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  1. Goodra

    Gaming Pikmin 3

    Just beat it, it took 41 in-game days but I did it with all the suit upgrades and plenty of Pikmin and fruit juices to spare. Anyone else beat it? If so, post how many days it took.
  2. The 4 new "Streetpass MiiPlaza" games, specifically, Warrior's way. Thanks for the tips tho. I think I'll try to bring it on my jogs.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I'm a really healthy guy (I go for jogs and work out almost everyday), but I find t inconvenient to take my 3DS with me on walks. This is because it takes up too much space in my pocket, I don't want to loose it, and I don't want it to get stolen. Thankfully, Ive thought of a method of getting "play coins" without having to go on walks: What I need is a device with a small table (big enough to put my 3DS on) that ascends and descends over and over again at any speed. Does anyone know where I could find such a device? Or if anyone else has any other ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. Ive been looking all over but can't find one, does anypony know where I could purchase one? If so, please give me a link to it. Eeyup!
  5. ATTENTION HUNTERS!!! Thanks to the update, you can now not only play with people in Europe, but you can also play Monter Hunter on your WiiU Gamepad, do you know what this means???? It means I can finally play with my European friends while taking a shit at the same time!
  6. Goodra

    Are you ok with Rule 63 Ponies?

    Eeyup, without them, the My Little Pony cosplay choices for men would be very limited. Also, it would be awesome to have a canon rule 63 episode of MLP (besides the one where Twi "transformed" AJ into a stallion)!
  7. After creating Pinkie and Dash, Build-A-Bear plans on making more ponies and they want YOU to vote for which ones get made! Here's where you can vote: I voted for Luna, Trixie, and Fluttershy. Id'e love to have a decent Luna plush and I know we are getting plenty of Mane six plushes in the future anyways which is why only Flutters of the mane six got my vote.
  8. I'm pretty artsy, thanks for the tutorial but I dunno if I have that long to make the armor because the con is three months away.
  9. I'm trying to do something similar to Terra from Kingdom Hearts, something that mixes the elements of the past with the elements of the future, specifically, I want to create the armor he's wearing on his left arm but with Luna's colors and style. How can I do this? I also want my cosplay to show off my physique like that muscle shirt Terra wears does. Oh, and I'm willing to put about $100 into it. I want to wear color contacts but I just can't put them in for some reason. Plus I wear glasses but, I'm getting laser eye surgery sometime in the summer and hoping it's before the convention.
  10. I'm planning on going as rule 63 Luna to my next anime convention but need help on how I should make the cosplay. Anypony have any ideas?
  11. Oh yeah, I forgot about the whole rule 63 cosplay thing, hmm, rule 63 Luna (Deimos) would be awesome! Now, what would I need for this cosplay?
  12. That's a good Idea, do you know what I could use to make his royal guard armor? Also, ive only seen a couple of episodes of Doctor Who so going into his character might be a bit difficult.