute... AND I'LL DEVOUR YOUR VERY SOUL"


      *High pitched cute laugh*

    2. Jokuc


      That might as well be any cute looking ghost but I'll give you a B-

  7. 502 bad gateway

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    2. Anti-Villain


      "502" is the Number Of The Beast of MLP Forums.

    3. Ayyngel Dust
    4. Rikifive
  8. bakugou actually becomes shrek in the new season... spoiler alert

    1. TBD


      Bakugou does not become a ogre, he IS a ogre. :-P

    2. Bakugou Is My Man ❤

      Bakugou Is My Man ❤

      Well fuck. It’s all ogre now.

  9. what is that ara ara profile picture :mlp_okiedokieloki:

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    2. Jokuc


      Who is it anyway? I don't recognize the character. OC maybe? 

    3. Shiki


      Ichinose Shiki. She's from IdolM@ster Cinderella Girls, and I think in the anime she barely appears. She's more just in the games

    4. Jokuc


      Ah, I've seen idolmaster but I haven't played the games so that explains why I don't recognize her 

  10. If I could go for free sure. Otherwise I'd rather to to other places Luanda
  11. >Likes: George Carlin

    Now we're talking.

  12. happy birthday you

    1. Batbrony


      Thanks buddy! :D

  13. oh, nice you're quite good at drawing Welcome welcome
  14. I have no idea but most likely not!
  15. damn you got the matching badge and all to go with your username


    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Yee thank

  16. ah, stormfury

    makes a lot more sense now

    1. Meemfestivefox


      Hi, there. <3

  17. That is such a random topic haha Neither cause the author made children's books so he must be a good guy (also he doesn't have such a weird look in other images of him) and the clown has apparently been a hero. I don't get why people are afraid of clowns. Also it's rather silly how you picked black and white pictures to make them look more intimidating lol
  18. If I was good at makeup I would probably be a lot more motivated to work out. But I'm horrible at make-up, because I haven't practiced of course and I'm too lazy to start now.
  19. After the failure that was last jedi I don't really have any hope left for the upcoming star wars films and series or whatever to be any good. They should stick to what makes sense within the universe and with the characters and not go with dumb storylines that exist only to surprise and shock fans. F for GoT.
  20. *hugs myself* ah, I'm so awesome, I know.
  21. wtf it's 2019 and I'm back playing minecraft

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    2. Shiki


      yeah but who has money in 2019

    3. Jokuc


      twitch thots

    4. Shiki


      god i wish that were me

  22. The Digimon anime is actually quite well made but man pokémon all the way. I always hated digimon for being a pokemon ripoff.