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  1. I have tried it and I guess it's kind of fun, but if I would choose between fortnite and pubg I'd pick pubg because of weapon attachments, bigger map and the fact that I don't like the cartoony style of fortnite. I don't really play any of them though.
  2. Yesterday I bought a Snickers ice cream, then I realized Snickers has nuts in it and I'm allergic so I had to throw it away.
  3. @Sondash Studios you need to be more specific. What do you even mean? Attack as in getting physical for no good reason, obviously I dislike them and feel they are bad just like everyone who attack people who haven't done anything. As for being mean, that's rude and I really don't understand what they gain from hating so much but I can just brush it off, it doesn't really get to me.
  4. Happy birthday!! I might give you a hug if you're really kind

    1. Frostgage


      Thank you brother <33

  5. Jeez I keep getting notifications for my old "NO" post in this thread. I suppose it's time to give a more accurate answer. So are ponies hot? Generally, I'll still say no. Not in FiM. However, when these characters are intentionally drawn to be attractive in fan-art and such, yes, they can be. Depending how well the artist captures facial expressions and such. That's not really something specific to ponies though. You can make most characters sexy by drawing them in different art-styles that will make them look more... appealing. When I play Pokémon I don't drool at the screen whenever I battle a Gardevoir, but do I save that juicy fan-art when I come across it on the internet? You bet I do.
  6. I want a cute guy to cuddle with me

    1. Jokuc


      @Frostgage will you give me cuddles? :blush:

    2. Frostgage


      my cuddles are available to all! *gives them*

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  7. Maybe like once or twice when I was a little kid when they had these family days at school.
  8. Watched the Australia F1 GP on TV. Was kind of upset how Hamilton lost his 1st spot because of a security car after someone's car broke. I rarely ever watch sports but I had nothing better to do
  9. Watched the film Focus with Will Smith, it was kind of entertaining, but more often than not I found myself complaining about how stupid a lot of things were.
  10. Been keeping up with the latest episode of The Walking Dead season 8, things are going down with Negan atm.
  11. I've watched some videos where people talk about series I'm watching, but other than that I believe it was Last Week Tonight about Mike Pence, was pretty funny.
  12. Oh boy, that's an old thread. Well I really like it, I'm currently doing it sometimes for fun and sometimes I think the clothes look pretty good on me as I don't really have the most masculine body in the world. Of course everyone should be allowed to do it if they want to, but I think you should at least consider whether it will actually look decent on you or not, super hairy and big guys or those who are overweight will rarely look feminine even if they wear such clothing. It usually just looks creepy.
  13. My first car was a super premium ferrari 1000000000 dollars
  14. It would be boring to call the obvious so I'm saying Rhyhorn
  15. I'm still lurking in the shadows... also I'm saving that picture o3o
  16. I remember watching the trailer for this a long time ago and the first thing I thought was "This is going to be the next big thing". I haven't read anything about the game so I'm not really sure what features they actually have in there now for launch, but if they fix the server issues and add a bunch of customization I'm sure this could be quite popular despite the rough start.
  17. stalker :S

    1. Pinkazoid




      How have you been, yo

    2. Jokuc


      I've had a cold for a month now but other than that I've been pretty good I guess. I got myself a dakimakura so now I've achieved super cool 2000% swag status

    3. Pinkazoid


      you ultimate weeb you

      I want to get a daki eventually

  18. love that avatar.

    1. Pathfinder


      Admittedly I can't take credit for it as it's not my art, but it REALLY works as an avatar. ^^

    2. Jokuc


      It has such a "feel good" vibe to it

    3. Pathfinder


      Agreed; fully. Plus I just love these four characters. ^^

  19. I totally didn't just buy a dakimakura or anything

    1. UltimateGhost3


      <w< not at all.....who would ever think of such a thing <w>

    2. Kawaii Besu