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  1. This. I’ve been straight up harassed by complete strangers for DARING to not support their OTP.

    A snippet from favorite funny scene in the entire show! :mlp_wat::laugh:

    What if this interaction was the genesis of the Apple/Pie family dynamic! :blink:

  3. “I like funny words! My favorite funny word is kumquat!”
  4. Here’s my drawing for this week’s Pokemon!


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    2. EpicEnergy


      It looks amazing! :grin:

    3. Tacodidra


      Amazing work, my friend! :squee: I'm not really familiar with the later generations, but that's a very adorable Pokémon! ^_^

    4. ShadOBabe


      Thank you very much, everyone! So glad you like it!

  5. I found some birds for you, BFFFF.



    1. ShadOBabe


      LOL! I love the Goodfeathers. X3

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Pesto is my favorite.

      THAT'S IT! :Cozy:

  6. I’ve seen a few theories. 1) They wear them as necklaces. 2) They wear other jewelry, like bracelets. 3) They don’t wear them at all.
    1. ShadOBabe


      Darn it, the video won’t load!

      ShadO wants to watch the birbs!

    2. Sparklefan1234


      @ShadOBabe It was cute just fyi. :kindness:

  7. Sweet! Got the weekly Pokémon announced! This week I’m gonna be drawing Archeops!

    (Click to see official art:)




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    2. ShadOBabe


      The A TEAM worked on SwSh?? Holy crap, that’s shameful.

    3. SolarFlare13


      IKR!? that's why I had such HIGH expectations for pokemon sword and shield, and what did we get? an un-finished product. Everyone in the game has an ego / was designed to make you salty and NOT have a fun experience, they cut out MORE than 60% of the pokedex just so they can force you to buy the DLC, the routes felt like corridors, and they had the WORST rival and "evil team" in the franchise. (not to mention macro cosmos was shoe-horned in at the last minute 'cuz they completely forgot to put a PROPER evil team in the game) I dunno 'bout you, but I HATE hop, Bede and Marnie. Hop thinks he's going to be the next champion just because he's the brother of Leon (honestly, he's not much better and he's DEFINITELY not a good model for the kid...) and marnie thinks she's all that cuz she acts all cute-sy in front of everyone. (what a f*cking sl*t. sorry, but I had to get that one out) it's not until you kick their arses in the finals, you smack some sense in them. 

      Yeah, the reason why the game is un-finished is because they wanted to get the game out in time for the release of the nintendo switch lite, which from a marketing stand point is a good call, but you're left with a pretty weak entry in the pokemon franchise and now, they're trying to suck the pennies out of people. they want them to buy the DLC / get nintendo switch online JUST to get the full experience. Here in australia, you're paying $75 extra ON TOP of what you already paid for the game. (which is $70 - 80 for a copy of Pokemon Sword and Shield. So effectively, I'm paying nearly $160 just so I can get the FULL experience. what a rip-off...)

      ...and this is what the apologists DONT understand...

    4. ShadOBabe


      Hey man, don’t worry. I get it. There’s a reason I REFUSE to buy the game. They are NOT getting my hard earned cash for a half-product.

  8. My mom. Came around a corner in the dark house, BOOM, there she was. XD
  9. Oh, I haven’t made any. Don’t have video editing software. But it’s something I’ve always wanted to try. Maybe use my own drawings, animatic style.
  10. Son-of-a-twitch, I wanted to make a PMV for that song. XD
  11. Sagittarius for me. And Horse in the Chinese zodiac. I was a pegasister before they existed. XD
  12. I don’t want to act like a snot, but why do we keep repeating forum headers?

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    2. Sparklefan1234
    3. WWolf


      Hmm I've never seen it :wacko: . When was the last time it appeared? Can't recall.

    4. ShadOBabe


      @WWolf You're very late. They've had it changed to something new for almost a week now.