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  1. I'd have to say Matt & Patt (Two Best Friends Play), Team Four Star, Egoraptor, UberhaxorNova, Secret Agent Bob and... That's all I can think of. Other than them, I honestly don't watch that many videos. I use Youtube mostly for music
  2. I watched Elfen Lied a little while ago and I have to say, it's easily one of my favorites. It's more on the dark and gory side and usually I don't stick with those, but there's just something about it that I can't get enough of. Another one of my fav's is Shakugan No Shana. That one was really amusing and the way the story twisted throughout the series was pretty amazing in my opinion.
  3. I'm definitely not an extrovert, but I'm not always completely introverted. For example, I do like to socialize, but not with people I'm uncomfortable with (which is usually most people), but every now and then, I just happen to be in a mood where I can step into a crowd and be everybody's new best friend. Also, I wouldn't call myself an "adrenaline junkie", but I do enjoy the occasional roller coaster and sky diving trip.
  4. I try to stay well rounded when it comes to anything music related, including DJ-ing. I'm not exactly sure what genre my music would be classified as but it's mostly trancy or electronic kind of stuff, sometimes with heavy drops. I try not to stick to one thing. I may not be the best at one thing, but I try to be at least okay at everything As for the name, I recently decided to go with the stage alias of "Mnemonics" and I have played two set under that alias and it seems to fit just fine.
  5. I haven't been very active OR supportive of the forums lately. In fact, I still have yet to donate, so having someone else help out is the least I can do
  6. I used to do almost nothing every weekend. I would come home and work on music stuff, nothing specific but always music related, and after I finished I would usually hang out with one of the few people I would always hang out with, but lately that's changed... A lot. For the past few weeks, I've been doing things I would never usually do during weekends. Most of my friends have a much bigger workload due to their tougher classes so they're busy almost all weekend. I've never really been the most social person but since my friends have been constantly working I've had more time for music. More time for music leads to more productivity. More productivity leads to much more material to play live shows with. More lives shows leads to meeting new people. Meeting new people leads to having more things to do. So in other words, I've been doing a lot more live shows and hitting up a lot more parties... Every weekend. It feels so... strange and unnatural. TL;DR Temporarily spent less time with friends. Met more friends. Suddenly get no sleep between rages, but I can't complain
  7. I live in Ontario, Canada In the dirtiest, most sad excuse for a town in the province. I hate it here and can't wait till next year when I move
  8. I tend to stick to metal and rock and the like but if something piques my interest, I'll listen to it no matter what the genre. I try to stay away from most rap and the more recent pop seeing as lot's of it is really repetitive and annoying but I can't possibly say I hate all of it. It's nice to switch it up every once in awhile so having a broad musical taste is always convenient.
  9. these are my two fav's for relaxing.
  10. I love The Protomen. I just wish they would re-record their first album with the same quality as Act II. The quality of their second album is a Huge upgrade from their first one and I would love to hear their original songs with cleaned up sound quality. I mainly just want to hear "the will of one" with polished vocals though.
  11. I try to judge people as little as possible but I do tend to judge people that are from my hometown more than anybody else and usually it's an evenly distributed prejudice based on their appearance. If I see someone around my town, chances are I'll downright hate them before they even talk to me. I'll more than likely be nice to them up close, but I'll resent them from afar every chance I get until I get to know them. If I get to know them and I still don't really like them, instead of being the jerk that I know I can be, I just accept the fact that we probably won't get along very well and I don't only avoid them, but I barely even acknowledge their existence. When I travel I seem to be fine though, so I guess it's more of a grudge against my city than anything. In different places I tend to be a lot more lenient and laid back when meeting people for the first time.
  12. When I get bored at home I either take a hike and wrestle the first bear I see into submission or I do extreme motocross tricks on my homemade motocross park. When I get bored on my private jet I either play X-box with my good buddies Matt Damon and Nelson Mandela, or I go base Jumping into my second private jet and get up to some other shenanigans on that one. Then I wake up and realize that I actually just got bored and fell asleep as usual.
  13. Throw in Home Alone and you've got my entire childhood movie repertoire!
  14. For one, I almost successfully refrained from posting in this thread. But in all seriousness, I am quite proud of being the only student in my high school that has taken and passed every single music course available including the extra after school classes. I have also upheld some of the highest marks in each of those classes. That there is what got me scouted into university, another thing I am quite pleased with!