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  1. Hey man, I just wanted to say I hope you start feeling better soon!!


  2. > 55-hour week
    > 40-hour previous week
    > supervising 20-meter boreholes being drilled from daybreak until dusk every day
    > gashes head on corner of open window as i arrive home after finishing the last one
    > aggressively sleep-deprived, blood clotting in hair, dirt coating all exposed skin and sweat coating all clothed skin
    > still gets valentine's day card

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    2. Duality


      @Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I plan to come down with some sort of bug over the weekend. I've already got a cough and a scratchy throat, so all that's left is aches and pains. :kirin:


      No promises

      It's kinda easy to die when you think about it

      Also kinda unavoidable


      At this point I'm probably the blood that Squirtle coughed up. :sealed:

    3. Widdershins


      First things I see here clicking over to this page: "Pls don' die."

       "It's kinda easy to die when you think about it."

      *Cue psychopathic grinning*   This.... I can relate to!

       So let's nitpick this, shall we?

       Mathematically that means... 7.857142 repeating, hours per day. Assuming they having been giving you a single day off. I don't THINK you're legally allowed to work past eight hours a day regularly? Y'know, if they don't want to kill their employees from overwork of course. I'm sure you have a right to complain about too many hours, regardless of job, yes?

      I have been having a hard time dealing with my own workload and you are quite very well handling it a lot better than I at your own level. You have enough brain cells to type this today! I applaud your considerable strength.

      You DID say SUPERVISING, yes? That means you're not the chap down in the hole holding the forty-foot drillbit in three feet of sludge? Ala Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs? Not to belittle your efforts, of course, but as I always say, be grateful it isn't worse.

       … Like having to drive my Mother around.

       If I may so ask, what doth thy job entail primarily? Surely strenuous physical exertion is not crucial? Most jobs that require that oft take precaution. I grew up in a farming community and I can tell you the horror stories simply working cotton picking machinery can do to a man.

      … As for routinely bashing open wounds.... You have no idea how hard I relate. Anybeing else just suddenly look down sometimes and find blood slowly seeping out despite no pain or trauma having occurred? Or just walking past a stool in the kitchen and oh noe, look, I no longer have a lower limb anymore. It has burst like an old cantaloupe.

      Yes, for context, I have played with a lot of rotten cantalopes.


       And finally...

      Somewater haaaas a Special Sooomepony!~  K.I.L.L.I.N.G!! Duality and.... Wait. Think I botched that.

    4. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Feel better please. If you don’t I will have to make you tea and throw it over to you. And I am awful at making tea!

  3. all brewed drinks are technically soups

    change my mind

  4. So, Sir Snowflake, I hath a task for thee, one I feel most befitting.

     I feel, somehow, that I have heard of a naturally occurring state of something completely reversing its state to be antithetical to what it once was. Be it your earlier case of ice bursting into flame without outside help (I feel there are other cases of that, perhaps a non-water chemical that freezes to look like ice but can burst straight into fire) or the tales I swear I have heard of a moss or mushroom that produces fire out in deep forest... I can't help but think of this concept on the edge of my reasoning. 

     That is a thing popular in quantum mechanics, yes? Photons, I think? Atoms fully reversing charge to equally opposite of what they once were?

     There's a... concept here on the tip of my brain I can't quite remember. You know what I mean? A case of non-manmade, Natural Duality. 

  5. hi sir i have a question

    the earth is inside the sky

    but if we are living earth

    and breath is living sky

    is the sky inside the earth too

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    2. Frostgage


      "We're all different, but we're also all the same" #bigthink

    3. Duality


      do you think humans ever get lonely because there are too many others like them

    4. Frostgage



      I've heard in some European countries they have a minister for loneliness. That's kinda cool

  6. 84522791_1288407891343520_1394082634082025472_o.thumb.jpg.f1b85e369e72037cd930f1e8f4372d6c.jpg

    1. Duality


      Shiny! What are they? 

    2. Canteen_the_unstable
    3. Canteen_the_unstable


      Sparkle boulder opal i think

  7. Did you know! The difference between sauce and jam (jelly for y'all illiterates) is not determined by their constituents (sweet or savoury) or their method of delivery (squeezed or spread), but in fact by their method of manufacture! Sauces are made by liquefying ingredients before combining them, whereas jams are made by mashing up solid and liquid ingredients into a sort of sumptuous slurry!

    As such, 'chocolate sauce' is indeed a sauce despite being sweet, tomato sauce (ketchup y'all) is a sauce even when stored in a jar and spread with a knife (people do this), and marmalade is in fact a sauce due to being made via liquefaction of ingredients! In fact, if you shake a can of baked beans until it all mushes together into tasty mulch, you have yourself a technical jam!




    Disclaimer: The above status update is unrepentant fabrication in its entirety. If you were fooled, duped, or otherwise bamboozled, your penance is to spread this story across the internet to enrage cuisine pedants.

    Also, if knowledge was power I'd be a street magician. :wau:


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    2. Widdershins


      JellO from being short for gelatin. Gelatin likely derived in part from Keratin or likewise.

       Because, you know, gelatin is made from horse hooves or bone marrow. 

       Makes you wonder how they make these things in a world pretty much ruled by aforesaid livestock.

    3. Altastrofae


      Cow hooves, Widders. Horses are not legal livestock in many countries. The same way you can't sell horse meat.

    4. Widdershins


      Eh, both are ungulates. Do I strike any of you as a scale of accuracy?

  8. *loyally attempts to dissuade you from playing games you hate*
  9. received_180922529637909.thumb.jpeg.9ac350b900a273baf9aeb50a981b1f7a.jpeg

    If you ever need help with pickup lines I've got your back 

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Best wingman ever! I am going to use that one.

      ”Hey baby, are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see.”

      And then duck before she hits you.

  10. on a scale of glabrescent to scabrous how would you rate your skin

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Beyond scabrous. I am a walking scab!


    2. Misscellanio


      Hmmm good question. I would probs. say semi-smooth. 6/10 at the moment. 

      It's the winter so don't really shave, but when I do I'd give myself an 8. 9 back when I use to get sugarings. 

      Won't be able to get the 10 cuz of lots of outdoor play but that's fine. Love my skin even when it's a 6 XD

    3. Frostgage


      I'll say right in the middle because I'm not sure which end of the spectrum I want to be at :wacko:

  11. As promised, here's a water world for you! It puts the Earth to shame, as this is not only a water planet, but a water planet with no solid surface. The water goes down to the core, technically speaking. Eventually the pressure becomes so intense the water ceases to be a liquid and doesn't become a gas or a solid, but a plasma instead. It also becomes extremely hot.1596079739_Waterplanetorbitingthetaorionis-waterisboiling.thumb.jpg.5cc6a22c60b27b3634b9c216bb0718a7.jpg

    This planet, though procedurally generated, was found in a tour of the Orion Nebula I made another buddy of mine on here.


    The Orion Nebula is a stellar nursery, meaning this planet, its home star, and many of the stars in the immediate area are all still babies or being formed.


    It even has a little moon orbiting it. It's quite hot too, but appears to be cooling down with time. It will probably cool down enough to be comfortable for life! If it existed for real.


    There is its sun, and those three other dots you see aren't other planets. They're other stars so close as to be visible in the day!

    So as promised: Water world for my water friend. I hope you enjoy! Keep looking up!

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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      If I find any others like this I will bring them over to you @Duality!

      Not necessarily. Given a world with enough water it would be possible for it to coalesce like this. However with a world where there is no sea floor, the combined pressure From the water above and the heat from the core can force matter into taking a different state. So if you sink far enough I think you would come across a water vapor middle, then you would fall into a thick plasma/liquid that eventually you would no longer be able to sink through.

    3. Widdershins


      But planets coelesce from space debris, yes? It would have to at least start out rocky and, at most, have the crust surface area be covered in water.

    4. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Well, there is a difference between a rocky core and a solid core. The best example is Jupiter. It’s a gas giant with a core of dense elements (hydrogen, helium, etc)  that’s under extreme pressure. Some consider it solid rock, but it’s not known for sure. Jupiter does not have a crust in the standard definition of the word.  (If Jupiter had attained just 80 times more mass, it would have become a star)

      A world like this can feasibly exist, though the water would probably not survive so long. 

  12. Amicable salutations to all, and welcome back to this episode of Household Hacks for the Household Hack!

    Household hack! If you put hinges on both sides of a door it opens twice as smoothly! It's also doubly resilient to would-be burglars trying to unscrew the hinges to break in!

    Household hack! If you slice thin layers of chalkboard and soak them in cooking oil overnight, they will take on the properties of paper! Add food colouring for customisable colours!

    Household hack! Sponges left by a sink are always moist, regardless of how hard you squeeze them out and independent of atmospheric humidity levels! Exploit this fact to create a handy household machine to extract unlimited water for renewable fusion energy!

    Household hack! Several clauses in the Geneva Convention allow concealed-carry guns for the purposes of playing Monopoly, overriding all conflicting laws in signatory jurisdictions!

    Household hack! Testifying 'This testimony is untrue' causes the automatic dismissal of any legal case against you! Proven effective against firearm prosecutions from my last game of Monopoly!

    Household hack! The White House information systems have a critical vulnerability that can be exploited with this programme! Use with caution to avoid the suspicion of federal agents!

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Household hack: if you have a leak in your roof, just remove the roof! This way everything gets equally wet!

    2. Widdershins


      Draconewuss Life Hax!: TaKE aXe To eVerYtHinG!!!

  13. If that's what she wants and she's sufficiently talented in those areas there doesn't seem to be much reason why she couldn't be doing something like that already. At any rate, magical study doesn't require many microscopes and there's not much application for algebraic geometry, so she should be fairly safe from such scenarios either way. In fact, if she's genuinely sufficiently smart, talented, and passionate, she could quite believably be already living a contented life chasing her martial-metal dreams while teaching some form of magic on the side as a stable salary job to keep her bank account on the right side of zero - unless her parents are somehow suppressing her even in adulthood, although in this case that would border on illegality.
  14. Friends like you light up my life.


    Enjoy your weekend!

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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Can I be a co ruler?


      Assistant to the ruler?





    3. Duality


      Actually, you can be the ruler. I've always wanted to be a royal advisor type and you look sufficiently tougher than me to scare off would-be usurpers. Plus, how often do you hear about a ruler usurping his most trusted advisor as opposed to the other way around? :orly:

    4. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Sounds like a plan! We will be unstoppable.

      i am thinking I should go by one of two ruler names. Either Supreme Emperor of the World, or Todd.

      My first order of ruling is going to be outlawing death, followed by outlawing the use of the word “Fro-yo” instead of frozen yogurt.

      Wait usurping? Uh oh...

  15. ew haw bood, thanks for the badge.

    1. Duality


      was it satisfactorily moist

    2. TigerGeekGuy


      ew haw, disgustingly so