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  1. oh wow this is terrfying to look back on how did yall put up with me as a kid

    thanks for the fun times, you made small me very happy <333

  2. It’s been a year


    1. Duality


      A year and yet the eternal 'welp' lives on. Glad to see you back. :-D

  3. Silver Note

    Gender Race

    1121 Haha... 21 ...Don't judge me.
  4. Guess what? 

    I got a drawing tablet for Christmas. 

    So that's a thing. 

    Here are some random pictures I drew because THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER THAN DRAWING WITH A MOUSE. 





  5. Hey, bronies and pegasisters. Happy Hearth’s Warming Eve. I’m not dead. 

    I shall now present you with a drawing because I feel like it. If you can guess what this is from, you get a fluffy Hearth’s Warming hug from Fluffle Puff. 



  6. Welp. 

    I'm home sick. 

    After fighting a cold for three weeks while singing three church songs, including the Hallelujah Chorus, participating in a school chorus concert where I sang 5 songs and an assorted collection of Christmas carols, and practicing for everything, my voice has left me. 

    I'm not even done yet, though! I still have a quintet to preform in where I carry the melody Tuesday and three songs to preform tomorrow. Two of them are just me and my ukulele. 

    This probably happened because I haven't been wearing a cumbersome, fat, darn coat. 

    Screw it. 

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    2. Hierok


      The yelling doesn't help either. It is the bragging that they are smarter and richer then you are. :3

    3. Duality


      My doctor doesn't do that, though.


      I may need a new GP.

    4. Hierok


      Well, then we have the reason you are feeling sick. :P The bragging is the reason you Will het better.

  7. Welcome to more trashy drawing by me!

    This one I made the lines way too thick... whoops. 


    I don't know if anyone watches Sander's Sides, a Youtube series by Thomas Sanders, but I created my own versions of my sides. 


    Cringy, as always. 

    I should do homework now. :nom:

    1. Duality


      still better than my drawings :ooh:

  8.  62AXCtw2TciSul4jIMd06i00rWIuP7xHJg4xPqXWRlsvHqBHcNqU6mrcP7VfueMZjOMdbSbE-yK7DTdzH82xFkowhO6MtjYFgaJIu_QVfeov76hjQxq6TCDq0sGlviG4jckVEhRK

    I've been attempting to draw digital art lately, so... why not? :D

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    2. Duality



      it's glorious

      you da best fanartist

    3. Silver Note

      Silver Note

      Just wait until I don't have to draw with a mouse...



      I don't know why music has anything to do with my mouse, but it does. 

      I said so. 

    4. Duality


      I believe you. :proud:

      And don't forget to remember me when you're famous.

  9. PqUqN2bJ0vazph7n6j7Qfy_SoTVqqa-pkVUIl_4ZqWuUGx0qmi0Qij9wP-LXA0vDV69gwo-3kZKi6_jvaS9ZRRUVed7VV-rrwbQt_e0HjpGE8_SAXcLqiEyVsgZcQavJoifpaPbT

    1. CypherHoof
    2. Silver Note

      Silver Note


      I don't have a drawing tablet, so I'm stuck with a mouse for now. :D

    3. CypherHoof


      Well, its not easy to conjure a tablet I guess.

      You COULD use a pencil and paper though, and either scan it in or photograph it with a phone and use the image. penmice can be used as a poor but usable alternative to a tablet (I mean, they are much, much cheaper) and so forth.

  10. Welp, I created my first digital drawing! It's trashy and things because I didn't know what I was doing and I had to use a mouse, but meh. 


    I'm cringing :nom:

    1. Silver Note

      Silver Note

      Just realized I forgot my signature, but does this really need it? :D

    2. Duality


      Mice are the worst for drawing digitally. :crackle:

    3. Snow Frostflame

      Snow Frostflame

      Trust me its better than my first digital drawing... ajbemused.png



      This is why I stick with photo altering rather than drawing.

  11. My schedule's been a bit heptic, so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with the roleplay. Sorry about that. Have fun roleplaying, everypony!
  12. I actually have both a ponysona (Silver Note) and some OCs I've created, namely Día Rosetta, Lilac Snow, and Mint Berry. I like having a ponysona since it represents me and I can use her to insert myself into the pony world, but I prefer using my OCs to do one of my favorite things on these forums - to roleplay. Although I like my ponysona, I would rather use OCs that have flaws and talents that I won't personally be embarrassed about. It is much easier to roleplay as another pony than yourself.
  13. Happy birthday! :fluttershy:


  14. Happy birthday! :icwudt:


  15. Happy birthday! :lol:


    1. WindShear


      Thank you!  ^_^

  16. Welcome! I'd love to help you out! 1. How old were you when you first starting engaging with My Little Pony? I was pretty young, about 8, maybe, when I started watching MLP. 2. What aspects of the tv show do you connect to? Most TV shows nowadays have violence, not so great morals, etc. MLP doesn't have all that. It's able to draw people in just with its genuine goodness, morals, and characters. 3. Does your family know you are a MLP fan? If so, how do they respond to it? Yes. My mom responded fine to it. She was just happy I wasn’t watching inappr
  17. Heck yes I do! Do you... like writing? I don't know.
  18. I'm guessing you play trumpet, since I can tell you like music and that was the instument you mentioned above. Logic! (Edit: entered that too late )
  19. I'm a Griffinhuffleclaw. Does that count?
  20. Silver Note

    Snowdrop fan club

    Yes, Snowdrop is so sweet!
  21. *From under the snow* My floof will keep me warm...
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