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  1. Happy Birthday! :pinkie:

  2. Happy birthday! :sneer::balloon:

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Rainbow    Dash

    Animation Disney creeps

    Thats not how it happened though? Unless they rebooted the old hand drawn snow white. Also Disney's version with holds a lot of the other stuff, so yeah its gonna look a bit weird. In Disney's version had Snow White sing in a well where the Prince hears her. He checks it out and its love at first sight for him. Later when Snow White is poisoned, Prince believes her dead, so saddened by knowing he could never get to know and sweep a beautiful women off her feet he kisses a tortured women on her death bed. Its not creepy because, Snow White is the right heir to the throne and she loves him in return. Its not like she spits out the kiss and cries wondering why a strange man employed by the queen to kill her just stole a kiss.
  5. Rainbow    Dash

    What's your self esteem like? Has it changed?

    I havent thought about it. I mean, i do have confidence behind things i do and when i talk i dont whisper or use nuetral (and annoying) terms like I dont know, i guess, or whatever. Though, when im alone i constantly bully myself to the point of tears. If someone else tries, ill either smack the taste out their mouth or try to use their own minds against them, like Bugs Bunny does.
  6. Rainbow    Dash

    What do you hope people say behind your back?

    I hope people dont say anything about me behind my back good or bad. Though, thats like asking for people not to gossip. If anything I hope they say "Wow, look at that person. They look human."
  7. Rainbow    Dash

    What is your dream job?

    New dream job: Being the Twitch version of Old Pewdiepie. I want massive followers to look at my cringy antics as well as listen to my boring and awful commentary.
  8. youre like the few og members that are still on here as well as another reason. Plus you were always chill even in the face of bullies so youre my kind of peeps, yo.
  9. Rainbow    Dash

    What do you do when you're stressed and depressed?

    Wait...theres other states of minds besides depressed or stressed? WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT? When im uber stressed out I go on facebook to troll, just cause its comically easy to and seeing 30 year old men act like 5 year old toddlers puts me in such a nice humor.
  10. Rainbow    Dash

    In a survival situation would you eat human flesh?

    Nah fam, look at how most people eat. Im not gonna eat a person who eats like garbage and has little to no hygiene because they think theyre sweat smells good.
  11. Being a twitch streamer, i have to be online at least 5 hours to get anywhere. If only i was pretty and more interesting...
  12. I saw most of the people i wanted to see from here at Bronycon. Though, If @Kyoshi was around I'd stalk 'em and maybe throw a paper airplane at their head asking "Its your long lost cousin, you want to maybe go bowling?" cause thats all there is to do around my town.
  13. Rainbow    Dash

    If you could be famous, would you?

    I mean am i famous with money? If so, sure i could go for being a celebrity. I can sleep all day without getting yelled at, then drop a hundred for munchies. If im just famous, no money then it wouldnt be worth it. As soon as you become famous your social status changes. No longer can you have an opinion about every day issues, cause famous people dont suffer the tribulations regular people do. Doesnt even matter if you suffered before becoming famous. You're also the target for potential memes and forget about doing something human in the eyes of camera wielding instagramers. Youre status of fame will go to infamy or disappear completely, then you'll be known as that one person who had 15 minutes of fame and a meme if youre lucky/cringy enough.
  14. Rainbow    Dash

    Web Did search engines become useless again?

    maybe, i do have one extension that is an adblocker so that could be it. It still happens to me today, even on incognito mode, and with cleared cache. Could be that America doesnt care as much as the EU.