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  1. Don't worry about that! It actually took me forever to find what kind of career I wanted to have and now I finally know at 22! It can be hard to decide with so many career choices out there!
  2. I own a few funko pops, so yeah. Do you own a trampoline?
  3. Not exactly sure how tall I am but I'd say that I'm right in the middle,I do have a few extra pounds that I'm trying to get rid of, I have very light skin, dirty blonde shoulder length hair and brown eyes.
  4. I think that some kind of open world game would be nice, like where you create your own pony and you can run around in an open world doing quests with the show characters and stuff like that. You would be able to make friends with other players too.
  5. A mix between iTunes, YouTube and an app on my phone that lets me listen to radio stations here in Denmark.
  6. Anything to do with animals, especially horses! Currently I don't have a job.