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Everything posted by Jokuc

  1. What are you doing in my bed?! ..well you can stay if you want..
  2. luigi luigi luigi!!

  3. Gingerbread is so yummy man

  4. Thanks man, means a lot....... but why'd you have to quote those old comments?! I can't look at it! The horror! The horror! But hey, I know some people might see it as legacy, I just see it as comments young foolish me left behind.. Sometimes I wish I joined mlp forums at a different age so I would have been able to express myself in better ways. Then again, maybe I wouldn't have been able to appreciate it the same way. It kind of makes me cringe to know that members look at the stupid stuff I said back then and call it history... Anyway! Nowadays, I don't think, I know that most people around don't even know me, and few of the ones who actually do recognize me don't really care about me nor know me very well. I'm not sad about that, and I don't think it's weird at all. I don't spend even a tenth of the weekly time here anymore that I used to. A bunch of years ago I really wanted everyone to recognize my name. Now? Not so much, I just want to have a good time. Since I do have a bunch of old posts.... *shivers* laying around, I guess some of the current generation mlpf users have seen some of my content.. so I'm gonna be bold and say 6/10.
  5. No, I don't think so ninja.. uh I don't remember. maybe?
  6. With 1500 posts I feel like I should but I don't recognize your username.
  7. I'm not sure, but I found this tanned old man on twitter who kept making tweets about fake terrorist attacks, his high IQ and building walls, he seems like a douche.
  8. I've come back from the dead and am now winning this game.
  9. Oh... yeah... This thread is a thing. Well since last time I posted I have become more interested in wearing feminine clothing so I do crossdress sometimes. Not in public, though. Just when I'm alone or at certain events.. I even made a tumblr page with me in feminine clothing.... and people seem to like it so uhm, yeah.
  10. None. But as of yesterday I am planning to take a little jog 3 days a week.
  11. It's funny cause I actually find him attractive.... but don't tell him x @The Mint Pone
  12. A Red Panda! They are very unappreciated animals :3
  13. My Game Boy Advance SP. I was so happy when I got it and I still use it to this date.
  14. cuddles anyone? ^^

    1. Babyyoshi309


      Lethal cuddles? :dash:

    2. Jokuc


      that sounds kind of scary >.<

    3. Babyyoshi309


      Did you mean spoopy? :please:

  15. hi :3

    1. Frostgage


      hello friend!! how you been?

  16. I guess this is my little list. So now you know, internet. Open-minded. Willing to try new things. Patient, tolerant. Can argue without getting angry. Very sexually active, rather perverted than passionate. Doesn't need to party and get drunk every second weekend. Someone who doesn't smoke. Enjoys planning activities for us to go and do outside the house, cause I don't. Likes to explore and listen to different types of music. Likes to watch movies/series and can enjoy a wide range of genres regardless of age. Can have long serious & non-serious conversations without getting bored. Enjoys learning. Not a procrastinator like myself. Not politically or religiously extreme. (If they have to read dinner prayers and go to church, that's a no-no.) White or east-asian. If boy: Taller than me and dominant in bed. If girl: Cutesy and girly but can take the lead as I'm far from manly & dominant.
  17. Never tried. Pineapple on pizza
  18. Saw a film from 2010 (I think) called Convicted yesterday. It was about a guy who has been put into prison because he killed someone, but his sister won't believe it and starts studying to become a lawyer so she'll be able to free him. I kind of liked it
  19. Anyone else hyped for the new season of Mr Robot?

    1. Babyyoshi309


      Never heard of it.

  20. If my memory serves me right, Wingnut is around ...40?
  21. Well, I wouldn't. But to pick an area, I'd rather live somewhere in Canada. Would not want to live in usa. Canada has a similar climate to Sweden too, which is pretty cool.