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  1. What I imagine dating you to be like:


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    2. Widdershins


      @Passion I'm detecting a vibe of disgust... but from what, I cannot tell.

    3. Passion


      His dad's glasses are rectangular in first image but round in 2nd. Such oversight is unforgivable.

    4. Duality
  2. Every time you post a status update my first reaction upon seeing the notification is always 'yusss the BRO'. :D

    1. Frostgage


      Great minds think alike :mlp_proud: (of course it would follow that subpar minds think alike as well...)

  3. Honestly tempted to make a parallel account with the username Gordon Ramsey and see if anyone notices.

    1. CypherHoof


      or 𝐆𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐨𝐧 𝐑𝐚𝐦𝐬𝐚𝐲? or even 𝐺𝑜𝑟𝑑𝑜𝑛 𝑅𝑎𝑚𝑠𝑎𝑦 ? :D


    2. Gordon Ramsay

      Gordon Ramsay

      Good God... do that, and odds are it'll catch on and become a trend here; everyone here sporting some kind of variant of "Gordon Ramsay"... Eh, at least I could claim to be the pioneer of it all.

      But, keep in mind... there can only be ONE Gordon. Should a pretender ever come to exist, a new chef will surely rise from the ashes of the old...

      Image result for ainsley harriott

  4. Blood is thicker than water.


    But syrup is thicker than blood.

  5. I do hope all goes well with thee, o fair Babe of the ShadO. 'Twould be a shame to lose one of your artistic ability, to say nothing of conversational value and assorted other merits of no less magnitude. :grin:

  6. _xx_commission__daimon_of_the_fading_fla

    A self-portrait of yours, perchance? :mustache:

    1. Passion


      Nah. 'dat be one of my friends.

    2. Passion


      In honesty Satyrs just don't speak to me. If I had to choose, I'd replace the guy with this:


      Although it's literally just missing a book in its hand lol.

  7. Paint appears to be transparent in Near IR. The original drawing is all that is visible.

    This is one of my little sister's artwork. I'm sure she won't mind. :P 



    1. Duality


      That is actually fascinating. Thank you for this. :wacko:

    2. Phosphor


      You're welcome, bro!  :D

  8. Observe...

    Related image

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    2. Mirage


      It's Pinkie e!

    3. Duality


      Pinkie e? Do you imply that it is an exponential series? It looks like a geometric series to me, but I cede to your superior mathematical experience. :mustache:

    4. Mirage


      That could be...

      Only Pinkie's brilliance could know for sure!

      Image result for exponential seriesRelated image

  9. Salutations! Just popping in to let you know you aren't forgotten yet. Do hope everything is going well in your pursuit of employeeship and all.

    Much chaos to thee, yet not to whelm. :mlp_yeehaa:

    1. Passion


      The Eye is watching us.

    2. Duality


      No, no, can't be, the Eye is supposed to be triangular.

  10. Hope all goes well with you, Søren!

    I spent a good hour or so this morning reading articles on your namesake; I really should read some Kierkegaard sometime. :-P

  11. hydrangea_dragon_by_luckytraveller_dc1xv

    A hydrangea dragon earcuff.

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    2. Widdershins


       !  ...Well, that is quite amazingly novel, I must say! A way to affix jewelry I had never assumed!

        ...pity it's only human-specific then... my own ears would just flop right over it & trail another few feet!

    3. Duality


      Hey, all you need to do is to get the wire rebent, really. It's hardly out of the question.

      I think it'd look quite roguish on those bunny ears of yours. :mlp_yeehaa:

    4. Widdershins


      Ack! Complimenting my Earstyle! One of my very many weaknesses! Y'all gonna make me blush all up in here!


  12. Observation 1: For an observation not to be subjective, all subjects of that observation must have definitions that are not subjective.

    Observation 2: For any observation stating whether something is subjective, subjectivity is one of the subjects of that observation.

    Observation 3: All observations state whether something is subjective.

    Observation 4: The definition of 'subjective' is subjective.

    Conclusion 1: All observations are subjective.

    Observation 5: Conclusion 1 is an observation.

    Conclusion 2: Whether 'all observations are subjective' is true or not is subjective.

    Observation 6: Conclusion 2 is an observation.

    Conclusion 3: Whether 'whether 'all observations are subjective' is true or not is subjective' is true or not is subjective.

    Observation 7: Conclusion 3 is an observation.

    Conclusion 4: What do you want from me?

    Observation 8: Conclusion 4 is an observation.

    Conclusion 5: No, it's not, it's a question.

    Observation 9: Conclusion 5 is an observation.

    Conclusion 6: I... that's not... what?

    Observation 10: Conclusion 6 is an observation.

    Conclusion 7: No, it's not, it's a question.

    Observation 11: Conclusion 7 is an observation.

    Conclusion 8: Please stop.

    Observation 12: Conclusion 8 is an observation.

    Conclusion 9: No, it's not, it's -  a r g h.

    Observation 13: Conclusion 9 is an observation.

    Conclusion 10: No u.

    Observation 14: Conclusion 10 is an observation.

    Conclusion 11: Subjectivity and logic do not appear to be formally compatible.

    Observation 15: Conclusion 11 is an observation.

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    2. Widdershins


        I, for one, lack the sufficient sanctity to supply subjectification. If, to whit, definitions are defined by divining definitions from defining characteristics one defines as defining, then subjecting subjects to subjectification should supply same as stated.

         In Layman's Terms: Everything is defined by itself, right? Only knowing an Orange because you were told that its color is called as such & it has the description of the concept of what an "Orange" is, somewhat robs it of all meaning to you, does it not? Yet, because everything loses itself to being self-referencial... it calls to mind the fact that everything is coalesced from its environment, the delicate way of how things came to be in the unique way it did.

       It is as I say: The meaningless of Life supplies Life its own meaning.

        I was with you the entire way!

    3. Mirage


      This is a return to classic philosophy, really. I'm somewhat familiar with the greats, especially the early Christian apologists, like Saint Augustine, who labored to explained faith and religion and how 'the world' (ie, matter) related to it.

      Philosophers like Aristotle used logical rules to establish objectivity. These logical rules, like the First Principles, are what gave birth to the Scientific Method.

      Objectivity is established when evidence is presented in such a way that a subject can't provide greater reliability to it's cause and effect. For example, the Sun is the cause of Day. What all beings experience as Day is due to a star which periodically appears in the sky. A subject therefore cannot dispute this with validity that can contradict all measurements made of the sun and the Earth's rotation and all the effects of the Sun's influence.

      First Principles:

      1) Non-contradiction

      2) A part is lesser than its whole

      3) Cause and Effect.

      And some mind food:

      "Truth is the mind conformed to real things." - St. Thomas Aquinas

      "The absolute dependence of freedom upon law known and obeyed applies not only to our relations with the universe, but to the conduct of our own selves in their inmost reality. Man is not the one lawless object in the universe. Man is not a being so universally adaptable that it does not matter what he does or what is done to him, does not matter in what ways he treats himself or others treat him, because he thrives equally well under all possible treatments. Such a being, indeed, is inconceivable. Of any being at all it must be true that some sorts of treatment are good for it and others bad for it, some help it to be more fully itself, some hinder and cripple it. Man is not a chaos any more than the universe is; and as he learns the laws that govern himself, he is freer. The dependence of freedom upon law is invariable." - Frank Sheed


    4. Widdershins



        Can't help but suspect that last portion was directed at me!

       Reality can be what you make of it. If you assume & keep telling yourself something is difficult, too much to take or just repulsive, it becomes that for you. To me, how you choose to react to your environment, your reality, becomes your reality. If you're so deadset on brussel sprouts being the ickiest ever to where you never try any, they'll always be that to you.

       But never the less, I agree with Mr. Sheed. While I may view the current universe as a beautiful mess, to claim oneself as wholly separate or completely inseparable is fallacy. To summarize into one of my favorite quotes what I feel your quote is at: 


  13. Because of your love for these guys


    1. Duality


      smol fluff and tol tuff

  14. Duality

    Open Salem University

    Duality, headed off from responding to Druantia's initial comment, watched in something close to wonder as the notepaper folded and twisted and spun in mesmerising replication of the duel. She flinched as the scene followed through on its dark twist - the vines yanking the student underground was something she'd only heard about indirectly from formal witness accounts of the duel, and the terror on the paper Dru's face was a detail that nobody except the girl could have known. Glancing away from the diorama for a few instants, the professor noted that the student's face displayed something like fear as she fixed her gaze on a scene of her own creation. Oh, dear. She's scared of what her own magic is capable of, on top of everything else. The fearsome on the inside and the fearful on the outside. She's caught between us and It. Duality began formulating some sort of consolation or advice or something - anything -, but was cut short once again by Druantia's abrupt change of subject. Duality listened to Druantia's explanation with a gradually growing grin on her face, finally breaking into delighted chortles as the student finished with a flourish. "Ha! In all my years I've only known a couple of dozen students who researched my runic design methods in so much detail! Fabulous analysis. So many similarities across all my codes. Who would have thought it?" She paused. "However, surely you've noted that during the lecture I mentioned that I've invented at bare minimum ninety different and distinct languages over my career. You only have about thirty there, not counting trivial variations. Of course, there are only so many one can publish, and only so many one would consider for publishing, but a full two-thirds never so much as mentioned in my literature? Perhaps, and this is just food for thought, perhaps I only ever published ones with commonalities? Perhaps, by some dwindling chance, I tweaked even the most original of my research-specialised languages before publishing them across the world in order to include redundancies, copy-pastes, relics of syntax from papers past? After all, the easiest enemy to defeat is one who underestimates you, and in academic politics, there lurk a lot of potential foes, all of whom would do nearly anything to have my deepest secrets cracked from code for various nefarious purposes - especially given that some of my work is used in high-level government encryption. I'm not saying that you're necessarily on the wrong track, but do remember that I have spent my life working on these things; I'd like to think it would take more than a week to break them." Duality grinned afresh. "That said, do keep up the ingenious work. I'm very eager to see what you manage to turn up. Wait - actually, have this. Might save you some of the bother of evading duty rosters." She plucked a piece of blank notepaper from underneath a marked sheet and began scribbling on it with her pen, handing it to Druantia when she was done. It resembled the work of a spasming toddler with handfuls of crayons jammed into all possible facial orifices. Both sides were covered almost entirely with wild zig-zags, spirals, dashes, splotches of ink, and even a puncture mark at one point where a line switched from one side of the paper to the other - resembling to exactly nil extent the tame and ordered symbols she'd placed onto the pyromancer's nurse note. "That's your name in raw S.S.," the professor announced happily. She pointed at several sections of the arcane glyph in no apparent order. "See? 'Druantia The Floramancer'. If you like, you can also recover that note I wrote earlier in the lecture from the infirmary reception if you show them this and explain what I told you. You'd better do it before dinner bell, though, all general notes written in the Script are kept and destroyed daily." Duality grew more serious as she began quoting from her doctoral thesis, an intensely philosophical treatise simply titled Symbol and Reality: "Now, remember: 'Symbols are not Reality; Reality is only known through the symbol', and 'Idolatry is the sin of mistaking symbol for Reality; the layman is guilty a thousand times over for looking and feeling and hearing and smelling and tasting and saying "This is Reality; in this is found all I am."', and, most of all, 'Symbols may be layered one upon the other to infinity; yet the only true meaning is found in Reality'. All natural languages use collections of letters - symbols -, to mean collections of words - symbols -, to mean collections of sentences - symbols -, to mean collections of linguistic expression - symbols -, to mean collections of perceived actualities - symbols -, to mean Reality. The symbols you see in the Salem Script are not Reality, as per the obvious - they hold no absolute meaning in themselves -, but the question you must ask yourself is not merely what Reality they mean. It is whether the symbols mean symbols mean symbols and how far the hierarchy goes if so. Code-cracking is only an easy task if the language has syntax like your own, with 'letters' forming 'words' forming 'sentences'. Otherwise, it becomes a very tricky business indeed - it's hard enough to figure out what symbols correspond to which Reality without having to determine simultaneously how the symbols interrelate with one another and how many levels of symbol-layering there are before an effective correspondence to Reality is established." The professor fell silent for a moment, letting her words sink in, before jolting back into speech as a realisation hit her. "Wait! I have something for you!" She rummaged around in her pockets before triumphantly snatching out something on a silver chain. "I've had a bit of practice in engraving - you know, for all the rune-etching -, and I found a droplet of tungsten when I was cleaning some paperwork out of my desk a couple days ago - one of the magical reactor cores I keep running for my projects quite literally melted down late last year -, so I took it upon myself to make you a memento of your ability to control your magic. Here, take it, it's yours." Duality placed onto Druantia's desk a polished metal pendant with the rune that had helped her kill the Abomination scored deeply into its surface. "Its melting point is over three times that of the basalt you burnt to cinders last time, and the chain has an advanced heat-dissipation enchantment woven into it that projects all excess absorbed energy into a single confined electron in my laboratory. Effectively heatproof. You don't have to wear it, of course, but I thought it would make a nice souvenir."
  15. Lepton, have I missed writing her.