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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. its impossible to find anyone to rp with anymore. So far ive experienced people not wanting to rp with you because you havent been in their clique long enough, or because you dont write a Novella as a respone.

  4. Who will be our pretty little enemy, when im gone your world will prove empty i promise you will always remember me

    we’re one in the same~ DERANGED!

  5. Ive been on these forums for a long time. Ive seen a fair share of drama and toxicity, and its not the different from some other forums. that said, this forum is different in that the staff arent on a power trip. Ive yet to see a staff member say “if you dont like the way i run the forums, you can go to another site”. They dont ask for youre real name either like another forum ive been to.
  6. As long as they arent raw, ill eat them. Although i have been known to eat soft boiled eggs from time to time.
  7. Depending on the game, microtransactions arent that big of an issue. I play Warframe on the PC which has micro-transactions. I have bought a few premium packs of currency which only saved me time, and gave me more aesthetic choices. I didnt have to do this, nor was i pressured to do so. It didnt change anything about the game other than i had pretty stuff to look at. Loot boxes are different, as they actively promote gambling. Ive seen friends drop upwards of 200 dollars on loot box bundles that had worse odds than a state lottery.
  8. I thought I replied to this but... Discord: Danger Dragon Wer Fal#6245
  9. Thats actually my story as well. Met someone on here(oddly enough) who pretended to care about me but then stepped out on me, used me for my connections to horse famous people, and would never listen to my issues yet always dumped their issues on me.
  10. Dream job would be becoming a well known twitch streamer to support myself. or Be a mechanic and do well enough for myself so i could fix up those who really need it a working car. Maybe rebuild classics and auction/give them to veterans.
  11. An apple a day keeps the zombie horses at bay.
  12. I wanna get back into roleplaying on here but idk if i can or where to even begin. Anypony wanna help me out? Id be uber grateful!

  13. I might be the only one who thinks this way but they killed it...as in they took a great classic and destroyed it to tartarus and back. The CGI cats is an insult to Broadway. They could have used practical effects/costumes. It would have costed more but when youre rebooting a classic you have to go all out to do it justice. the casting is horrid. Taylor Swift? Jason Derulo? James Corden? REBEL BUCKING WILSON?! At least Key and Peele isnt in this. Then itd really be an abomination to the arts. none are solid actors or singers. Yes, that IncludesTaylor Swift; she has no range which is why shes a pop star and not a country star like she kinda started out as. Not fully sure about that. Also, the only stars out of that list that have any dancing back ground or training is James Corden and Jason DeRulo. It has me wondering if the dance numbers are gonna be cgi...especially Rebel Wilsons parts. If so, id rather watch a GOOD cgi musical like Fantasia 2000
  14. LDR never work out no matter how hard one tries.
  15. Tis I! The true winner of this forum game. Why, you may ask? No questions please.