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  1. Ah, good, so the requirement for locking the area down due to banes has a similar time factor to the requirement for locking the area down due to ash. Shouldn't affect much besides the full cleanup later.
  2. I'm fine either way, contingent on Buck's decision on whether he wants the Abomination to have been a Bane, but the contaminated-ash-breeding-ground idea could still be implemented regardless of what Buck chooses regarding the nature of the Abomination, since 'enough magic in a certain place or item can gain sentience' even if the magic isn't sentient to begin with (like the books in the seventh storey of the university library). It'd take a while for any banes to start grouping at the remains of the duelling hall, yes?
  3. Dru will probably end up in her dorm to rest after checkup and healing anyway, since there's so much demand for rooms in the infirmary at the moment. If her injuries are reasonably serious she'd have a nurse in there with her to keep an eye on her and continue administering treatment, but whether that's the case is pretty much up to Buck's discretion.
  4. @dragon4111 @Denim&Venom @Mentis Soliloquy @Arid_Blitz @reader8363 @Buck Testa @Passion Duality's dehydrated, worn out, and in her fifties, cut the poor lady some slack. I'm putting her out of action in the infirmary alongside Dru for a while because: I am leaving on a five-day-ish trip the day after tomorrow and will have no access to wifi, and I'm seeing a budding opportunity for Duality to act as a mentor of sorts to Dru, and I like the way it's playing out so far. I'm delaying the dinner bell idea I mentioned earlier because Dru's duel went way more eventfully than I initially planned for, so just continue your characters' work at dealing with the aftermath of the Abomination until I get back and reassess the situation. Dragon, your character can be either in the infirmary too or stubbornly refusing to get checked up on, depending on which you think would best suit his personality, Denim and Reader, your characters are must shall have been instructed to find someone who can contain all that icky ash (prestidigitating a random NPC out of nowhere is perfectly fine for this), and Passion, your character can do basically whatever she wants but she won't be meeting Duality at the remains of the duelling hall, sad to say. Have fun and don't kill each other until I return.
  5. Duality

    Open Salem University

    @dragon4111 @Passion @Buck Testa @Denim&Venom @reader8363 "I can't believe that worked," Duality mumbled faintly as she hurried towards Miko, who'd caught Dru a scant few instants before she hit the ground. Movement caught her eye as she drew close - Ghalan rising painfully out of the crater that the Abomination had punched him into and flying towards the vixen and her charge. He set down next to them just before the professor arrived at the scene and began to apply healing magic to the apparently comatose child in spite of the blood trickling down his arm and several severe-looking contusions across his face and body. "You're coming with me or I'm dragging you there unconscious," countered the professor tartly, tossing him her teleportation amulet. "You okay, Ms Miko? I can take Miss Druantia from here if you're fit enough to stay to get this write-off of a hall plus the surrounding unstable ground cleared and cordoned off ASAP. If anyone comes asking what happened, tell them a duel got out of control and to talk to me or admin if they have anything worth talking about. Ms Fenris!" She beckoned at the slender metawolf. "Please help Ms Miko if she needs it, and, if she doesn't or when you're done, could you check in with admin and tell them everything they want to know? They'll need all the info you've got." Duality began moving to take Dru off Miko's paws before stopping dead, a horrible thought striking her, as the adjustment of her stance sent a thin stratum of plant-ash into a flurry. She rapidly searched her pockets before yanking out a pair of dust masks and handing them swiftly to Miko and Mindy. "Put these on, make sure nobody breathes in any of that ash, and try to disturb the already-settled layers as little as possible. Forget what I said earlier about cordoning off the area, this place needs to be hermetically sealed; find someone who can do it and get it done before the wind picks up. This stuff is the supposedly dead remnant of some seriously unstable organics-altering hostile magic, and I want no chances taken with its quarantining." Duality followed the door Shadow had thrown open with her eyes as it swung clean off its hinges and clattered to the ground. "That's something I'd like to know myself, but this girl needs the infirmary stat. Interrogations and investigations can wait until all staff and students are accounted for and their injuries tended to. Would you mind assisting Mses Miko and Mindy here to get the remains of this hall on airtight lockdown? I can't think of anyone off the top of my head who'd be able to quickly and effectively seal away all this dust so nobody inhales any of it, but it is of gravest importance that a suitable spell be deployed to do so before air currents spread the ash anywhere across campus. Take a dust mask for yourself, and a couple more in case someone else shows up who can help." She pushed the protective filters into Shadow's hands and swiftly turned back to Miko, sweeping out from her seemingly bottomless pockets another dimension-shifting amulet, identical to the one she'd lent the janitor. "Come along, Ghalan," the professor said as she gently scooped Druantia's prone form up from the kitsune, cradling the child in her arms with immeasurable care before activating her teleportation rune and vanishing. The infirmary was in an uproar. Healers and orderlies scurried frantically from room to room, checking in on resting patients and settling in new ones, as the already-bustling waiting area continued to fill with the distressed and injured. Duality strode through the chaos without her resolute gaze so much as veering an inch from the doctors' station at the end of the hallway leading off the reception area, and well before she'd even arrived she was flanked by a pair of worried nurses who efficiently and rapidly slipped Dru onto a stretcher, interrogating the professor about what had happened to cause such symptoms as they swept the unconscious child to the intensive ward. "Don't worry, we'll do everything we can for her," one of them reassured as they closed the 'Doctors Only'-marked doors behind them, firmly shutting out Duality. Now alone with her jittering nerves, she moved at a reduced pace back in the direction of the infirmary reception, trying to remember whether Ghalan had teleported with her or not while considering where she could make herself most useful for incident cleanup beyond the immediate aftermath at the duelling hall; she figured Miko, Mindy, and Shadow put together should be more than capable of dealing with the ash without her micromanaging them. Only four seconds passed before all the thinking and talking and running and stress and magic of the day caught up to her in a single instant of cataclysmic exhaustion and she crumpled in a dead faint, saved from hitting the ground only by the dive of a quick-thinking bystander.
  6. @dragon4111 @Buck Testa @Mentis Soliloquy @Passion @reader8363 @Denim&Venom Dibs next post. Arrived home today to find a veritable wall of posts waiting for me. I've been planning to create a section of the OP of this thread dedicated to all the characters and members in this RP with links to their application posts etc., so we know who to tag in posts like this and where to get info on their characters, but I'll need a while to set it up on top of all the posts that the aftermath of Dru's demolition merits. Can anyone think of a member I didn't mention just now, or have I got them all? Other than that one guy who applied with an evil character for later in the RP.
  7. @dragon4111 Is Ghalan gonna catch the falling kid? Duality's too far away and she's had her moment already anyway.
  8. 292581023_Daisy789i.thumb.jpg.f0e2376017680592a9daab6701357f9f.jpg1298105577_Daisy9ii.thumb.jpg.70f511b4e71195ffcfe6f540c1d86b69.jpg

    A couple of quite well-formed triplets and one that I'm calling a nonuplet but could probably be anything from 4 to 10 daisies merged onto one stalk. Weirdest one I've seen for years. :lie:

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      Imma just go ahead and imagine what a human variant of this is. :umad:

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      but like human conjoined siblings already exist so you don't need to imagine them

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      Flowers are quite pretty <3

  9. Duality

    Open Salem University

    @Buck Testa @Denim&Venom Duality sprinted into view of the disruption's epicentre just in time to witness the monster bloom from the earth, as exquisite as it was terrible. The formerly near-musical shriek of Dru's aura had segued into a sickeningly hybridised scream of anguish and power-crazed megalomania, locked in a unnatural clash for dominance just as the girl was with her psychologically dissonant magic. No no no no no. She's going to kill herself at the rate she's going. Except that's not her. That's her magic. Linked to her emotions more than her mind, and by the looks of it splintered off from her main psyche to boot. Worst case I've ever seen. What can I do? What can anyone do? If I fight her magic it'll just consume her quicker. She has to defeat it herself. But she's clearly not winning at the moment, so I have to help her get the upper hand. Align her emotions with her mind instead of her magic. How? How? How? The professor stopped herself and exhaled slowly, centring and focussing her racing thoughts as she breathed. Okay. The pebble from earlier. That let her control her magic for a while, quite successfully according to her. She also appears to have an emotional attachment to me. That - well, that can be used as well, if need be. Despicable, but if nothing else works... "Hey!" she hollered at the abomination, gesturing at Miko to amplify her voice. "Miss Druantia! I know you're in there! Remember that pebble I gave you earlier? Remember how I told you to focus your magic onto it to help you control it? I drew a rune on it, but that rune was just felt-tip! I didn't put any magic into the rune - you put all your magic into it all by yourself! Your mind can win over your magic - all you have to do is focus! Just like you did before, but this time, you are your own pebble! Focus your magic into yourself, into your control; it will be hard and it will hurt, but your magic will obey, just like it did before!"
  10. Oh, don't worry, I've put a good bit of thought into how Duality could bring up that snippet of canon again and deescalate things in a suitably cinematic manner. Working on the post now.
  11. Ooh, them's some good physics. Are you going to have Ghalan open a black hole somewhere so that the white hole can blast out the matter that the black hole draws in, or is the white hole just going to blast out random matter/energy? I was thinking along the same lines, but I countered it with the realisation that the main reason most people suspect they don't exist is because there's no known physical mechanism for their creation. If one can control gravity like our friend Ghalan here, voila - we have a magical mechanism for their creation and the dilemma is solved! EDIT: @dragon4111 Just remember to leave some room for Buck to decide how he wants the Dru-abomination-thing to react to Ghalan's attacks. He probably won't no-sell the white hole, but I can't imagine the abomination shrivelling up and dying quite that quickly.
  12. What's his plan for getting to her, though, considering that he's currently being punched by a powerful and very fast monster-thing?
  13. On normal nights, I need about ten hours of sleep. On nights when I've been really tired I've gotten up to 14 hours before. Normally sleepy but not tired, like I could sleep for another little bit but I've had plenty of sleep already. Noooo. Yes and yes. Rather unpleasant to wake up unable to move while hallucinating the sound of a distressed child's screams and the sight of a hostile shadow-being staring at you from right beside your bed. They're based in reality, but not my reality, if that makes sense. I dream of being people who are not me unusually often.
  14. Alternatively or additionally to becoming wounded or otherwise hard-pressed, Ghalan could realise that he's becoming overwhelmed and go on the move to try and avoid Dru's targeted attacks. He'd have to stay within the remains of the duelling hall, though, otherwise he'd be running the risk of drawing her fire towards occupied areas. That sounds like a solid technique for her, considering how tall the vines are getting and thus how much they'd draw lightning even without magical direction. I'm thinking, since magic students tend to be on the wilful and independent side (at least judging from this batch of characters), the school would be working on a delicate balance between making interaction hard to avoid and giving each student their own space if they need it. Adjacent pairs of rooms with a single door connecting them through their shared wall (lockable from both sides but thin enough to conduct knocking and other sound exceptionally well) is the best compromise I've thought of thus far, but dorm layout ideas are more than welcome.
  15. The collab is live. It did a number on my computer's copy-paste clipboard, I can tell you that much.