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  1. Fortunately enough, one could say Clod Hopper was immune to being confused. He didn't much plan his days or goals further out than what he was told to do by whoever was higher in authority. There were perks to being simple. You learned quick that the simplest answer was the best and likely kept you alive sooner. You didn't question how lightning struck, you just made darn certain you weren't were it was happening. If your barn caught fire, then you run and go get that handy bucket of water and if you didn't, well you were down one barn. It didn't pay no mind to keep fussing about what was normal around the parts you found yourself in, especially not in a typically magic-inclined realm Equestria happened to be. Trouble happens, then who's involved in it will sort it out. Your neighbor gets his crops attacked by wildlife, then that's his problem. If its too big a problem, it'll come get you too and then you can both deal with it together then. Life was simple when you lived way out in the country. Now talking to mares or anypony else, that was confusing. The fact he was on lockdown (uncomfortable throat-clearing of authorial awkwardness) within the quarry walls left the workhorse nonplussed. That was where he was supposed to be after all. If he did manage to figure anything out milling in a murmuring mob; not much good his knowin' stuff was gonna help. If somepony was hurt, he wasn't the pony to help. Unless somepony suddenly needed a wagon pulled or something kicked, sure; but not much help he would be in a fuss & bother. Besides, he already had a job to do. A horse hafta help. After a long, silent glance at the scene of things, filled with a slow waterfall of thoughts uninterrupted by the puttering of those trotting pass to gawk, Hopper would resume his course up the path to the mansion. Once he got there he would intend to knock on the front door to present his... well, present. Hay, maybe when he did get there, whoever poked their head out might be a more capable pony to know how to address the problem of some messy noise.
  2. @Sekel Kaltrop turned his long head bashfully to one side and spent a notable tick contemplating the mare's question. "...I don't know friendship. Or however things work with You Ponies, but I do know how it tends to be with dragons. So long as we're not mauling each other regularly, then we can live together well enough. I..." The drakeling rubbed his neck as he spoke. "...do want to live with you. Around you. So long as you're not always picking fights with me. ... You know, in that way. You're alot like a dragon. You are quite Hot." .++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++. @Catpone Cerberus Cerberus's spritely companion had not followed his jump. The little ball of light, whatever the creature may have been, stood at the edge of the cliffside nearest the bolder he stood on in roughly the direction he had leaped from. Any scientist could tell you that most things in nature didn't take sudden, unstable turns like a mountain collapsing on you. Nature was a slow process most couldn't see happening. Most adventurers would tell you that, however rare the ground collapsing under you might be, it always seemed to happen around you at the worst times. As the rock he was on tilted away as slow as a car pulling away, slowly but steadily the corner facing the bluff side he had come from and only other place to run to grew further away as that side tilted upward. Encouragingly, his light little friend shouted back to him. Jump! Jump, you fool!
  3. My apologies to all those who've been waiting for my responses back to things, or requiring my presence around here. Have had... issues dealing with life & responsibilities lately. As means of recompense and excuse, I offer up this pokemon as explanation:


  4. It saddens me, that I have cockroaches in my car.

     However, it gladdens me that I can refer to them as Car-Kroaches.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kujamih


      Roaches might've thought it was a CARcass... Eehhhh eeehhh:squee:

    3. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      It can't be helped, sometimes.

    4. Widdershins


      Just gave it a good once-over and shakeout!! With a piddly weak vacuum with no head. I work with what I got!

      I lifted a seat I had folded down and found this three-foot roach that give me the puppydogeyes. Felt bad shooing them out of their home, but I have to take care of my Baby Blue, I've dishonered her by letting her get dirty with disuse!

      ...I mention my car is transcendentally, bigger on the inside? Most things a draconequus owns are.

       She might still be a bit kroached but hey, ought to have scared the buggos out for now!

  5. Well, I would recommend against eating other ponies, dear. That tends to be illegal as that often results in death. Not always, but frequently enough. I suppose she could be called sweet, but we can't prove that until we all take turns licking the mare, yes? Softness, perhaps. But I daresay that's another theory we would have to test by stabbing her lengthwise and suspending her over a campfire to see if she melts. I'll go sharpen a log; you start building the bonfire!! I'm quite certain that i'm going to be the Master of this thread.
  6. Okay, you have me Leon.

     See, the previous Chairman of the Pokemon battle stuff league, the whole of the Galarian Economy, Culture and pretty much undethroneable Ruler of Galar, Rose lost his position in heading the pokeymans sport there. Mostly because he turned into a frothing mad homicidal lunatic.

     And Leon, blundering chump that he is, stepped up after him. He was there when Rose went on about how this nation needed more Ultimate Power! and how everything we care about now will wither and die if we don't keep pouring everything we got into it. That he believed one should sacrifice everything, no matter the cost, to keep what you have going. That work was all that mattered.

    Leon's solution... was to keep doing what you got. Have your pokemon battles, spread the joy of what you can do and find happiness with what you currently got. I-instead of having to keep sacrificing and taking risks to p-prove that you can do what everyone else can... it's okay to spend your energy on what you can. Not constant improvement or... or...

    ... I've... just had a lot of feelings of inadequacy lately. I'm not crying.... just eye-sweating...

  7. @Illiad Easle & @Blitz Boom Well, Technically... Confetti goes off and drifts from the ceiling around an unresponsive, dull narrator. A banner floats down titled We're Being a Pretentious Nerdsack Again Party!!! noisemakers wheeze off. To derive to a point, Sirs... Tartarus never was a place of torture or evil. It's been shown cannonically in the show to be literally just a random, nonmagical cave with random, nonmagical cages offendees are shoved into to have a time-out of sorts. Even in spite of the magical door and locking mechanism with oddly specific requirements that needed unrelated ponies to open, inhabitants of Tartarus were free to send out letters to continue socializing with the outside world. No effort at all was put into incarceration or restriction of freedom from those inside. Most were shown to be animals of Angel's level of intelligence. Though the judgement of how evil Angel is has yet to be debated. Even in original context of Grecian mythology, Tartarus was never a Hell analog. It was simply a place where the souls of departed left and even its ruler, Hades/Pluto was a pretty calm dude who cared for his charges as he purportedly only had the title of Ruler of The Underworld by merit of being the last one to draw his lot. The use of Tartarus at all seems to only be there as a means to have scary evil beings around without any apparent adherence to it requiring specific characters to tie it into the overarching continuity of Equestria and what abilities should be expected of participants. Actually, I disagree with that personally. Discord might be the most restrictive and narrow of characters to roleplay. Most grievous of all, is involving Discord as a, to use an adopted term, BBEG. While my own bias my obscure on accounts of identifying as one of the species Discord claims to exist with no actual evidence of, there is a point I must ensure. Discord isn't Technically Evil. He's a Trickster God archetype. An almost wholesale ripoff of the same actor's role in Star Trek. Discord would, and frequently in proveable cannon, ruin his own plans and remove his own life & existence just to prove a point. In comics, he's turned himself into a Spirit of Order, mindwiped not only the population into a zombie-like state but even himself. He's sickened his being and calmly told his best friend that he was okay with dying if it meant being liked for not being himself. Discord's only goals are to have fun, however incidental the damage might be. He might betray or do especially vile things, but only to the extent that it would create more of adventure for him to witness. Forming armies, ending the perceived "good" Status Quo, battle tactics and long-game strategies (that don't mean his own, personal satisfaciton like forcing somepony to apoligize or admit his superiority) are not something a "Chaos" integral character would do. And there are much more violent, but lower tier villains that would do as such. Something that has been shown in the show due to potential timeline outcomes. Now, I must assure that I point out no fallacy on behalf of what I observe. Nay, (Neigh!~) I speak up on behalf of my own concerns at actualizing what I previously read. From what I can read of it myself and as I understand it, there is just evil abound from forces beyond what we would directly know and I know not what would be the required actions of those taking part in the offered action. In short: It's vague. I don't understand.
  8. So, pokemon had two content expansions. A seperate little area for each, self-contained. Each their own boss Legendary pokeyman. First was Bearman Punchgood. Second, but clearly superior was Tinyman Bigbrain. I think you would approve.


    That’s a battlecry i’m working on: “I Read.”

    1. Duality


      All we need now is to mix it up a little and have Bearman Bigbrain and his trusty sidekick Tinyman Punchgood. It'd be the best superhero TV show of the last decade. :proud:

  9. Peony.jpg.c00ef72a8d0ddcaf9c4cb54448478a83.jpg

     I Muking love this man.

     He's such an bunkus Chowderhead with a face full of sleet! I'm pretty sure that's not a buzzcut hairstyle... that's the steel plating on his Thick Skull! I love Cheif Peony.  You can practically watch this man's internal steam engine running as he waits for things. Like people to stop talking so he can go glomp something.

    He's such an over-reactive, hyperactive, Thrashing, Ultra-Maroon of a Goon!!

     *The second you get off the train, you hear someone yelling at you. You turn around and its Peony doing an energetic squat and straight-arm pointing at you.*

    "Hey! You! Whatever your face is!! I heard there's some Magic Dude with a Fat Head here!"

    "...I don't know who y-"

    "I'm gonna PUNCH IT! And you're gonna help me!!"

    "Please no. I'm assuming you mean a pokemon and most would likely just take your mind and-"

    "Then what else am I supposed to do with a Legendary pokemon boss?" *intense brow furrowing* "...Lick it?"


  10. Just bought a Bang brand Rainbow Unicorn energy drink! I had to.

     I'll let you all know how it tastes!

    1. Widdershins


      It tastes like Sparkles & Happy!!!


       Why yes, my pupils are bigger than my eyeballs now.

  11. */slow clap*



     Addendum: Yeah, I know. She'll grow into it, but...

  12. I did me that epiphany. 

     Was laying in bed last night thinking of my Kirin persona and it occured to me... he's just Silverstream. And by proxy, I'M SILVERSTREAM!!!

    I DO find myself frequently baffled & amazed by stairs!!

     Maybe it's a good thing that your character can be one-for-one for a show cannon character. As many as there are, it's got to be good sign.

     I need more Silverstream pics to be okay with being a Silverstream. I mean, she's pink, so points there!!!

  13. b79.thumb.jpg.322c977fa95b364a23243946686038a8.jpg

    1. EpicEnergy


      Which ones are M&M's and which ones are Skittles? :ithastolookpretty:

    2. Tacodidra


      Delicious chaos... :nom: I think I'd try to find the M&Ms if I had to choose. :ooh:

    3. Widdershins


      Then you realize... the coating rubs off. That means the sugary "fruity" shell is rubbing off on the nut/peanut butter orbs, and the plasticy shell is rubbing flavor off on the sugar-gel ones! All of it is collectively made worse in random ways.

       This is Perfect Definition of Chaos right here. It's not hurting anybeing... but it sure does feel like it.

      My OCD is writhing in agony.

  14. Greets you in Draconequus:


  15. Whatcha up to, Buppie?~

     What didja do for Halloween? Have I mentioned it's my favorite holiday!??!

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    2. Widdershins


      Aww! You know any good scary movies that we could get together and watch on halloween?!

       I'm more for Creepy than I am for Scary.  There's a clear line between the two, lol

    3. Johnny1226


      In that I’d prefer creepypastas 

    4. Widdershins


      But you do like movies too, right?