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  1. ... there is a guy walking up and down the center median of the road wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Widdershins


      You know, always wanted to prop both my arms up with tent poles, then hang up as many wind chimes on me as possible then go dance in the median of a busy road. 

       If anybody asked, I'd respond with "Because I felt like it. Why, there a law against this sorta thing?"

    3. ShadOBabe


      @Kyoshi LOL!! What does he know?

      @Widdershins I was almost tempted to pull over somewhere and ask him what he was up to. But the traffic pretty bad and I was trying to get home. Also wasn’t fond of the off chance he might be ACTUALLY crazy, and not just Widder-crazy.

    4. Widdershins


      *Jingles Menacingly*

  2. ShadOBabe

    October Art Contest Poll

    Yay! HOPEFULLY I can join this time. Getting sick really threw a wrench into any plans I had last month.
  3. ShadOBabe

    You Are Cordially Invited

    Fun!! Hopefully my voice will be BACK by then... Starting to get a little impatient here, throat. Hurry up and get better!!
  4. Hey guys... it’s been a little bit. I’ve had an interesting experience today. I got sick on Thursday, and while the feeling bad part has passed, I’ve currently got no voice. Like, none. I can’t talk. I’ve had to write down and mime whenever I want to communicate. It’s been weird...


    1. EpicEnergy


      I hope you get better soon, not being able to talk must be highly irritating!

      I'd probably lose my mind if that happened to me! :lostit:

    2. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Awww, feel better soon!

    3. ShadOBabe


      Thanks guys! It IS irritating! I’ve never had laryngitis THIS bad! But on the same token, I admit there’s a part of me that’s finding pantomiming everything to be kind of hilarious.

  5. ShadOBabe

    events Sunset Artifacts of Equestria

    LOL! I was awarded all of them automatically. XD
  6. Oh cool, it’s for the Cutie Mark Crew line! I actually started collecting the main toys at the store. I should definitely try getting these as well, they look larger.
  7. No need to take me too seriously hon. I aware of the realities. I was attempting to be comedically offended.
  8. EXCUUUUSE YOU... Celestia has the backing of the adorable tortoise AND second best character himself, Ahuizotl!! ”Alone”... psssh.
  9. Sorry Derpy and Daring!! I ADORE you guys, and would have voted for you vs any other teams. Buuuuut... GO TEAM CANTERLOT WHOOOOOO!!
  10. ShadOBabe

    all-time favorite moments from the show

    It’s never NOT hilarious. Also this... Mah ship! XD
  11. ShadOBabe

    What was the first MLP character you discovered?

    You know what, I really don’t know. I just heard that there was a new MLP series that was becoming really popular and went to check out the first episode. I think the first FiM image I ever saw was the old promotional imagine with the Mane 6 and Celestia.
  12. ShadOBabe

    Women live longer than men... or do they?

    Well obviously. But the statistic is that most don’t. Or rather, that more women tend to get there instead. So I still don’t know what the point you’re trying to make is. If your point is just “some men live long lives” well, then... yeah, obviously. But that’s like trying to walk in somewhere and argue that the sky is blue. You’d be right, but everyone already knew that, so what was the point?
  13. ShadOBabe

    Tell us a truth about yourself?

    I’m double jointed in my left hand thumb.
  14. ShadOBabe

    Women live longer than men... or do they?

    True. But if you’re still one of those dudes that doesn’t go to the doctor and decides to “tough it out” when they’re not feeling well, then that’s not going to help you at all. Also your BMI thing doesn’t mean much. The fact is, statistically, women live longer then men. And that’s because of a large web of different factors.
  15. ShadOBabe

    News Hurricane Florence

    32 people (so far) are still dead because of this hurricane. And they could have been anyone. And Florence was “hyped” up because when it was heading to the coast it was an absurdly huge storm. The fact that it died down some by the time it hit was not a guarantee. Better to be safe than sorry.