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  1. Have a great birthday, man!

  2. Happy Marine Corps Birthday and Semper Fi, brother.

  3. That is awesome, I've always wondered what that scream was called, if it even had a name.
  4. You're welcome! And you have good taste haha, it's my favorite pony shirt by far.
  5. It's not so much hate as it is just a visual irk that gets me. I mean, you have the mane 6 and all the background ponies with their well proportioned, color complimenting, good looks... and then these two show up. I didn't even realize they were still colts until the new episode when they were shown on the field trip with other fillies and colts, I thought they were just disproportioned adults . But like I said earlier, that's their appeal as comedic relief and if their job is to convey a sense of being out of place and awkward, the animators are doing a great job and I can't complain. ...But it still irks me
  6. Saw your title and just had to post. And now your welcome thread just got 20% cooler!! JK heheh, welcome and sorry to hear about your name though, I know how you feel. All variations of Rainbow Dash were taken for me.
  7. Oh man that is one of my favorites Not a lot of people catch that.
  8. I just realized Fluttershy's inhale before her famous YAY, is the reversed GASP of Pinkie (or Pinkie's gasp is the reverse of Fluttershy's yay ) Watch at the end of the video (it's a good video anyway, but you can skip to 1:55 to see what I'm talking about)
  11. Why did you put the the imprisoned spirit of disharmony, the former ruler of Equestria, right in the middle of your garden just so all it took was three little fillies to break him out?
  12. This is a inspiring post from Penciller on the /r/mylittlepony subreddit on, but I thought it would be great to share it with this forum and anyone who hasn't read it yet. I just read it yesterday and thought it was very descriptive about how a lot of us feel. Original Link: In honor of this great writing, and coming out of the stable, I present to you a picture of me hanging out with Pinkie at Comic Con this year for the world to see! (I'm really not that chinky-eyed, I think I was blinking ) Love and tolerance everypony! *Brohoof*