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    On average, about 149,608,900km from the centre of the sun.
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    "I prefer to make up my own quotes and attribute them to very smart people, so that I can use them to win arguments" ~ Albert Einstein
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    - Physics,
    - Mathematics,
    - Adorable stuff (especially ponies, cats, bunnies, and grey ducks),
    - Collecting/accumulating various aesthetically pleasing oddments,
    - Collecting/accumulating various interesting antique miscellanies,
    - Collecting/accumulating various second-hand dictionaries/thesauri,
    - Collecting/accumulating various nifty and often archaic vocabillularary words,
    - Finding and categorising various forms of genetically mutated daisies,
    - Making things up on the spot (intellectual ad-libbing is my forte),
    - Owl City & Pentatonix music,
    - Terry Pratchett books,
    - Brandon Sanderson books,
    - Minecraft,
    - Pixel games,
    - Irony,
    - Being interesting.

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  1. NINJAS BECAUSE YOU'RE A CANNIBAL LIKE THAT also @Arid_Blitz why did you tag us all you monster obviously you eat users who respond to your comments it's time for your weekly gorging
  2. BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT STEALS IT BACK OF COURSE DUH THE NUKES VAPORISED ALL MY OTHER CLOTHES I THOUGHT A CENTRIFUGAL URANIUM PURIFIER WAS MY TUMBLE DRYER BUT THEN IT WILL BE UNDEAD DO YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TUX DO YOU WANT THIS DUALITY used "Telepathic Health Drain"! SATIN CRUNCHER took 189 damage! DUALITY gained 189 damage! Whoa, I'm the best Pokepone. u no liek mai pun? I don't really ask for any nifty stuff, so I don't actually know if I could get nifty stuff very often. I have extremely niche tastes to cater to. NO NOT ANYONE WHO HANGS AROUND THE FORUMS THIS IS MOST OF MY SOCIAL LIFE AND YOU'LL RUIN ET ALL I WILL STRAIGHT-UP EXCOMMUNICATE YOU IF YOU TELL ANYONE ON THE FORUMS SHE'S A DRAB PONE LYRA'S ALWAYS HAPPEH Oh yes much threatened splendid terror Yes, there is, because it ain't necessary. Spend your good intentions on something with good consequences. I DON'T KNOW WHAT A ROTOSCOPE IS HOW DARETH THEE They don't have any. Oldpone. Cheese and meat. Crust optional. Lesson Zero, hooves down.
  3. Too busy snuggling all the cats.
  4. *reboops for unjustified accusations of factuality* *boops unboringly*
  5. LIES IT NEVER HAD ANY LIFE TO BEGIN WITH Go earn some money, obviously. AGAIN WITH THE PROPRIETY THING WHAT IS YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS TRYING TO TELL YOU WHICH MEANS YOU DO LOSE SOMETHING DOUBLE NEGATIVE BOIIIIII SILLI TUX TRYING TO PLACE BOUNDS ON MY POWERS YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER BY NOW You had to go and make this creepy. Philosophers are boring anyway. Playing their little pointless game with objectives yet no rules. I'm a mathematician, so I play my game with rules yet no objectives. Far more interesting. SILLI TUX USE MOAR IMAGINASHUN Silly Tux. Einstein proved that time and space are part of the same 4-D continuum, so to have space is to have time, just viewed from a different relativistic inertial reference frame. If sheep have 3 dimensions, they must also have the fourth one, for all dimensions are interconnected. All matter that has mass has time on its own. No more question for you then if you're gonna be a sulky tux. Bleah. No more question for you then if you're gonna be a sulky tux. Bleah. No more question for you then if you're gonna question the integrity of my questions. There is a perfectly valid answer; this is not a trick question; no, you are not getting any more questions until you properly answer these three.
  6. Mega Thread

  7. *gets out shotgun*
  9. *reboops for unjustified assumptions*
  10. Mega Thread

    10/10 smol fluttershy nu twi don't cri just sayin factz u liek factz rite?
  11. *reboops for not accepting that my way of living involves not accepting your way of living*
  12. Geesebump. Ew, no; that stuff's always dead, decaying, and oddly cinnamon-scented.
  13. Mega Thread

    MirroredSea art = instant 10/10. Knew those German classes I took as a kid would pay off in the end.