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  1. Happy birthday to the original Lyra fan. You probably won't see this message, but oh well. xD

  2. Happy birthday, Lyra!

    1. Away


      Dude... he hasn't been online in about a year xD

    2. hariyaMakusu2
  3. Happy birthday, o member #6! I remember the days when you watched that MLP thread on 3DS Forums like a hawk, waiting for registration on MLP Forums to begin. ^_^

  4. Happy birthday! Stay minty.

  5. Your Cute Pony Pics thread is still going strong. I don't think it'll ever die. You should post in there again too! xD

  6. You could've added the foundation of Ponyville by the Apple family in there, 60 some years before NMM and the main 6. Ponyville, being the place where Princess Twilight gained her knowledge of Friendship, was home to some of the most amazing advventures in Equestria and is important to know the history of.
  7. This may explain the bananas... But I honestly don't know about the juice boxes... Same with Trixie and pine cones. I feel like they were already explained, but I missed it....
  8. Anyone else find this extremely funny? Just a sofa clerk and his quills.
  9. Season one was where we got our humble beginning as a fandom. It was different from everything else, and had no parallels to it at the time. Season two had the perfect balance of world-building that the fans were looking for, fun, new designs, characters and ideas for anyone who likes cartoons to enjoy, more pinkie for kids and much more character building and stuff which everyone can benefit from. Season three was a bit more manufactured for the brony fandom, not the "all aged audiences" it was originally intended for. It had great writing and songs like the first two seasons, but it la
  10. LyraHeartstrings

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Not only can you have it, you can keep all the greasy, puss secreting flesh it comes with! Do these wings make my horn look fat?
  11. Although the CMC song was epic as shizznit, BP fit the mood of the episode 100% and more. Rarity is just so caught up in herself, and that's what I love about her! She should be known by everypony!
  12. Friendship gives you wings!! Well, actually, friendship helps temporarily restore wakefulness when experiencing fatigue or drowsiness

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