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    Recently got into Fire Emblem & Phoenix Wright's games.
    But mostly else, I try to practice my drawing & reading. Other then alot of listening to the radio & YouTube with occasional Netflix, not much else. Haven't so much as seen any television in over a decade.

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  1. Oh, I have a FE-ver!

      Yeh, I HAVE a fe-ver!

      When there's somethin' wierd, cloggin' up my nose, throat n' mouth!

       When there's something invisable clog dancin' through my head!

      What I gonna do?!!?


     PASS OUT!!!"


     *Freezes still with smile on face and still fingergunning, then slowly tilts over and falls to floor*

       Cuz I has a feever

           Cuz I has a feever~

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I gotta fever. And the only cure is more cowbell.


      (if you have a fever I hope you feel better soon buddy)


    1. Widdershins


      Dabbit, how do I delete?

    2. Anti-Villain


      Go to "Options" at the bottom of it.

  3. It never struck me that worked both ways.

     Anti-Heros are commonly known. But Antivillains? I never knew that was an archetype for a sympathetic villain. Still evil, of course, but not too evil that you can't understand their goals and sympathize.

     I do suppose there's a distinct line of agreeable badness. Too easily villains can be so evil that you would feel that even if you did have any other protagonist hero, it wouldn't matter to the villain that just wants to set everything on fire.

    ... Even if Fire is a pretty good goal imo.

  4. Just ocurred to me that Dr. Doofensmirtz technically counts as a "Disney Villain."

     Also occured to me that he's basically what you would get if Ditzy-Doo "Derpy" Hooves tried to be the series antagonist.

    "Now! Jingles the Plushie Spider Toy! You shall face my wraaath! As soon as I fire this machine upon you! I don't know what it does, but the fact that I can plug it in and it actually holds power in it is such a miracle that I just have to, and you better appreciate that,Jingles.":muffins:


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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      @Anti-Villain bold of you to assume Waluigi isn’t a mad scientist version of Waluigi.

    3. Kujamih


      @Widdershins..... Im actually impressed on your ditzy doo impersonation! I must take notes... 

    4. Widdershins


      Well, I kind of AM a Derp!

       Backstory being here, of course, Jingles isn't sentient. It's literally just a toy. Just Ditzy doo sometimes forgets where its left, enters the room and a whole encounter starts once she notices. 

  5. That's, uh, about all I know for now about what to do. I don't much know what else to do on the other parts... Kaltrop's story I certainly know a plan for, but i'm kind of lost as to what to do on every other part. With @Catpone Cerberus, I do plan to follow him and let him figure out how to obtain the Golden Muffin that's floating above a bolder perched precariously on a tall rock spire as you so often see in fantasy-adventure settings and just let the catch be what the Golden Muffin actually does. But I don't want to spoil that just yet, just have it be recommended that it not be held for too long! ...i'm just not yet aware of how to respond in the current spot we are now as nothing has really changed apart from travelling.
  6. @Blitz Boom Monolith stood standing in the street, frog creature still firmly latched onto him. The thing with Magic is, of course, that it hinges upon rules. A fact most Draconequui find hopelessly infuriating. Magic is a form of force and focus, and like all things capable of being defined, like Gravity and other laws of nature, it has its limitations. Anomoly's spell specified "pony" and those frog creatures that were attacking what quantified as pony. So this of course eliminated those that weren't attacking citizens and just menacing structure or, say, lamposts. Most of those, of course, were taken care of by the now sentient sharkpony unless there remained a forgotten lampost-attacker in some out of the way corner. These were beasties of course, not any particular geniuses of their kind. Speaking of which, one particularly lampost-like individual was Monolith. He was clearly taking noticeable damage as the young frogling was chewing away distinct holes in his leg and doing the precise amount of damage it expected to. Monolith however did not react in the least to this present mauling he was receiving. At least not emotionally enough to show up on his face. This aside, Monolith might have very well been described as frantic if such a phrase could be applied to one not expressing anything above his usual dull, Preacher-like monotone. "I am fine, my comrade. I was beseeching this denizen of parts unknown upon an agreement in which we could write upon a signed treatise of demands so that all may come to mutual agreement. Proper Legislation abates all needs. We must give Sanctions more time." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @Sekel Kaltrop looked at Dawn Streak for a moment as if he was questioning his train of thought, looked away and blinked before calmly returning his attention back to the mare, his expression unreadable. Flatly, he responded to her excitement. "...Their hooves."
  7. @Randimaxis Clod Hopper started feeling bad. Not just because the mare had used a new word like "dignity" and flew over his country colt brain at making somepony use up a new word. Dignity wasn't a concept out in the backwoods because you were more closer to such things as "Survival." But there were perhaps other reasons too. For one, he hadn't met anypony else who met him back with apologies and felt that maybe he could explain a bit further and perhaps this was a chance to confide a bit more. He hadn't much anypony else before. Papa Buster Clod had recommended, forcibly so, to keep 'em hidden but what colt didn't often find excuses for the rules they were given? Hearing her turn away and start for pushing the cart and struggling at it, Hopper turned silently to go after her. Apologetically, he went to her side to stop her, and by means show her. "It's just... these here Flappy Bits..." With that, he reached back to lift one corner of his back blanket quilt with his mouth to show her his wings. To call them Grotesque Disfigurements would be a flowery elaboration. The sudden way he lifted the veritable burlap towel off suggested they weren't sensitive by any means, but they weren't healthy in size. They hadn't been used much at all for most of his life and were notably out of proportion with the rest of a physique that could be politely refered to as Burly, but these were more under the classification of Atrophied. A more severe degree,yes, but not far off from the sort of shape wings got in a pegasus that had been bedridden for a few months after a nasty crash, something that did tend to be often with the sporty, daring sorts pegasai tended to be known for. Whether it was any relief to Pansy, this badge of colt's concern, would yet to be seen. For these were wings of a colt unused for close to a decade; a matter of pegasai wingcare... but this was not information Hopper knew since he had never been around a pegasai for long in his life.
  8. @Blitz Boom I'm pretty sure Arachnaphobia ranks in at least the top hundred on the list of his fears. If for no other reason than he's heard other ponies are afraid of it so there's probably reason for him to, too! Maybe that's something that ought get worked into conversation sometime. Slimpsy suffers from Phobophobia. Which is the fear of being afraid. And while that sounds exaggerated... its also just that Getting-Riled feeling you get when you're getting geared up encountering something you are afraid of. And the thing is, that this guy is supposed to be a big lizard predator thing so he's supposed to be strong so he just gets stuck in noticing that something has the potential to be something scary, and that he's not okay showing that weakness. Which, inevitably, makes him weak. Now, I agree though on your point. So you would have to basically set me up in enough narrating to basically tell me to go run into a wall, I do so, then you narrate (after I stop) that I had arrived, even if my character doesn't know the place as that. ...but, uh.... I dunno when Pastel Heart is coming back though. So we should probably put on hold until then. I am kind of regretting attempting a multipart, responding-to-multiple-characters-simultaneously thing. Since I hadn't really thought at the time I would be dealing with... uh, quarentine, stressful working conditions and such during. I still wanna do the Hydra thing, but I fear I don't have the energy to put in anymore... I'm not very good at making decisions. Especially not these days.
  9. Boya Howdy! I do do done love me a that there Apullhyeak!


    ...Yes, this is how all us country American folk be like.

  10. I'm surprised no one's done a parody of Moana's Shiny with a Dragon.

     Like, adventurers get called that there's this big dragon smashing into every bank & vault. There's just this dragon that cares less about murdering others so much as just grabbing every gold and artifact he can so he can just swim in his hoard! That he doesn't so much fight you as claw your armor, weapons or anything you have that's metal or gemmed off. 

     I can just see he whipping his wings out to pelt the party with a shower of gold coins, then charging at them for "stealing his gold" when he threw it at them.

    "I was a drab little whelp once. Now I know I can be happy as a Kobold, because i'm Gorgeous!"

     "Adventurers are dumb, dumb, dumb. Here they come; to the brightest thing that glitters.Beginners. Huh, dinners. 

    I love free food. And to me, you look like free food..."


    1. ShadOBabe


      What do you mean “no one’s done”?


    2. Widdershins


      @ShadOBabe Smaug has never been happy.

      Gosh, I could go on for ages about Smaug. I don't think he was so much representative of Greed as Pride. He was pretty much the dragon version of Scrooge. I think, in the book it was insinuated that he might have been in better shape had he not spent the past few decades stuck in a dark, abandoned castle and refusing to come out lest his hoard be left unattended. I think it was cannon he hadn't even eaten at all? 

      ... Not that I'm... *cough* insinuating there's no way any human could have any advantage over a healthy, prepared dragon...

      Edit: Hmmmm, TECHNICALLY... dragons are a hexapod, not a decapod.

  11. *Your screen flickers on, unwillingly, to a podcast video with the title superimposed of Widdershins's Self-Debate Podcast.*

     ...See, Genetic Manipulation isn't all that bad! Sure, it's playing around with the laws of nature without control of results & often without regard of safety of others. But on the Other Hand, It enables adaptation of an individual by using the capabilities and technology granted by what was originally implementated by whatever higher powers that be!

    *Spins around*

    And on the Third Hand, It's super cool and hilarious! Who wouldn't want to work a body better?!!? ... 


    *With face turned away from camera, pauses, then wanders off screen to where a loud shout is heard moments later.*


    1. Widdershins


      Life, um, finds a way.... of ramming a weather vane into the subject's spinal cord so the organism can harness lightning as a power source. 

  12. Brown. My apologies. Didn't mean that to come out in a dull roar. Despite this being text and not auditory. Like, light brown, or any of the browns that go into most commericial design, sure. But you ever notice how Brown is pretty much the Default color?! You go outside, the trees are brown, the shrubbery is brown, the earth is brown, often the sky is brown. (I grew up in california farming areas. Go fig.) You cook or apply heat to most anything, it turns brown. Fried food, the most prevailent of foodstufs, is brown even in taste. You can taste the Brown. And when you eat something, after your body takes everything it can out of nutrients... it's reduced down to Brown. Most walls are brown or very light brown. Furniture is usually brown even if it isn't wood because its expected to prefer wood. Most Men's Clothing is either Brown or some other dull, muted tone like dark blue or black. Because Glod forbid that men have emotions they want to express. I dunno, I suppose Brown is intended to be "Manly" on account that furs and leathers and most pre-industrial clothing (like in kinda of fantasy settings like D&D worlds) tended to be animal-skin brown.... because it was before we had the resources or tools to *tailor* things into other colors. In fact, you know most males tend to be vibrant even in spite of how that might make them easier to spot out for predators. Splashes of green, iridescent blue or even splotches of lighter shades break up the coat on most larger males in predominately brown-colored species like deer & horses! Even nature itself tries to break up the oppressive, tyrannical Reign of Brown!! Now i'm just stuck thinking about Bidoof!! Brown is the color of my raaage!!! Edit: /Pokes @Sherbie-kun <3 ...But... you is an Orange. You is the Orange Horse!
  13. It has come to my attention that "Buck", in several places of Ireland, means "To *uck."

     Perhaps in trying to Pony-Censor the word, we haven't really made that much progress, my fellow bronies, lol!

    1. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      I've heard it's meant to be a hillbilly word for fuck, 
      I've never heard it used outside of the brony community (in the british isles we tend to use "shag" more for that)

    2. Widdershins


      And Shag, of course, was a very popular slang term back in the seventies if Austin Powers is anything to go by. Probably why the popular, long-fibered, dense carpeting is called that too.  ...it tended to only be put down in the room intended for... well, having fun times.

      Like them big heart-shaped beds or mirrored ceilings!...... Nobeing hire me to do interior decorating for them.

    3. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Widdershins Oh? Idk honestly, I know it's still common here now, 
      hehe, maybe that's cause some dogs have a coat that's shaggy~
      oh, welll maybe the rug had a feet kink hehe
      haha, don't hire me either

  14. You'll have to forgive me, @Blitz Boom. I'm not very given to being proactive. I am kind of passive and, uh, heh, cowardly. I've figured the more you prolong going to the point y'all said you were, then the more time you have to talk and basically display the characters. Flit, I feel, has already acquiesced to going back to the offices with Monolith. He's flippant and a "Bro" of a stallion, so he's not exactly the sort of personality to go out of his way to appeal to other's wishes if they don't align with giving himself something to do. That's how i've been writing him, as the sort to glomp onto whoever he's introduced to immediately and reluctant to let go for somepony else if he can hang around and bother who he has now. It's basically alignment, I suppose. Slimpsy is too Panic to ever think any plan is worth the risk so he has to be forced physically, pretty much. That's how i've mentioned several times that even his own 'family' has to drag him around by his tail. But that even if he was a fast runner, he's much too cowardly to even fight back against anypony if he even had the strength. I feel quite certain even the fillies he's "protecting" could pull him along against his will. I guess... Like... it's not entirely in the character to be agreeable. I should be taking every chance to resist story progression, right? That's what I was kinda trying to do too, @Sekel. Having multiple conversations going, having anyone in the room being able to take part in anything going on there. Like where Shortstack, Sunny & Chop were, they ought be able to hear you, and you hear what Chop is saying. ...but maybe that's a bit too chaotic for me to handle. I'll admit... i'mnot very good at socializing or interacting. I-i'm sorry. I've.... really, really not been in the mindset to be creative, playful or... positive lately. I think a big sign of that is how much I've been repressing Widdershins even in the thread. Been real bad stressed over my current job. Been hard to think lately.
  15. I have noticed that you "Y'all."

     You country? Reckon that's right about an odd ball of wax, that we "Creatively-Limbed Entities" tend to sound rather... eh, Southern? Hillbilly? I go with hillbilly/redneck.

    Me, ah'm just a simple, southern, county boy Elritch Horror. I come from the far south of the Elder God pantheon. Right around that Nogg the Burrower guy who's sole magical qualities seem to be that he's fat and sits in a hole and grunts alot.

    ... I think i've lost track of what I was sayin' again.

    1. ShadOBabe


      Heh, I’m a native Texan. I think almost all of us say “y’all” down here. But even then, I’ve lived in apartments and suburbs my whole life, so I’m not as country as I could be.

      I have relatives that are VERY country though. XD