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  1. Nerfing Dru below typical student level was not my intention. I said 'most player characters' could defeat her quite readily in her current state, and since most player characters are in fact teachers this is mutually accepted fact. I interpreted your 'untouchable in combat' comment to mean that you thought of her with death-magic nullification on her bracelets to be capable of going up against advanced students or teachers. Apologies for the misunderstanding.
  2. No, no, it was an extremely impressive display of power, don't take me wrong, but that particular event was the culmination of a direct point-blank face-to-face duel with Ghalan, and Ghalan survived. She wasn't 'untouchable in combat' even at that power level; something like three people were actively sinking shots into that bane before it dematerialised and only one of them suffered any serious injuries from it. Her magic, while ludicrously powerful, has been shown to have something of an issue with focussing on matters of direct priority (due to the ongoing lack of conscious control ability on her part), which is a limitation significant enough that her magic's instinctual ability to protect her from direct full-power murder-attacks would seem somewhat unreliable at a mere hundredth of her full power.
  3. Optimal tactic for internet arguments: apply Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement to the other person's debating abilities to determine whether the argument's outcome is likely to be positive!800px-Graham's_Hierarchy_of_Disagreement

    Anything below the Counterargument tier is unlikely to end productively. Good for use in the Debate Symposium especially.

    1. Widdershins


      I'm inclined to be suspicious of where my representative color lies on this chart...

       As if this was pointing something out about myself...


       You DING-DONG!!!

      ...because you make noises that are reminiscent of dinging AND donging.

    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      This is how most people argue nowadays. People used to have to travel  miles or use a phone to call you a bastard.


    3. Frostgage
  4. She's still at 1%, though, and from what I've seen of comparative power levels most player characters currently extant could defeat her quite decisively if they brought their powers fully to bear on her for any sustained length of time. After all, she is currently at less than one-hundredth of the power level that notoriously failed to give the school janitor much more than bruises and a broken arm.
  5. I can easily see 'opening the faucet' resulting in the fatality-nullification safeguard turning off due to hardware limitations, though, so if a true fight materialised and Duality upped the percentage of power Dru could access then the 'training wheels' would dematerialise. It's basically a realism-lipservice safety mechanism that I don't foresee ever being invoked IC unless the storyline takes a rather abruptly violent twist, hence why I mentioned it so flippantly in my post. My sincerest apologies for all the kerfuffle it caused.
  6. It's not an OOC issue, though, as mentioned earlier, it's the IC logistics of the school making sure braceletted students are protected to a reasonable extent despite the nullification of the vast majority of their magic. Regardless of whether Druantia will grow to higher proficiency in the near future, in the meantime she isn't used to having only 1% of her power, and the school therefore wants to make sure that she has reasonable protection if needed due to an incident and subsequent elapsing of the aforementioned five to ten seconds before Duality notices that she's in trouble and makes the decision to 'open the faucet'. Dru's not used to having her magic depleted to that level and so the school has no justification for expecting her to match potential attacking students spell for spell or immediately create a defence against some life-threatening magical incident if such a situation arises. All other students and teachers in the university can readily and IC-compatibly be relied on to raise some sort of solid deus ex defence if a beam of killdeath zaps in their direction, but Druantia not so much due to her current unfamiliarity with her power level.
  7. The issue is with immediate life-threatening situations. Not OOC-immediate, IC-immediate. Duality takes about five to ten seconds to query the system to figure out what's going on upon notification. Five to ten seconds is a rather long time when it comes to life-threatening situations, especially in places where life-threatening situations can spring up as quickly as they can in the University. The safeguard is for the IC purpose of avoiding instadeaths in that five to ten seconds before higher percentages of power can potentially be released. Also, typical SU students are closer to a 2.5% than a 1%, methinks; Dru had a hard time pulling out a chair earlier.
  8. I'm primarily unsure how IC-reasonable it would be to have things that nullified most of people's magic without giving them a chance at survival should another powerful individual have a go at them for the incident that got them their null-bracelets or something. The school walks a fine line between safety and freedom of students, and divesting someone of the vast majority of their magic without consent and without compensating them somehow for the resultant implicit drop in immediate personal security seems to go too far with regards both freedom and safety, especially given the stupendous backlash that would result if she actually did end up dying somehow.
  9. Clarification: this feature of the bracelets is not an extension of the 1% field to anyone who tries to mess with Dru. This is an instantaneously-acting safety feature that nullifies 100% of incoming hostile magic bursts of a magnitude that would otherwise seriously harm or kill Druantia - death rays and targeted bone-snapping kinetic pulses and the like. Duality cannot react instantly to all potential dangers to Dru, and as such it is not safe to leave her hanging with a scant 1% of her power should some spazzy magical incident occur and endanger her within a matter of seconds. The safeguard of #2 is something that can only be used if Duality has enough time to notice that something's badly wrong, and this safeguard is intended to keep Dru from ending up in the intensive ward (or morgue) in the meantime - plus the triggering of the feature alerts Duality directly and urgently. This was intended as more of a 'just in case she would otherwise die' feature, not something to nerf anyone who came at her with anything less than serious harm in mind. I can reword my post to reflect this more precisely, if this level of safeguard is okay with you.
  10. Duality

    Open Salem University

    @dragon4111 @Buck Testa Ping. Duality's attention flickered away from her paperwork as a medium-priority mental alert from her particle confinement system signalled that it had detected significant energy fluctuations in two of her pet electrons - one of the fluctuations large enough that the electron had been used in an automated high-energy collision experiment - the results of which she resolved to check later -, and the smaller of the two only about a hundredth of the magnitude but still sufficient to require additional power from the school grid for confinement. "That can't be a good sign," she mumbled as a nigh-instinctually deployed lookup protocol returned the IDs of the electrons in question only to confirm her hunch that they were the two assigned to Druantia's bracelets and tungsten necklace, respectively. Rapidly cross-referencing the approximate energy source data recorded by the confinement system with the micrometer-precision absorption data within the school power grid, the professor located a visual feed from Druantia's location in the corridor just as Ghalan tossed the obviously terrified child a seed and walked away. "That could have ended a lot worse," Duality mused as she checked back through the tense interchange leading up to Dru's power flare. "Hey, hold on a moment - did that relativistic trash-eliminator give her an energy-storage staff seed what is he thinking this directly undermines her suppression bracelets' purpose she's just starting to get used to her existing power levels who even knows what sort of terrifying tool she could turn a piece of magical botany like that into oh wait I took that into account when designing those bracelets they'll drain 100% of the stored power from any personal storage device if she tries to use it. Turns out younger me isn't an idiot after all. What an bizarre concept. Still, I do hope it doesn't overload the network if she charges it up to ludicrous levels and attempts to blast something with it. Might have to warn her not to try that on the grounds of not wasting her effort." She reflected for a moment. "Also, I should probably tell her that the bracelets serve the - heh - dual purpose of nullifying particularly hostile forms of magic in the circumstance that anyone tries to murder her while her power is depleted - even staff members like Ghalan. Protec and attac and I've got your bac sort of thing." The professor made a mental note to send Druantia a memo about the suppression bracelets before resigning her mind once again to the sultry grip of perpetual paperwork.
  11. jacobjoaquin: âIris Built with Processing â This looks like an insanely epic football match chart.

    This looks like the team matching chart for a multiversal football tournament. :P

    1. Frostgage


      Oh my goodness. That is exactly what it looks like o_o

  12. @Denim&Venom You coming along okay with that post? Timeskipping and having the conversation be flashbacks is quite fine by me, too, if you would prefer it.
  13. Night day night day

    medium (1).gif

    1. CypherHoof


      Just sayin'  - the storm king tried that it look how that worked out :)

  14. You can't say you died at your prime unless you died when you were 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97, 101, 103, 107, 109, or 113.


    You also can't say you died at your prime if you died in any of those years, since speaking is generally accepted to involve the vibration of air particles, and dying is generally accepted to divest one of the ability to vibrate air particles.

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    2. Widdershins


       Prime here refers to quality, rather than the literal title for a subject in mathematics. As in, A Prime Moment. Your joke hinges on essentially replacing one subject with another simply because they share a name. Your pedantry falls short, good sir.

       ...To whit, Technically, in my own experience mortals seem to refer to death as less of an actual concept or substantial thing & more of a mere cessation of certain aspects, but not a whole. For, after all, I have yet to hear a distinct summation of what the exact moment of Death is. When one says "died in your prime" it is intoned to be the cessation of merely a few discernible acts, not total cessation in said specimen. Therefore, more focus ought be placed on the former half of the phrase rather than the latter. 

       You certainly can, technically, say you have died at an earlier time because, metaphorically, you are not intoning what died.

       Hence mine own phrase: Die Constantly! Live intermittent. 

    3. Duality



      Actually, the 'prime' as used in mathematics also refers to quality, hence the word-substitution is not merely homonymous but one that carries over to the surface-level definition of the punned terms too. My pedantry may fall short, but yours didn't so much as get high enough to fall at all. :mlp_icwudt:

      Death would be far less of a mystery if people ever bothered to come back to let us know what was on the other side. Quite a breach of basic etiquette there, methinks.

    4. Frostgage


      So much knowledge in this status :darling: