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  1. The skys dark, Canterlot lies in dramatic ruins. Hulking brutes roam the streets, a marauding band of violent yak barbarians have decimated the capital and driven its denizens into hiding. Their leader, bedecked in tribal tattoos and gold from various victims stomps his towering form into the throne room and poses threateningly in front of the royal sisters, bellowing for their submission.

     "We have lain waste to your city. We have the superior numbers, strength and the tools to dispatch your puny pony magics. Succumb to our might!"

     A silent pause, Nopony moves.

     "Luna? That makes what now?"

      "Eight, dear sister."
    "Really?! Could have sworn this has happened more than that."

    "Specifically barbarian yaks?"

    "Oh, no! Silly me, I meant how many times someone tried to pillage us!" Giggles cheefully

    "Oh, thirty-eight times by now."

    "My! Could have sworn it was closer to fifty!"

    "I don't count the pirates."

    "The one that had the giant parrot?"

    "Also the one that had that... goat thing. They tend to be over pretty quick."

       "......Um....Excuse me. I am TRYING to destroy you here."

    "What? Oh sorry, my apologies! Didn't mean to be rude! It just blends together sometimes when you've lived as long as we have! Do carry on!"

     "Well your immortal lives shall be forfeit to OUR power n-!"

    "Seventy-three times."

     "You really are a wizard with numbers, Luna!"

    "Thanks. I spend alot of time in my head."

     "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! Your insolence shall-!"

     "Go ahead!"

        "...excuse me?"

    "I've fully died about four times now. And I get magiced right back together!"

     "Eight here."

    "Not a contest, Sister. And I AM prophetic so I already know when we're going to die next and THIS isn't it!"

        ".......N-no.... no matter! For we hold the upper hoof now and life shall be ours to choose the fate of!"

    "Go ahead!"

      "Please stop."

    "We've started letting the Warlords take us over free reign. Enslavement gets a bit fun after this long!" Luna grunts dismissively.  "And we already know you won't be around long! Far too boring to waste actual magic on you!"

     "How many times have I evaporated an entire army off the planet in a single beam?"

     "Nine times, I do believe."

     "That counting the time I Headbeamed them so hard I disrupted the planet's orbit?!"

    "You know that's not what the spell is called and that was Both of us. Share credit, Dear Sister.

     Besides. I bore of him. Can we end him already?"

     "Oh, I've already prophisized that he'll either get bored of ruling here and move on by next year or run crying like the insect he is."

    "You... y-you can't... know that...Life is made from our choices! You are not G-"


    Yak Warlord flees, blubbering like a colt.

     "A little harsh perhaps, Dear sister?"

     "...maybe. It was hilarious though."

     "Yes, yes it was!"

     ....                                "....and this way, we can make more jobs rebuilding Canterlot yet again! I think it's time for a new architecture era, don't you?!"


  2. Yeehaw! I done did me an Earth! Reckon ah'm a earthin' all over tha place what with me capacity to Earth! (Earth is technically the name of the planet Humans live on... not, like... the element, so.... Confusing.) But that's kind of my point, I feel. Magic is a skill. Like losing your capacity to do math. The question first stated was specifically if the Magic was lost, not the horn. One does assume horn injuries might lead to that though. It's why I felt Tempest Shadow was unjust in feeling she was nothing without magic... but moreover that she took her horn breaking so hard, that it became an point of becoming ostracized. That the way she took it did more damage than what was actually happening. After all, a few mean comments from other small children are typical.... see Scootaloo and the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. No doubt there's many unicorns out there who just don't have the training, skill or mental focus and fortitude to do magic even somewhat like what other unicorns. Losing magic, I feel, doesn't impact you quite as much. You could relearn, or live life without the capacity to levitate things or give sentience to inanimate objects. But now losing wingpower.... especially when wings are notoriously fickle. We've seen Cloudsdale, home of the Birbhorse Pegasai race is almost solely dependent on having flight or pegasus magic to navigate it. I don't care how solid they make those clouds, I am an Earth Pony by nature and it's creepy as all Get Down to be so high up you can't see the ground! Their ancestoral home is predicated on flight, losing it would not only mean perhaps some social judgement but likely not even being able to get around as much up there! If Rainbow Dash is anything to go by, pegasai are as dependent on their wings as most are with their dominant hand. RD practically prefers fluttering over standing in place! Losing one's wings, to any extent, is definitionally quite crippling. They might still be able to walk freely... but that motion is about as practical to a pegasus's mind as dancing down the street. I'd take losing a mental skill over a physical skill!
  3. I imagine its very hard for Celestia & Luna to form genuine relationships.

     I imagine most guys balk a bit at dating a girl who's not only older than most cities around, but the leader of the free world who no doubt many ponies are vehemently dependant on. You want to break the heart of the ageless Monarch of the dominant culture?! Even if she did deal with it well, I doubt everypony else would! You would get an entire Fan-Cult on your flank for even making her feel a little down!

     I doubt you could even have a night out at a restaurant with Celestia and it not be newsworthy. Believe we've seen that Celestia's job is pretty much day-in/day-out random government ponies coming in to ask & nag things of her while she tries to stay calm and as regal as Equestria needs her to be.

     Not to mention both mares kind of have, uh, serious baggage they've had to spend decades dealing with. Immmortal they may be, but a Mare still has her needs! Ya gotta have somepony you let down the cold, aloof, Ruler persona for! Somepony who doesn't treat your every action like its a declaration of law or war!

     I can see a few headlines around Canterlot: "Today, Princess Celestia dropped a dirty chalkboard eraser on a stallions head and giggled. Does this mean she loathes the lower classes and feels education is unimportant?!!?" "Today Luna got up grumpy and frowned a little out her window. Does this mean she cannot take the toll of the job of leadership?! I, as a pony not of fearsome reams of magical alicorn magic, have a much closer role to the everyday horse and have great plans for the aim of Equestria's future in...." 

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      maybe that's why they retired, we actually saw the news reacting like that when Luna had Celestia's job for a day and frowned during a school fundraiser, it can't be healthy to do that shit every day for 1000 years

    2. Widdershins


      I just found a pocketbook on Tuck Everlasting.

       I think it comes back to the burden of immortality. I feel that's an untold lesson in the show. Discord, I feel, got disillusioned with reality because he could outlive anything he cared about. He needed to be reminded of something that can last forever, having a friend... even if you know you won't always have them. 

       I think Celestia & Luna feel responsible because they kind of have to help the present remember the past. Growth happens through being aware of what has come before.... and it helps decision making to have somepony go "Well, yes, but I do distinctly remember this same decision, set up & goal before being undertaken by much the same people." Perhaps why Equestria is so peaceful, they have someone who can directly tell you, from first-pony perspective how wars came about, ended and the results thereof. 

       They're living for other people. I think it's obvious Celestia's aim is to nurture a new generation, make sure a future happens. (She is prophetic btw~) and Luna very much likely is the sort to get mired in past mistakes. (...probably why she doesn't get much screen time. Kind of depressing for the kiddos.) 

       One can't very well be self-serving. No doubt all three have done that (Discord clearly has!) and seen that road as just as wavering. ...but one can't only live by the definitions of others either. Equestria can't grow if it has to bow to their image leader every time they need to make a decision.

      ........ I dunno. I really super want Fanfics of the Royal Sisters trying to date! So much awkwardness shtick! :P

  4. You're You?

     But you can't be You; I'M me!

     I'm a You! And if a You means a Me, than the me that is I can't be the you being You! If you're You, then Me can't be I so... Who's typing this?!!?

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    2. You



      Who's typing this?!!?

      @You are

    3. Kujamih


      ..hey this can be part of the lyrics "discord" 

    4. Widdershins


      @Kujamih DIIIISCOOOORD!

       You're foaming at the mouth & shoving small squirrels into places they don't belong! 

       Discord! You're playing Quidditch on a balmy afternoon!!!

       My point is, Brony Dance Party's lyrics seem irrelevant next to the rhythm. Besides, pretty sure Discord can do whatever he feels like... and it still would be something we might want to admonish him for.


      But "him" is You, and you means me. You is singular, so both us can't You. If You is me, then me I cannot be. But by seeing You as me, I is a You. You yous a you when Me mes a Me so Me is You when You is Me when...

       *Smoke cloud poofs out of my ears*

      Oh no, I've gone Poot.

  5. Twinkle is Best Pony.


  6. That's the great part about having cats.

     They're so easily alarmed.

     They have this look when I go by of "WTF you doing now?!" Like they don't knock things around inexplicably when they're left in a room or go on wild tears about the house when they're feeling playful with each other.

     Then again, I could say the same about humans. Though humans tend to reliably outdo me for madness.

  7. Having trouble keeping up energy before work and feeling weak.

     ...maybe I ain't eating the right things.

    1. J.T.


      Do you cook you own food or do you eat out mostly?

    2. Widdershins



      ...when it is here, its frozen meals from the grocery. Yeah. Well, sometimes I panfry or oven up some fish. But mostly eating out when I can....

       I haven't had much food in the house. I don't have the energy to write out a plan to go grocery shopping


  8. @Blitz Boom & @Pastel Heart "Rusthoof was a hoax perpetrated by mass hysteria and government bungling. Everypony knows this. Mild hoof discoloration and Upper Management tries to suggest caution and everypony looses their minds and riots break out." That was all said so fast and reflexively that it took barely half a breath as if it had been said numerous times before, or at least thought frequently. "...I did always want to be a nurse. Help others heal. I kind of know alot about injuries and more than most ponies do. Reread the medical books enough times.... healing takes time, patience & stasis. I got that. Sick ponies goes into hospitals. I'm healthy! Everypony's just not ready to handle the truth, but i'll show them, expose the facts and then they'll all know. We'll see who's healthy then. But that would require being in contact with others!" Which would be when the fillies would set in, of course. Perhaps it was a set of personality that made others pick on you, when you were as over-expressive as Slimspy was as this surely wasn't the last or first time he had been the target of teasing. Recoiling from two directions simultaneously, which took a lot of practice in cowardice, Slimpsy somehow squeezed in on himself between the two fillies with not much results in anything but making him look even lankier and taller. Writhing higher like that didn't seem to be out of any outright hatred of the two tiny bullies as clearly the stallion could dash away quickly if he needed to even if he wasn't always aware of that option himself. Whether he appreciated the attention was up to question as he was blushing in a sweaty sort of way, but that was kinda drowned out by how clearly he was gritting his teeth together. "This IS how ponies act! I might have to bump "Small Children" up the list of fears a bit!" Why don't you tickle daddy, huh?!! Make the big stallion giggle, yes? That way we can get you all home, and let Daddy take a rest. Clearly, the little misses can take care of themselves for a night if they're wandering into wild forrests! And I don't know you, but in my experiences, if Trouble needs addressing it tends to lunge at me. ... and I know quite a few local herbs to serve as a mild sedative for sleep." The last suggestion carrying with it a statement loudly silent that covered a following two points. That Slimpsy very likely knew a lot of herbal plants to calm himself down, and frequently, and that he was once more pressing what was obviously an attempt to get everypony here out of his mane. At the very least, Stargazer and Slimpsy could connect on the feeling of exasperation. That tended to be a point of empathy of adults around more than one filly. Slimpsy did tend to address the two fillies like he was trying to control them enough to get their interests off him. It should also be very apparent that this never worked. Slimpsy wasn't one much anybeing listened to and he did carry the tone of most everypony who lacked experience or will to interact with fillies. @Blitz Boom "Oh there's always copies. Living in Kluge Town, there's loads of disreputable vendors to find you something even if it does come under somepony just claiming to be writing under Starswirl's name. Once he hit popular magic public knowledge, a good deal of his works got "copied" some way or another to where you find some Third-Year reprint in some old mare's back dresser drawer. So much can indeed be found in somebeing else's trash. A naga I knew back in that old dodgy port town taught me that... though he did kind of have a bit of a problem with hoarding. ....heh, and if we're noticing that!... d-don't we all do that f-from time to time? We did spend a couple years lairing in an old, abandoned library..." Blither's eyes dodged away again having perhaps put too much focus on the word "abandoned." It wasn't wise to explicitly state why the central, cultural building of a ponytown like a library was to most ponies was abandoned. Because even if it was a small, off-the-map fishing town it wouldn't be hard to derive how many towns had suddenly abandoned libraries and what would cause that other than a large lizard stomping into town and causing the villagers to mostly flee their town. "... so most of what I have found is old manuscripts or vague retellings. Most of what I know is conjecture purely. A-and... as what was first derived in Dewey Decimal the Eldest's (There have been quite a few ponies by that name.) theories on magic A.... h-heh, the novice casting of any spell... by an inclined, but inexperienced spellcaster... i-in the situations of not acquiring the proper requirements for the spell or in times of distraction... c-can warp the spell to almost unrecgognition. There's very valid reason you don't see even the smartest minotaurs or griffons attempting specific Pony Magic. Even filly's first time spells can turn ponies into non-sentient plants that take weeks for an adult, trained, team of mages to undo. C-casting a spell without having thought its results out fully can..... b-be pretty disasterous." Hopefully no one had found that crater outside that small fishing town that was still smoking even after these several hundred years later. "And Yes... I couldn't agree more. Siblings can be almost of the same mind sometimes." @Sekel Up till now, poor Dazzle was lost somewhat by the magic-scientific babble going on a few paces away from her between the blue, effeminate brother of Blither and Scarcity, Shortstack hadn't noticed her question for he was presently quite distracted. Sunny herself, had her head cocked to one side, a bit vacant in the eyes waving up above everypony like a flag of obliviousness. "See?! They playmates! They wanna spend time togefer!!" "Y-yeah... s-sure." Shortstack slowly stepped up to Chop the cook, all tension out of his voice and body with a face smoothed out in an awkward pout somehow lit with a light blush through his already reddened fur that only showed up for dint of a lighter tint. He had a sort of youthful chubbiness to his expression that came up sometimes when somepony more rough and tomboyish had to admit to a softer side of them, like a local rainbow mare of some renown. "Could.... um... we not bring up tha whole.... relationship business? ...If that's okay. It, uh, makes me little sis uncomfortable." Judging by her expression of ignoring any finer details of her surrondings, his "little" sister didn't appear to care either way. It was evident Shortstack was asking more for himself. While he'd put it off by joking about it, Stack was the most loyal to the family and fair bit of a prude.... mostly because he had a lot of tamped down feelings of his own about forming any sort of relationship with anypony..... that didn't involve frequent wrestling. Meanwhile with @Blitz Boom! "Aww, complimentin' the teeth! Now that's a way to make a hydra hy-happy!" Flit giggled, raising his legs back up to the more usual, and cute depiction of a pony on their back. He hadn't followed Berry's observation as of yet as evidently Flit preferred attention on him over what others might be doing. --- "I did quite aspire to thine aforesaid tale's beginnings. Token's prequel in which he set up thy mythos and creation of his world was utmost enlightening. Though would we be but still confounded why it was named The Sellamillion. One must consider that which begat to hold true consideration over what thy live in." Monolith did have a bad habit of sounding like he was making his own deep quotes all the time. His way of speaking did seem like the sort of ponies you got at period themed fairs that didn't know when to quit with the character acting. A bit of ham. Some did find it rather defusing of his appearence once you noticed his habit of inaction and stubbornness. "Hark and hasten, compatriot. Wouldst this be thine domicile that thou did regal of on times prior?" Translation being: 'Are we there yet?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @Sekel "...I don't know." Kaltrop looked at Dawn Streak forlornly across the kitchen dining table in the way that looked all the more pitiful in that wide-eyed innocence those with long muzzles managed to pull off. "At this point... I don't think it would make much of a difference in anything." He paused for a moment to sigh, uncomfortable with the present topic. "...would you want your Mother to take you back? ...after this long?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @Catpone Cerberus But say, young traveller! The white, floofy haired stallion? gestured towards Cerberus. What be that small, jingling pouch at your flankside, yes? The small fairy light bobbed at his side where they stood at the mouth of the cave, light flickering behind them. Yes. It's quite interesting how easily you can collect currency by just walking into a few gems or coins. You can put so little effort into getting money that sometimes you don't even notice it happening. ... It's quite convenient. If Cerberus's fairylight companion had eyes, there would be quite the expression of disgust. Oh well. Nothing in it but to try, huh? ... I can't quite see the items myself until you pick it up and obtain it, which I guess means buying it blind.
  9. @Randimaxis You make me swoon everytime you do Vylia. Stop thait. Gosh, it's almost as if you a homebody nerdy boy who fans over the Strong, Confident Woman Who Don' Need No Man trope. Least i'm honest with myself. ...also, wings are awesome. Kinda feel as if I coulda written my entry a bit better. I'm still practicing being eloquent in my writingses.
  10. @Randimaxis A county boy had perhaps a slightly, if but significantly, altered view of responsibilities. Earth ponies, for what Clod looked for all the world to be, did have a reputation for dirt-clear objectives and opinions. That is to say, unavoidably obvious. To any pony that didn't have a farm, dirt wasn't much to be considered unless you led a very, excessively, boringly minute niche of a farm like the Buster-Hopper family Stump farm was. Dirt was an important faucet to raising a good stump-tree (yes, they never grew taller than a stump, but they did produce some rather specific wood types needing for certain things like quality woodcraft or spell reagents.) to the point where it was second nature to Hopper to likely regard soil quality as much as any other farmpony would regard their apple crops and as such, he wouldn't go that much into detail about dirt unless asked. Clod never really held eye contact for long with the mare. Well enough perhaps, but noticeable enough that he might be out of practice in socializing. As such, he offered an analogy to her. One that might have meant a bit more literal to his own past than hers. "Ah owe the Blackwaters too." He patiently and quietly nodded in agreement with her. "It's like the Roller Beetle grabbin' on ta his dirt lump with all his pincers. Ya gotta work with 'em." Due to the sincerity of his voice, it would seem the stallion didn't intend to imply any disrespect in what, to others, would have sounded more like belittling her employer by the comparison to a small insect more well known for stubbornly scrabbling for the waste left behind by others. Outside of that, it was his taciturn way of agreeing with her hardships, acknowledging and reiterating his will to do what he could, all of which tended to be implied in the shorthand speech of country talk. Clod Hopper nodded and stepped up to be saddled and begin his way back to the Blackwater estates the way he had come.
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       Wanted to talk to you sometime too!

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  14. Happy birthday buddy. Check your AC mailbox! Couldn’t find anything else but I hope you like it! Enjoy your day my friend.

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      Huh? We can do that?! Maybe it'll take a day for it to arrive! ... (My ingame mother somehow still hasn't sent me anything... though maybe that's because i've messed around with Time Travel.)

      I've got to get you over to my island some day! You let me know when you're on!

      You had a happy birthday too, friend!!

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