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  1. Mega Thread

    It makes me smile how much my mane shimmers.
  2. Truly, you're forgetting who will really be in charge soon, according to the prophecy.
  3. It's not how you spell Mint Petal either...
  4. None of them are best. Mint Petal is best pony because reasons.
  5. Yes! I am gaining followers! The almighty MINT PETAL shall overthrow our chaotic dictator, as the prophecy dictates! Prepare yourself, Chaotic Discord, for I shall be the the storm to knock down your tree!
  6. Mega Thread

    I'm excited for the rumors involving Twilight achieving literal godhood. If not, there's always my headcanon.
  7. This shift in leadership seems to have coincided with my return. That means that, judging by the trajectory of the sun and the moon, the night ending with the Blood Moon along with the awakening of the Eye of Cthulhu, assuming that there wasn't a total solar eclipse in the last month, that I am the harbinger of such an event! Who knows what else I could bestow? I am the bringer, the herald, and the chosen one! Bow to me!
  8. Mega Thread

    I'm not crazy! I don't need no happy pills!
  9. ^ This. I also don't like Final Fantasy (or JRPGs in general), anime, Pokemon, or many other Japanese things. I just don't see the hype. EDIT: Or Doctor Who. Guh. Dislike, dislike, dislike!
  10. Mega Thread

    Disintegrated BANNED because I'm back, baby!
  11. Mega Thread

    8/10 Nice animation, pretty cute.
  12. Movies/TV

    Nostalgic cry? Nostalgic cry.
  13. Mega Thread

    I find this ball unamusing.
  14. Wow, been gone a long time, and then BAM! Tons of people I don't know!