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  1. i tried so hard to watch Pony Life...only saw 2 minutes before i had to turn away. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rainbow    Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      the very first episode. Pinkie Pies personality was a stretch for me. I mean, she was the cooky one yeah but this iteration shoved it down your throat that Pinkie Pie was goofy. THEN FLUTTERSHY APPEARED. 

    3. Kyoshi


      Absolutely understandable. The first episode suuuuucks. It is like intravenous crack. o_o I am unsure if you like the others, but I love episode two personally. Haven't watched any others because I keep forgetting to. :ButtercupLaugh:

    4. Rainbow    Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      i havent watched any other episodes but i might give it another watch if the mood strikes me. I should also remind myself that this is not FiM nor is it based off it....i think. 

  2. Hey, send me pizza pls

    1. Haven Celestii

      Haven Celestii

      Send me pizza first. :)

    2. Rainbow    Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      Nah, you send me one first then ill send you one at a later date.

  3. Eating hot Borsch and loving it. Shout out to my slavs lol

    1. Kyoshi


      I've always loved the word "Borsch". X3

  4. im bored, who wants to play Jackbox Party pack?

  5. I have dark thoughts a lot now a days. The way i deal with them is to let them happen. No sense in suppressing the thoughts lest they come back even stronger. Usually it comes from someplace so if i can associate my dark thoughts with something like "im depressed today" or "i just havent eaten yet" then i can focus on curing those-like doing something that makes me happy or eating-.
  6. I remember back in 2013 finding out about a few people doing Mukbang videos and random scratching noises as white noise. Suddenly it blew up into a whole community. I used to be deep in with the community once i got the equipment. ASMR is good for me when i need to focus or sleep. Its not good for anyone who wants to start a twitch channel though. My content got stolen which left me sour so i left the community.
  7. my irl name is very dull and bland. Whenever I say it i feel drained. Theres only one 'O' and one "E" in it. Although Ive been told "V"s are the 'dark and mysterious letter of the alphabet'
  8. I think they should have stuck with original creatures. I know, horses alicorns and dragons arent original either but they were the focus of all the other MLP iterations. Its like if anime started doing live action shows and still calling itself anime. At the point they introduced new creatures that poked holes in the lore they should have renamed the show to My Little Creatures: Friendship is Something.
  9. I have gone as far as to go into recruiters offices, take the tests, and schedule appointments with M.E.PS. I backed out at the end for a number of reasons. A fair warning to the stuff imma preach here: Much like the armed forces mantra "Experiences may vary" take this list as "my experience but yours might be different": 1. They lied to me while they swore on the bible. I asked the to swear to me that the Army wasnt about hitting or hazing. Recruiter told me things changed but in actuality its worse. Having friends in the military they have told me first hand stories, backed up by witnesses. Drill Instructors are allowed to punch, slap, kick, and yell racial slurs at you nonstop all in order to break you. You can tell on them but youd get kicked out and unable to get a real world job if that happened. 2. The amount of sexism in the armed forces is higher than any job. First day in the recruitment office my recruiter(who was a combat medic for 8 years) saw a woman with a kid pass by. Lets just say the comments he made about her were not flattering at all. 3.I was asked if i was autistic because i had rainbow socks on. 4. When i was presented with jobs i asked for a few days to think on it. The next day my recruiter came to my door asking if i made up my mind. I said no. The day after that, on the way to grocery shopping, my recruiter was in a car behind me. He started honking and throwing garbage at my car. When he pulled next to me it was the same question: "Did you decide yet?" So after that day i went back to the office and asked why they were harassing me. I just so happened to show up when a superior was there who told me to wait outside. They got chewed out when the superior heard i was being harassed to join. After the yelling went down my recruiter came outside and told me he denied my application because he was afraid to give me a gun. Claiming i looked like a school shooter. Now again, this is MY experience and wether you believe me is up to you. Suffice to say that the interaction i had has me telling people NOT to join the military.
  10. Ive been told im bad with money. That opinion was blunt and hurt my feelings because people who give their opinions on you never know the full story of things and usually dont want to hear it once theyve made up their minds. I just keep calm and flutter on.
  11. Merry Birthiversary! 

  12. its impossible to find anyone to rp with anymore. So far ive experienced people not wanting to rp with you because you havent been in their clique long enough, or because you dont write a Novella as a respone.

  13. Who will be our pretty little enemy, when im gone your world will prove empty i promise you will always remember me

    we’re one in the same~ DERANGED!

  14. Ive been on these forums for a long time. Ive seen a fair share of drama and toxicity, and its not the different from some other forums. that said, this forum is different in that the staff arent on a power trip. Ive yet to see a staff member say “if you dont like the way i run the forums, you can go to another site”. They dont ask for youre real name either like another forum ive been to.