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  1. Silver Note

    Gender Race

    1121 Haha... 21 ...Don't judge me.
  2. Silver Note

    Band For Hire OOC

    My schedule's been a bit heptic, so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with the roleplay. Sorry about that. Have fun roleplaying, everypony!
  3. Silver Note

    Spoiler OCs or Ponysonas?

    I actually have both a ponysona (Silver Note) and some OCs I've created, namely Día Rosetta, Lilac Snow, and Mint Berry. I like having a ponysona since it represents me and I can use her to insert myself into the pony world, but I prefer using my OCs to do one of my favorite things on these forums - to roleplay. Although I like my ponysona, I would rather use OCs that have flaws and talents that I won't personally be embarrassed about. It is much easier to roleplay as another pony than yourself.
  4. Welcome! I'd love to help you out! 1. How old were you when you first starting engaging with My Little Pony? I was pretty young, about 8, maybe, when I started watching MLP. 2. What aspects of the tv show do you connect to? Most TV shows nowadays have violence, not so great morals, etc. MLP doesn't have all that. It's able to draw people in just with its genuine goodness, morals, and characters. 3. Does your family know you are a MLP fan? If so, how do they respond to it? Yes. My mom responded fine to it. She was just happy I wasn’t watching inappropriate things for kids my age. As I grew older, however, the rest of my family started to criticize me for watching a kid’s show when I was moving onto middle school. Even my mom almost didn’t let me go to BronyCon because she thought the older male audience was there not for the show… My sister was the only one who really stayed supportive. She’s in college, and she even watches the show with me. 4. How do people outside of your family treat you for being a MLP fan? My friends don’t criticize me for it. I’m known as the immature one of the group, so they brush it off as me being me. Although most of my friends won’t watch it themselves, they’re fine if I watch the show. 5. Have you experienced harassment (online or in person)? A few people have reacted when I open my drawing folder to an array of ponies in school, but I haven’t gone through anything serious. 6. What do you feel makes the MLP culture different from mainstream groups and cultures? Personally, I feel like we’re the more accepting than a lot of other communities. We accept eachother for watching a show that was originally aimed at little girls, after all!
  5. Silver Note

    Guess a hobby of the user above you!

    Heck yes I do! Do you... like writing? I don't know.
  6. Silver Note

    Guess a hobby of the user above you!

    I'm guessing you play trumpet, since I can tell you like music and that was the instument you mentioned above. Logic! (Edit: entered that too late )
  7. Silver Note

    Looking for a hufflepuff friend!

    I'm a Griffinhuffleclaw. Does that count?
  8. Silver Note

    Snowdrop fan club

    Yes, Snowdrop is so sweet!
  9. Silver Note

    The Quest for Dominance: Snowball Game!

    *From under the snow* My floof will keep me warm...
  10. Silver Note

    The Quest for Dominance: Snowball Game!

    How dare you defy me! *tries to throw a snowball back at @Capper, but her terrible aim causes it to hit @Duality.*
  11. Silver Note

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    EXCUSE ME?! Swirly says it counts! Look at her list!
  12. Silver Note

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for not being part of the Swirly Avatar Army... Oh wait!
  13. Silver Note

    The Avatar Above You Is About To Destroy The World. Your Reaction?

    @Duality I would run away as fast as humanly possible.