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    Thanks, @HexDex. Happy late Turkey Day!
  2. Might as well post here. I sound like a frikin' 8 year old, but I swear I'm thirteen (which is still pretty young). I felt like singing a song by twenty one pilots, so... hurrah. I hope the video actually works. IMG_0275.MOV
  3. I was randomly drawing while listening to the song Flares by The Script, and I drew this. It's really sloppy, but meh. 

    This song is so frikin' powerful. 



  4. I'm only in middle school, so who hecking knows where we're all going to go once high school hits us in the face, but my friends and I generally refer to ourselves as the ‘crazy ones.’ We’re a mix of all the outcasts, so we really don’t care what people think of us. We just do whatever and hang out. No problems with trying to be ‘popular.’ We all think those people are too self centered and all that. It's pretty fun.
  5. I just learned "We Don't Believe What's on TV" on ukulele for no reason. Whoop.

  6. OOC

    @Capper, @Maple Bat, and I have all said "shut up" to our demons at least once.
  7. This is me every day. 



    1. Silver Note

      Silver Note

      If you can guess what every instrument is, you get... a feeling of win. 

  8. Private

    DĺA ROSETTA LINNERI Día Rosetta listened in on the two yellow pony’s conversation, curious as to what she would be doing in a few hours. She had decided she liked the bat girl, but she didn’t know about the captain. She seemed grumpy. Actually, both of them seemed boring. You’re just going to silently criticize them the whole time? I could do it out loud, if you wanted, Día Rosetta answered sarcastically. Now shut up, I need to hear this. As do I. Then I can get an idea of what to prepare you for. Towards the back? She does realize we have to have close range and maximum maneuverability. The sniper also won’t do any damage to those vehicles compared to the sticky bombs... Well, not my fault she’s not as intelligent as a frikin’ filly. Should I apologize for my age? If Linneri could have rolled her eyes, she would have. Great, now even you don’t like me. I didn’t say that. Día Rosetta decided she was done with the conversation. She shifted her weight until she was at the perfect angle. She could still see the two ponies, but it didn’t look like a creepy eavesdropping stalker. The captain -- Linneri had told Rosetta her name was Supersonic -- was hard to read. She was an introvert for sure. Usually that meant lower expectations, but this gal had the bar set pretty high. Dang. What are you doing? Observing. And what do you mean by that? You’ll see. Rosetta turned her attention back to the ponies. Supersonic was fairly professional. Día Rosetta wouldn’t bother giving her a nickname. Captain was best, most likely. Or Captain Supersonic. No, too much of a moulthful. Just Captian. ...Why do all these details matter, exactly? Rosetta ignored her. She couldn’t lose her train of thought. The bat pony seemed a bit awkward. She would know what she was doing once they got to battle, but conversation seemed to be a weak point. Exact opposite of Rosetta. She seemed pretty simple, to put it lightly. Normal military persona. She would be easy to interact with. The captain was still a point of concern. It would be best to interact and see what cards she was dealt. Getting up, Rosetta headed towards the captian. “Excuse me, Captian,” Día Rosetta said. Not too formal, not too casual. “I’m Día Rosetta, the Demolision Expert. May I speak with you?” Supersonic nodded. “I couldn’t help but listen to your conversation. Wouldn’t it be best if the I were towards the front of the group? Most of my weapons require close range.” She mentally patted herself on the back. No stumbling. That’s good. Now she would just have to wait and see how the rest went.
  9. The whole world is celebrating my friend's birthday. Why?

    Because his it's on Black Friday. :yay:

  10. Request Shop

    @KrazyDashie Alright, I finished! I couldn't get the hair color just right, but I did my best. Enjoy! @Capper Alright, you're OC is the next one I'll be working on. I'll show you the sketch when I finish, you can tell me if I need to make changes, and then I'll finalize.
  11. Request Shop

    No problem; I was at a Thanksgiving dinner. I'll start on the finishing touches and show it to you soon!
  12. Request Shop

    @Nightfall Gloam It will be a little while until I get to drawing your OC since you're the fourth person in line, but I'll try to be quick.
  13. Happy Turkey Day! 



  14. Request Shop

    @KrazyDashie Alright, I finished the sketch. Sorry for the bad quality. I'm at someone else's house for Thanksgiving. Let me know if I should change anything. If not, I'll start outlining and coloring!
  15. Request Shop

    @KrazyDashie Hey, could you tell me what Starlight's cutie mark is? Thanks!