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  1. By Mod Queue. Are you tired of speaking freely? Sick of posting instantaneously? ♪ When you're a user and your jokes won't do, mod queue! it's modding for you! ♪
  2. I'm thinking about what the mods who approve my posts are thinking about when they read some of the things I write. Sometimes I leave jokes for them. It's become a game at this point
  3. I'd rather procreate ifyouknowwhatImean TPAM likes to dye their hair... pink
  4. The Upper Crust is a band of guys who dress like 18th century aristocrats and write songs about being 18th century aristocrats.
  5. .... soundcloud TPAM uses firefox and chrome
  6. How dare they. I eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner (I don't have a lot of money). Actually, what is a "millenial"? someone born post-2000? or anyone born since the 90s?
  7. Hidey

    1000 years of...

    1000 years of mod queue
  8. amigu what tpam likes fruitcake with ketchup