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  1. LyraHeartstrings

    MLP: FiM Timeline

    You could've added the foundation of Ponyville by the Apple family in there, 60 some years before NMM and the main 6. Ponyville, being the place where Princess Twilight gained her knowledge of Friendship, was home to some of the most amazing advventures in Equestria and is important to know the history of.
  2. LyraHeartstrings

    What is it with Celestia and Bananas?

    This may explain the bananas... But I honestly don't know about the juice boxes... Same with Trixie and pine cones. I feel like they were already explained, but I missed it....
  3. LyraHeartstrings

    S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

    Anyone else find this extremely funny? Just a sofa clerk and his quills.
  4. LyraHeartstrings

    Which season is your favorite?

    Season one was where we got our humble beginning as a fandom. It was different from everything else, and had no parallels to it at the time. Season two had the perfect balance of world-building that the fans were looking for, fun, new designs, characters and ideas for anyone who likes cartoons to enjoy, more pinkie for kids and much more character building and stuff which everyone can benefit from. Season three was a bit more manufactured for the brony fandom, not the "all aged audiences" it was originally intended for. It had great writing and songs like the first two seasons, but it lacked the immense passion that filled our hearts. The creators figured out a formula for pleasing us and they stuck to it, the formula being that if they do what they already know we like, we won't criticize as much. overall S1 9/10, S2 10/10, S3 8.5/10
  5. LyraHeartstrings

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Not only can you have it, you can keep all the greasy, puss secreting flesh it comes with! Do these wings make my horn look fat?
  6. LyraHeartstrings

    The Your Favorite MLP Song Topic

    Although the CMC song was epic as shizznit, BP fit the mood of the episode 100% and more. Rarity is just so caught up in herself, and that's what I love about her! She should be known by everypony!
  7. LyraHeartstrings

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    Haven't been on this site for a while, so I have no idea who anypony is. (pretty much pointless for me to play.) you seem cool though, 10/10? correct me if I'm wrong
  8. LyraHeartstrings

    Describe Discord's voice

    It sounds a bit nasally, but also a bit ruff, with a soft, cool, breathy breathy attitude to it. There are dramatic qualities to it too, like the emphasis on key root sounds, and the wavy movement of his phrases. Or just trolly.
  9. LyraHeartstrings

    Miss America?

    Little kids to Hasbro: "OMGMISSAMERICAAA! I TOTALLY WANT TO BE HER SHE'S LIKE A PRINCESS SHE IS SO REGAL ITS SO AMAZING THAT SHES WITH PONIES!!!" Kids: "I have no clue who that is, I just want pinkie pie to be silly. And fluttershy to be nice"
  10. LyraHeartstrings

    Is it me or does Princess Luna hate Twilight?

    I get the feeling that Luna is more worried about Twilight's well-being, much like how Twilight so quickly jumped in to save Luna during nightmare night. Maybe Luna feel like she has to keep her and Celestia from pushing anything too far. She wants Twilight to feel comfortable and not unprepared to aid in the ruling of Equestria.
  11. LyraHeartstrings

    Season Four Premiere Predictions *SPOILER*

    It might be a direct follow-up of the last episode. Twilight is checking in to her new room in Canterlot with the rest of her friends. They probably don't stay there long, just so that twilight learns about being a princess and her duties as such. It may be a while, or just a few episodes before they get back to ponyville, but that's because they need to focus on the importance of twi being this important, highly-regarded role model and the responsibility she must accept (a la shreck 3) even though she never agreed. They could just have some random new villain come into play and have her new powers blast him/her to meaty chunks, but that's just another idea.
  12. LyraHeartstrings

    Was Twilight Sparkle becoming an alicorn a good thing?

    I figure they'll be able to come up with enough interesting ways to play off of twi's new found limbs for a while before it gets too gimmicky. Some people were reluctant when Celestia said the other ponies could write her letters, and I think that turned out alright. We just have to give them a chance, as always, and see what their (professional television writer) minds can come up with.
  13. LyraHeartstrings

    S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

    l thought it was perfect *gets shot* honestly though, with the context of the episode and the different style they tried out (it being a musical and such,) I thought worked fairly well. It was rushed, but when aren't the finales and stuff not?
  14. LyraHeartstrings

    Mega Thread MLP:FiM Gameloft App, Friends, and Info

    Welp, I'm finally on! I accept all requests! ID:MoopFiM (For some reason, someone already tookLyra and Moop... I dont see why but whatever...)