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  1. 59! Just kidding, 0! No new record for you! Come on, everyone, you were only about 4.69% of the way to your previous record! Sorry, no time for responses yet; unexpected stuff happened this weekend and I was unexpectedly busy. I'll be more talkative next weekend! Maybe even during the week if I have time.
  2. FortyTwo42

    Best Pony Tug of War

    I have been summoned! Rainbow pony all the way! 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. FOUR DIGIT NUMBERS?! I've finally made my way back! That last trap you laid for me was absolutely brutal! I'm guessing it was one of Cinnamon's, considering all the horror it contained. Do you know how hard it is to get back when you're sent to an alternate dimension within an alternate dimension? As you can tell, it was an incredibly effective trap. Still, you've got some work ahead of you if you want to devise a trap devastating enough to take me down long enough for the legendary duoquadraguple dethrone! (Fun fact: When I googled 'duoquadraguple' to see if I remem
  4. Again, time is sparse so I'm making my weekly rounds to briefly to bring you back to 0! I may perhaps be around a bit more often next week, though. However, I will respond to the one thing that caught my eye as I loaded this thread: That binary is ASCII code for 'a tree'. However, the last binary byte actually denotes line feed (pretty much the same thing as pressing Enter on a keyboard), so perhaps the quote would be more accurate like this: 'a tree ' There will surely be points for this! But they will be awarded when I have more time to go through things thoroughly.
  5. Just popping in to give you guys your weekly reset and reminder that I exist, I'm just really busy. What did you all do to this site while I was away? Is this a tactic to distract me? Also, I am highly skeptical of your claims that you have reached numbers as high as 4040404040404040404040 and the like.
  6. Turns out I was much busier this weekend than I anticipated. Well, not that much busier than usual, but my usual 'busy-ness' is still really high at the moment; that's why I disappeared for a few months, after all. Anyway, because of that, I haven't actually had the time to go back and reply to old posts like I promised. Sorry... But I at least have time to come on here and quickly stop your count. Not sorry!
  7. _o: I'll be good... Oh no, you don't understand. Cinnamon is absolutely terrifying and has most definitely earned the position of main villain! You and your chaos. I wonder how well you'd get along with Discord? I'm fine with chaos myself, just as long as you're not violating any mathematical principles. I tried to look into 41 and you're right, their actions are a bit suspicious. But that's all I could find out; I couldn't exactly investigate too much without arousing suspicion from them. Hope this doesn't get too serious. By the way, I don't think I ever asked what num
  8. Aww, you 93% missed me? I'm so honoured! I'm only about 13% crazy so far, so I still have a long way to go! Of course Dovashy was gonna come ruin your day. He has a knack for appearing when he's most needed! Now, yes, that comment is a bit problematic... But good allies are just so hard to come by these days, so I'd rather not try to go into it. After all, it would only benefit you, not us; you're just trying to cause some dissension in the ranks, aren't you?! Dovashy has proven his loyalty to me countless times, so I'm just going to interpret his questionable derision of maths as hum
  9. BOO! Well, it wasn't really a delayed train that stopped me coming on. I don't really have much of an excuse. My personal life just got extremely busy over the last few months, and I've been feeling rather worn out and lethargic lately. And it doesn't seem like things will slow down for me for at least a few months longer. I was originally thinking I'd hold off until then when I'm more free, but eventually decided against it. After all, I disappeared without a word, so I should at least come back now and then to assure you I'm still around. It doesn't take that much time out of my b
  10. OVER 300?! THAT'S... actually somewhat expected since I was gone for so long. But I've never been beaten so badly in a long time! So, uh, I suppose I can admit you've all done a good job. I've been plagued by lots of work hours and bad internet connectivity lately. And I remain dedicated to my promise to always include responses in my posts now, so one line posts are a thing of the past! So, I may have been lingering around without posting for a bit trying to get things to work in my limited spare time. All of these things worked together nicely, didn't they? And Trottermare, all those age
  11. I've fallen into a terrible habit of promising responses then getting too busy, haven't I? Just last week I promised I would give responses tomorrow. Then Christmas happened and things got busy again. Replying to those now extremely old posts had been postponed again! WELL NO MORE! To break out of this cycle, I now vow to always include at least one response in all of my count resets from now on! At least until I finally catch up. Now, this will probably mean I'll reply to fewer posts than I used to do in my response posts. But since my last response post was over two month ago, I thin
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ljz6AGunHWc Responses will be tomorrow hopefully. But I can still stop you anytime!
  13. I'm back! Feel free to start going all out again! I welcome the challenge! I should actually be able to get started again on replying to everyone again soon!
  14. I SHIP IT. 42 is back to reset your count! Then he'll probably disappear for a week again. But after that, good luck getting another dethrone, because 42 will finally be FREE from uni. For a little while, at least.
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