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  1. Well, It's nice to see MLPForum again... Go Fly and Soar in the sky. Let's go Soarin!

  2. Hiya, Soarin! How is it going in the Wonderbolts? ♫

  3. I am back and workin' on my unactive issues on forums. :-; I hardly go on it since school, and videogames...

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    2. Apple      Bloom

      Apple Bloom

      :o I forgot you were on here. Welcome back.
    3. Soarin'


      Wow. More Members on MLPForums.com. I'm feeling proud of our bronies here! :D

    4. Lady Rarity Pony

      Lady Rarity Pony

      eeyup, including me :D

  4. Soarin'

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    7/1o because it is really tiny Pinkie GIF you got there...
  5. Soarin'


    After ate my pie, and see this... I feel like I am throwing up. v.v
  6. Soarin'

    Social Groups

    Yeah. Everything are not always free in world or the internet.(I hope it is not $50 monthly fee for social group) I would prefer to go with what Twilight Sparkle said about Gallery or CDN.
  7. Sorry if I wasn't actively but I love this forum. Anybody missed me?

  8. Soarin'

    Gaming Dungeons and Dragons

    What is D&D? I am sorry if I didn't know that at all. I really did, and only thing that comes up in my head is Dance Revolution Dimension
  9. So... you originally created all of those? Not Photoshopped or copy from photobucket or something? That's amazing Grendo. I'll give a Thumb up. By the way... are you even planning to create more similes?
  10. Soarin'

    Flaedr's Sigs

    I agree, I never intend to make them merged together then it will be turned out to be in mess-up situation. Now, I know that there is merge options. I actually like Revion and Flaedr Signature for real. I can do the separate request. Thanks Feld0 Flaedr: A Request from me for Soarin Signature if you can do that? (I can switch the signature anytime I like to)
  11. Kinvara, I think my draw style looks similar to yours but I may can be sloppier than you are. I am curious about how long does it take you to draw one picture. (not coloring time included) It takes me roughly 7 minute to be equal like your drawing picture.
  12. Soarin'

    Flaedr's Sigs

    IS it possible to merge? (I think it can but it will mess up in the signature request lol)
  13. Japanese, Chinese, and American Sign Language (ASL)
  14. Trust me. This look damn neat car! (Kaasha: lol that is something we have in the common)
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