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    The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all of its contents. We Live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. -H.P. Lovecraft
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    Been loyal to the gameboy console my whole life. Deeply entrenched into the Pokemon fandom to where I'll buy anything Gamefreak puts their stamp on no matter how bad of a glitchy mess their games may be. *cough*pokemongo*cough*

    Recently got into Fire Emblem & Phoenix Wright's games.
    But mostly else, I try to practice my drawing & reading. Other then alot of listening to the radio & YouTube with occasional Netflix, not much else. Haven't so much as seen any television in over a decade.

    As to topics I like, I'm usually prone to the supernatural, magical or fantastical. I'm also quite the rabid DragoNerd & am incapable of viewing anything they do as bad!
    I'm quite interested in biology & sciences and a big animal lover. Though... if the 22 dogs plus more pets I've had over the years has taught me anything, they're quite messy too... so taking care of said animals isn't all that high on the list, heh.

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  1. The name of the Oviraptor has been cleared!!

     For decades, my favorite dinosaur has been decalared a thief of the eggs of others because it was found dead on anothers nest! But now the tiny (8 foot... but still.) chicken dino is free!

     Squee!!! I could cry! Again! 


       ... though it likely still did do that. Scavengers don’t turn down meals, but LESS of a chance then to merit being literally called Egg Thief!

  2. So my parents recently sent me a Ditzy-Doo “Derpy” Muffins Hooves plushie!

     Her eyes are crooked, her mouth points five different directions, her hair is literally cloth streamers, felt ears thinner than a napkin, wings practically sewn on the same side of her back, flank crimped in somehow, each hoof on a different slant so she can’t even stand up on her own without being in a spread eagle with one leg ninety degrees & another hovering off the ground...     .......

     … She’s such a beautiful mess. I am actually weeping in joy!

     She couldn’t be worse lest ya made her from a burlap potato sack! I love her so much!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Widdershins


      There’s also a streetcar named Desire, sa’ don’ blow ya mind too much, buddy!

    3. Duality


      ... pics? :muffins:

    4. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna


      now I want a muffin.

  3. Been busy designing new Pokemon! Do think i’ll try sending in my ideas to Game Freak sometime!

     But I have to wonder about reusing already done ideas...

     Had this idea for a fluffy electric/ice type wolf that keeps warm by running together. So much so that its fluff melds together with its packmates, resulting in a cloud of yapping wolf pups flocking across the tundra they live in!

     … but static+speed thing was what they did with Electike & Manetric. I’m really only adding the typing. 

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      What would you name it?

    2. Widdershins


      Well, among others:

      Pushky, Timbfur, or Loupfuzz

      The evolution (where it just gets a bit bigger & slightly more manly) I am more set on. Thundra! (Thundery Tundra!)

    3. Stone Cold Steve Tuna
  4. Widdershins

    Gaming Any MTG playing Bronies out there?

    @Bas What The Hay is Magic: Arena? But a game’s a game, bro! I’d love to, if you can explain it! Shoot me a PM if ya want to walk me through it! ...though... cheap comp I got now so, legs crossed in good luck, eh? (What do you cross for good luck if you don’t have fingers?...) Also…. Who gave Pinkie Chandra’s firepower? That’s mad on so many levels! Hilarious too, Spike as Nicol Bolas! Opposite ends of the dragon personality spectrum, eh? And! As new-to this thread! Let me ask... Didn’t they say ‘18 was the last coreset? What Up wit’ dis new 19?!!? I see they wholesale erased old, ugly Garruk with yet another pretty, young teenager. Yeh, sure you’ve “survived so much” what with your flawless skin & no muscle tone or structure stress from random bouts of starvation or taming wild animals. Very natural for a green planeswalker. Least I still got hope in Vraska, Kiora, Chandra and... minotaur guy for the “traveller who’s journeys have actually effected them.” Oh, and as to the effect of “how am I into MTG?” : I got me a persona character in there too! Loosely based off of my hydra. ... Mutant Hydra Wizard. ...he’s in the Simic guild. I hesitate to make him a planeswalker, but I’m vying for a fanfic, lol! Me, i’m causal. Primarily Temur colors as I see White & Black as mainly fancy icing compared to the more natural elements. If I wanted magicky hooplah... I’d use islands... even then Blue is more of an aid & protection than my loyalty to the Mountains & Forrests. .... though I will dabble in Black Magic if it means pirates! ...yarrr~
  5. ... Gonna be away from forums a bit more for awhile.

     ... Sis’s pet rabbit chewed through the wifi cord.


     T’cha! I dunno, you think, maybe, this kind of shows that you’re supplying a bit of an unreliable, unstable living arrangement? That maybe an adult could at least keep critters from eating the Internet? That maybe your advice feels a little stale?

    ... y-yes! I know I claim title of Lord of Confusion, but that’s more an aspiration to proclivity! I can’t help that I need predictability to feel safe.... /grumble

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Widdershins


      Well, something to chew on.

       It’s why we’re here, isn’t it?

    3. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      It’s a slow chew.

      I would try it myself but I just don’t feel a connection.

      Something clever about routers.

    4. Mirage


      Unacceptable behavior on every level. The internet may be consumed, but never chewed.

  6. Widdershins

    What is "Cute?"

    @Bas What? Ravinica a Third time? Seems a bit overkill... like them saying 18 was the last coreset ever... and now we have 19 all of a sudden. Just as well though, had a good Orzhov deck with their ghostie bosses and lost all them in a move. But, to keep with the thread! There is also the concept of Kowa-Kawaii. Finding things cute in spite of & because of the fact that they're clearly creepy. As example: Yeh, they're being facehugged, but the cats seem okay with it. She's taking kind, good care of them! ... ...Xenoshy! Though this does quite muddy the original spirit of the thread's question...
  7. Durant! DURANT!

     They'll eat you alive!

    Durant! DURANT!

     They're the size of your hand, but they'll still tan yer hide!

    Durant! DURANT!

     They'll steal your food & stun you to death, without a fight!

    It's Durant! DURANT!


     DURANT! DURANT! Durant, Durant, Durant, Durant, Duraaaaant... Dumb ant.


      Geez, these little buggers! They have ONE weakness! You only have the slightest chance at winning or surviving against this pokemon if you just burn them alive with the biggest fire you got first turn! It doesn't even matter what level you got against them!

     I still remember! Wanted to max my Mewtwo's level in the only place high enough to... which was of course, swarming with Durants. Mewtwo is one of the biggest things out there in the game, too!

     The Master, my mewtwo, rears back with his Psystrike, a move so powerful it blots out the surroundings with its massive psychic power... and the wild Durant just stands there, chittering in mirth with only a third its health gone. Despite against a legendary,  with a forty level headway on it.

     And Master just starts twitching, I can tell. "I... am a... Cloned GOD. And I'm being... mocked...by a literal insect!"

      And so, Madness unravels! Durant dodging all around the cave, getting in free hits with Dig, more Durants swarming in out of their perverted amusement. Master going foaming mad into an game of Whack-An-Ant: "I have the IQ of a Million!This shouldn't...LOGIC FAILING!!" *Psystrike punching another crater into the ground*  "I AM A MAN!!!" *Uses PsychoCut*

    And me, the Trainer, just walleyed, brain numb & drooling on myself as a tinkly banjo starts playing in the background...

    1. AveryGamerDude


      I think Durant is a somewhat underrated Pokemon. He's kind of like a faster Scizor. :)

    2. Widdershins


      I've yet to dent that little monster with anything, Avery! Between the constant ducking-out with dig, what must be some high defenses, Bug/Steel only being weak to Fire, high flinch procing, and somehow good evasion... can only figure it's somehow programmed to be OP!

      ...and Durant ain't on my hated list of pokemon neither. It's sort of the Pokemon supervillain for me. I love encountering it when it does pop up so I can shake my fist in dramatic revenge!

       Faster... hmm... must be. About a twelve level headway lead I just had with my Rhyperior... and a rock beast don't move fast, so it beating me out to dig-dodge a punch seems legit. And considering that's a widely used second evolution... that's saying alot. 

  8. Are you really 3rd gender?

    1. Widdershins


      Third? Nah, I just don't believe that gender is really all that big of a issue to worry about. Everyhuman is a mystery to me, so what's it matter what slight shape differences you have in your exterior tissues?

       Was calling myself Gender Fluid for a bit, but I don't go out of my way to dress differently or act differently. Like, you can't just say you're a third gender without somebeing immediately wanting to ask you what you call it then... without making it sound like you just invented the name up on the spot. 

       Don't matter so much what biological tools you were given, so much as your caring, emotionally willing & capable, y'know?

       Edit: Oh, it's Pansexual now. But apparently that ain't an option.  ...or... a gender, so much as an orientation... this stuff is Confusing, lol!

  9. "I want you to ruin my life, Want you to ruin my liiife.

       If you make it all wrong, all wrong; I'll make it alright, alright."

     ...Did.... do... are there actually people out there who want somebody who's incapable, dysfunctional, broken in s-so m-many... so many.... *Sniffle*

    Oh, here we go. He's managed to hurt his own feelings again.


    Happens more than you think. Some say that they're their own worst enemy...

  10. So Little Known Fact:

     Lapras's original name in Japanese was Laplace.

     Which is French for "A place to sit." So... yeah... basically.... Lapras is just named Chair. The Chair Pokemon.

     "Hey guys! Let's go out and catch a Chair!"

     "Yay! My Chair has reached level 25!"

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Duality


      Wait one moment, there was a French scholar named Laplace.

      One of the most influential scientists of all time, renown as the 'Isaac Newton of France', main developer of the acclaimed Bayesian interpretation of probability, one of the first to consider the existence of black holes, invented the Laplacian differential operator which is widely used in calculus to this day, invented the Laplace transform which is widely used in mathematical physics to this day, came up with the Laplace equation which is widely used to define the very concept of a harmonic physical system to this day...

      ...and he's named Chair?

      The Chairian differential operator?

      The Chair transform?

      The Chair equation?


      widdershins what have you done to my science

    3. Widdershins


      @Duality Well, if it's any assaugement of befrazzledness, there is the distinct possibility that he came first. That the French named chairs in his honor! 

       ...And surely I have not completely done no research in translation at all on my part & am only going off what I've been told from Youtubers, which has since become a cemented, accepted fact in my own head to the point where I refuse to do the entomological legwork myself!

       Besides! You saying chairs are pleasingly scientific? All that...*bleh* Symmetry? 

       (Thank me, that the word itself isn't also symmetrical...)

      @Stone Cold Steve Tuna


        ...The pokemon? 

       Well, you've lost me!:muffins:

    4. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I lost you? And you call yourself the spirit of confuzzlement.

      Just for that the next story is going to be written after at least two cult members/slaves sleep in the upstairs cemetery! I hope you’re happy man. These are lives you’re playing with!!!



  11. Sis comes to me saying I acted wrong earlier... and she's surprised I have a mental breakdown.

     Like anyone likes being told that they're wrong, that they're at fault... like they shouldn't just burst into emotion...

    Why does every single being I wind up living with have to manage me to the point I feel like... like not being anymore?

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Tell me what happened, I'm listening.

    2. Widdershins


      You know I don't give out much details. I make a point of.

       Sis wants to explain things to me, but that makes me feel like it's pointing out why I'm stupid and/or antisocial or whatever.

       Mighta shut the door on her kid's finger. Can't tell, them toddlers blow up over everything every few hours. And she comes to me like I shoulda done more to ask about what happened or something when it ain't my child nor could I have done anything or like I punched the baby or something. 

       Don't know what it is about me that seems to force people to constantly try reiterating & arguing a point at me when its clear that won't lead you anywhere good.

       That's why I call me self the Spirit of Confusion. Ain't nobeing ever has just a conversation with me, it's always an arguement. It's always some crisis. Everyone trys to shove something down my throat, they never just try talkin' or bein' friendly.


    3. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I hate people like that. For me it’s easier to remove toxic people from my life. But I know that’s not practical for you. 

      All I can say is there’s a difference people miss between helping and being over critical. I know that feeling. But you’re not stupid. Okay? You are not stupid, I promise.

  12. Widdershins

    About Cozy Glow...

    @gingerninja666 Except: 1. She's a Child. When a Child manages to undermine the Adults you've put in charge of, say, dangerous magical artifacts or some School built for, presumeably, the management of others... maybe you've hired incompetents. Thusly, 2. She's a Child. You're supposed to not give them credit, because they're too young & stupid. Because, that sort of knowledge of how others act & how the world goes tends to require living long enough in said world. A teenager, maybe, but a ten year old? Really smells of overwriting the villains competence so you can get more drama out of the story arc... 3. Maybe, I don't know. Keeping the guy that took over the world, who grew into a bloody Kaiju, seperated from the rest of the world so his influence doesn't cause something like this would be Important. Isn't he in Tartarus? Doesn't Equestria have SOME form of government or judicial force? 4. A magic drain spell, or mind control, feels like a high level spell. It makes sense when somepony like Starlight Glimmer does it because she devoted her whole life solely to magic... and because of her depression, wouldn't allow herself to do anything else but work to the ends capable of bending Time to her will. We've seen Twilight as a filly turn her own parents into cacti so it would kind of make sense to guard fillies if you KNOW they're basically ticking magical time bombs! Especially since we have a cannonical school just for unicorns that pretty much assures us they ought have SOME experience with, say, fillies getting in a schoolyard tiff and potentially, irreversably turning one young life into a mere paperweight! Equestria has no excuse not to see young magic users as a threat & prepare as such, even if there is no reason to suspect foul play. 5. Oh! A SPEECH! We all know how powerful those are in this world! Everybeing knows, that in a show, when a character gives some heartfelt speech, every listener immediately & completely believes every part of it without any alternate, deviating thoughts or doubts! Because characters don't have independant thought. I haven't watched what went down. I'm ranting here, I'm sure that's apparent. But what this reeks of, is poor writing. You buildt a character up to be a threat... because you needed a threat. It's a child. A child. When a CHILD can out-think, out-maneuver every other character... sure does make not only every other character, but the world you've made as a whole look incredibly stupid & gullible. Maybe not put stuff you know as a threat where any fool can get to it? Maybe have an actual organization in place to manage prisoners you know as a threat? Maybe actually understand the kids you're supposed to be in charge of to where you know where somepony might pull something like this? Is this what they're saying, that some elementery school kid can just whip up a plan to take over the world, in the real world? That we should be afraid because any dang fool could ruin the lives of everyone on a whim? Children don't concoct elaborate schemes. They don't have the capacity to, since they don't have the experience.
  13. If it isn't now, I wanna be the one to make a MLP version of Turn Down For What!

    ... Oh, You don't know the Music Video to Turn it Down For What!?

     I'd post the video, but I'm pretty sure I'd give the forum moderators or whathaveyou aneurisms over how much Thrusting there is! Literally, like everything gets Thrusted in that! It's spectacular! Don't lie, you wish you could writhe like that!

     In short, I'd describe Turn Down for What as: Wiggling Intensifies.

     Or, in summary, a guy goes up to his apartment roof to let loose his urge to boogie, but crashes through the ceiling and infects everyone else with a bad case of the Thrusting! 

    I can see Widdershins doing that. I'd call the parody: Tone It Down For WHAT?!

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna
    2. Randimaxis


      Hmmmmmm... thrusting could be...


      A butter churn on the roof of Twilight's school... and one Granny Smith, determined to make butter for the apple pies her family's been making.

      That's right...


      Crashing through levels of the palace, SLAMMING that churn home, and convincing other pones to churn as well - until they reach the party by the Young Six & their classmates on the bottom floor...

      Who happen to be having a pie eating contest.

      Butter flows forth, and everyone churns until they fall asleep in a pile... with Granny's hoof still idly churning the butter, even as she snores.

      Eeyup - that could be an agreeable alternative.

  14. I heard recently that the Lead guy to Game Freak & Pokemon said that this new pokemon Let's Go stuff will be the last he ever does...

     And the Pokemon Theorists keep talking about how things are shaping up to end...

     I don't want Pokemon to end! It can't!

     I've formed my life around the Pokemon Franchise!

     Gah! First MLP ending, & now Pokemon! Why does everything I touch end?!!?

     Wheeeeh... /Cringe

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Holly Jolly Ody

      Holly Jolly Ody

      i cant say i believe in this, youtubers always make wild claims without giving reliable sources + pokemon is a massive money maker, why cancel it when the people there get paid lots? 

    3. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Roses are red

      Violets are blue 

      I fell for click bait before 

      And now so did you.

    4. Widdershins


      Well, the main guy that founded Game Freak, the company that actually does all the making of Pokemon, has been there from the start. They started out scrabbling something fierce to put together a game back in the mid nineties and its been going strong for over two decades... which is longer than most careers. Especially in the video game industry. Doesn't really mean Pokemon has to end... but it does mean new management, new heads trying to figure out how to market, create so on... so it certainly won't be the same.

      Where were we last? Let's Go? Pokemon Go mobile? Nintendo Switch? It hasn't been looking very good... very pandering to the newest fad in consoles.

       It's all the theories that get me. The alignment of all the symbology in the legendary mascots for each generation that sign an end of an era before everything gets transmuted for a new generation of a buying audience...

       After all, how much use can we get out of the strategy of yet another 100-200 new & unique monster designs?

  15.  *casually leans on a country, wooden fencepost*

     So Y'all wanted ta know about hooves, Didja? "Obsessed" about 'em, eh?

     Whal, I happen to have me some expertise in knowin' hooves, bein' a country boy n' all! Heck, used to have a pony myself even!

     I do seem to recall you usin' some boop picture a while back that had a pretty darn realistic outline of a hoof. And that's the thing too, actual hooves aren't just stubby marshmellows on the ends of your limbs! They're a bit more elaborate then that!

     Like, basically, they're like walking on wide shotglasses on the ends of all your feet. And ya know what happens when you're scuffing rims like that through the ground all the time? They catch gunk up around that rim. Horse hooves require loads of cleaning! Like to the point where they very often get infected if they aren't cleaned regularly, splinter or get some nail embedded in them (because they're essentially huge toenails you don't feel through) and I've heard of sometimes needing to remove the whole hoof off & waiting for it to grow back! Which means walking around with one leg 3-5 inches shorter than the rest!

     It's why horseshoes are so important. Protection. Nailing metal in around the edges so they don't wear out so much. Horses are a domesticated species after all; hooves are a sign that they need a constant caretaker or they wouldn't survive out on their own in the wild.

     Reckon that a county pony like AJ still has to go in for hooficures, even if she doesn't go all in & fancy like Rarity would.

    ...but I tell you waht...

     Y'all already have hooves! If you happen to be human, that is.

     Horse hooves used to be much more finger-like before they fused together in evolution. So, here's what you can do...

     Stack your fingers in a pyramid shape. Middle finger top center, the two fingers next to that under, then thumb & pinkie under the sides of that, leaving a gap inbetween where if you had a sixth finger, would fill in for a more Logpile kinda shape. There ya go! Your own make-believe hooves! That's basically what hooves are! Just with LOADS more nail!