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  1. So tomorrow i start my first day back to college and boy does it suck. I really hate my college since its mostly hardcore liberals who hate america. They constantly down talk America's military even if there is a soldier in the room. I have to go due to health insurance crap, otherwise i would join the military. I know once i get into the swing of things it won't be so bad, but still. The people at my college are either druggies, gang members, or snobs. The only people i can stand there are the outcasts. People like me who keep to themselves and only speak when spoken to. Now i would just go into the military but my parental units said if i do then i can find somewhere else to live. I really dread going back to my college. I dress unique and whenever i go down there people like to stare at my clothing. I feel i will also get criticized for wearing pony merchandise such as pins and shirts. i might just bail halfway through the semester.