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  1. PurplePony


    Soooooo I have been talking to one of my most favorite pony artists for days and didn't realize..... Totally star struck :3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gfniCDbbzg
  2. PurplePony

    Searching Descending Darkness~ OCC

    interesting I would like to discuss more if that is alright?
  3. PurplePony

    Planning Fallen Angel

    I really hope so I got into a real bad situation and was really sick ( I still am but it's easier now that I know what it is so I can deal with it properly.) If you care to read here you go http://mlpforums.com/blog/1414/entry-13185-scared-alone-and-pregnant-3/
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    Searching Descending Darkness~ OCC

    Welp so sorry to dissapear, if you care to read this is why. Life should get better any time now I swear... http://mlpforums.com/blog/1414/entry-13185-scared-alone-and-pregnant-3/ Anywho if yall are still interested lets keep on keepin on!
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    Planning Fallen Angel

    Hey guys, this RP is about to get really complex.... hope you are all ready for war... Pack your bags because all who are ready... well we are walkin Drink list that I use sometimes..... http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5yN_HcPHtG8/TZAxKr2F4hI/AAAAAAAACqs/BC5HmxTYdUg/s1600/tumblr_lipjttI2y11qa71spo1_500.jpg And If anyone doesn't know what mythical creatures I am talking about I would be happy to describe them
  6. PurplePony

    Open Fallen Angel~Rp

    @arkman575 @Dirge of souls, @Gloomfury Angel smiled as she curled up into the Minotaur's arms, "thank you." She murmured, "Although I do not know your name and I can not thank you properly." She relaxed in his muscular arms enjoying the ride, for once she did not have to do all the work. It was a nice view, although the air up higher seemed a little odd. Perhaps it was just because she wasn't used to being up at that height but Ange felt slightly faint, worried about being dropped she half clung to the giants arms. Not terribly long after the she was picked up so to speak, the group arrived at the the fine establishment known as Fat Olive's. They were promptly seated and offered complementary bread. A server came around asking if they would care for a drink. Ange ordered her favorite a double sambuka and gin fireball, sure to make her wall-eyed if she ordered enough of them, however tonight was not that night. She just needed enough to calm the nerves. Spirit ordered her go to drink, I'll take a shot of Russian standard vodka spiked with sriracha. The server ran off to fetch their drinks and the rest of the tables. Spirit glanced across the establishment before asking Ange to acompany her to the restroom. Complying the fox followed her friend. "Just in case this is our last 'good night' because it honestly feels like it. You know we are getting in way over our heads here. We could die. We are in this Together, right?" She questioned pulling a small white baggy from her satchel. Angel nodded glumly, "You know, we could die and fight for something worth fighting for. Or we can lie down and take it like we have been doing. I know you are just as tired as I, and now, I don't want to lay back. I will do so for now but things are changing, they have to." Spirit nodded, both agreeing and accepting. She chopped up chunks of white crystal, two thick lines lay before the friends on the bathroom counter. Both stood before them glancing over at the other occasionally. Ange broke the silence. "You know, I didn't think this would all happen this soon. I thought we would have more time." Spirit smiled, "More time to what? Run? Hunny we are running together, someone has to be the change. We are in this together." The pair laid their heads across the bathroom sinks snorting and sputtering all the pain away. When the noise subsided Angel smiled, her head felt foggy, "In this for life." The two friends made their way back to the table lost in what they had to do and hiding in what they must. They sat back down in silence, not too long after arriving back at their seats the waiter took their order. The girls decided to share a mushroom and chicken fettuccine and waited for the rest to order. Once food was taken care of Ange looked to the group. "Alright, enough pleasantries." After that her voice softened as she continued her tail. "Now I am what I am and this is a common street walker. You can take it for what it's worth but the scum of the streets hold more value than the highest ranking soldiers." She half laughed at the shocked looks. "Yeah, I know I waste little time but it is what it is. We are spy's so to speak. I have laid with some of the most prominent members of society. It would make you sick knowing names, some of which you may have trusted. We are used to gather intelligence. We are made to sleep at night and report back in the morn. Many of my co workers are sick of what we do and what we stand for. It seems as if we have stumbled upon a problem. There are two conflicting sides. It is more than just some group of whores. You see, we have pieced together some information that may be of use. This may be news to some ears here but the dragon regime has set their minds upon conquering the land. They want to take over and lead an ideal kingdom and many guards have sided with them in fear of the turning tides. I swear to Celestia that what we are dealing with is worse than the changelings, it is worse than anything that one being could comprehend. Darkness darker then the reign of Nightmare Moon approaches, Dragons have been gathering the Duende, Harpy's, and Warg's; all the creatures of the shadows. Others have fallen, be them soldiers or citizens. It is our job to verify who is with the movement and who is against. Those against tend to fall into the night, seldomly heard from again. It appears that we are approaching a one world order and the darkness is rising above. We have little time to stop it from escalating and even so we must be quiet. Not even us low life spy's know who all lie within. I was in the bar last night to see what I could come up with, I do have debt to pay, however master would not have acted the way he did without reason. He would not have harmed me otherwise." She noted glancing at her broken paw She continued on, "My master followed me or more precisely followed one of you, this group threatens his ability to take over and if I am correct we should be able to ally with you or possibly the groups you identify with." After a short pause Spirit spoke, "We have been waiting for something like this, an opportunity to run from the shadows and fight for what we believe to be right. Now we need some help. All of you are connected in some way, shape, or form. Master is scared that his reign will end abruptly and there is no other reason for him acting the way he has. War will soon arise and only one victor can survive. Either the land will sway towards slavery and darkness under an unlawful king or it shall stay unscathed the way it has remained for years. This could very well be the beginning of the end and only time shall tell what is to come."
  7. PurplePony

    Open Fallen Angel~Rp

    @arkman575 @Dirge of souls, @Gloomfury Ange hobbled along doing her best to keep up. She noticed the wolf edging his way closer, 'How currious.' She thought. Indeed her intuition rang clear, he had been griping at gaining further knowledge. This time however spirit spoke up tossing her head lightly as she walked. With a slight laugh she started,"Oh, me and angel? We go way back. We had both been abandoned and picked up by the same family. We are really more like sisters than anything else. So I guess to answer your questions, we grew up together and now work together. We watch each others backs, no one else is gonna and you only got one life contrary to the popular belief that us cats have nine." She scoffed slightly trying to lighten the mood. Ange smiled and retorted, "The way you go girl I would have sworn you had nearly a thousand." The girls giggled for a moment together before the mood drastically changed. Spirit glanced across sideways at the group, her eyes grew sharp as her voice dimmed to an almost whisper, "The reason for us approaching you today, well, that is for a quiet public conversation. You see words get muddled in a crowded area so I hope the restaurant you picked is popular." Ange finished speaking for the two, "Something in the air is sour. The winds have been changing for sometime now. I am curious as to what goes on behind the scenes and if my intuition is correct one of you carries an answer. A revolution is on it's way and the shadows of time are shifting. The time for change seems to be nigh." Ange wasn't particularly paying attention to the placement of her paw. stumbling she went to catch herself placing her wight on the injured one. Falling to the ground in a whimper she looked up to the group wincing in pain, "Can someone please carry me the rest of the way." She felt shame course through her body but she found it difficult to walk and keep up with the rest. She hated asking for help, hanging her head she made to get back up and carry on as if forgetting she had just moments prior asked for help. 'I don't need a paw up, never have, never will.' She thought stubbornly to herself.
  8. PurplePony

    Open Fallen Angel~Rp

    @arkman575 @Dirge of souls, @Gloomfury, Ange smiled as the wolf bowed, "My friend came and picked me up and then dropped me off at home. That is where I went after you all left." she told the group. I guess a proper introduction is in order eh? My name, or I suppose what you can call me is Angel. That is all you really need to know about me." As she looked to her left she smiled and began to introduce her friend, "And this is my friend Spirit." Her smile turned to a slight frown. "Why is it it you were looking for moi? May I be of any service?" she inquired. Standing for a moment Ange shifted her weight falling onto her injured paw. Letting out a faint whimper she quickly re positioned herself on her good paw slightly tucking the hurt one away. She looked down slightly embarrassed and ashamed. Spirit payed little to no attention to what had happened stepping forward examining the group more closely. "As my friend has probably stated before, we have little time to exchange pleasantries, however if you would like to take us out to dinner we would be happy to escort you all. Perhaps then we could justify chatting instead of working." She asked scanning the group for reactions trying to get a better feel.
  9. PurplePony

    Let's play a game!

    Sure :3
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    Searching Descending Darkness~ OCC

    yup yup you can most defiantly post.
  11. PurplePony

    Let's play a game!

    Bleh, things are only part down hill I was venting and looking to draw lol
  12. PurplePony

    Planning Fallen Angel

    Hey guys sorry I was away. I had an unexpected family gathering and then some other stuff to deal with My grandparents were involved in a car accident so I took time off to go see them in the hospital. It was quite serious but everyone is looking like they will end up being alright. A quick sketch, it didn't turn out too bad eh? @arkman575
  13. PurplePony

    Let's play a game!

    Alright so let's play a game, I am bored and sick of crap. This game is called what's up? As the game progresses more will probably be up! 1st drink- well that passed and happened I am now on 3 :S 3rd drink... I am so sick and tired of money. Money makes the world go a round and it sucks... you know why because I have none. I have a place to stay, addictions to feed, now 5 cats to feed thanks to my wonderful ex. Yup by by money... at least I am quitting smoking and not doing a half bad job. 4th drink- oh yeah I forgot to mention that my drinks are at least 2-3 shots of vodka, and just enough to coke to change the drank colors. Not the drug, the pop. I can't do the drugs no more. I work.. On another note my temp work has restricted my hours because me and my roommate could be in a relationship because we live together.. we are both sales associates and nothing more... the bs is real. So now we are making less because of what could be... god this sucks. So now we either have to fake break up or decide if we wanna do what the company expects us to do (fuuuuuu) no pun intended lol. Anyways so that means way less money and we don't make a whole lot as it is. So now I have to find a camp job and figure out when I can start working on a rig because it makes sense to live together so costs are lowered, but sense makes not when hours get reduced because we live together... so now to breed or not to breed... welp I just got out of a 2 and a half year relationship. I wonder if this said person will check my blog??? I kind of hope he does... See we were together and yes, IRL and he made an account so that he could see if I was talking about him or posting nudes on a pony site or something... I don't know, but he didn't trust me. Yes said 21 year old man who works at walmart did not trust me his love and someone willing to give everything to him... because apparently he was a keeper. anywhore now I need another drink Drink 7- so i downed a couple to keep up with my mental sanity.... this dinker that I had been with and given everything to be with. I loved the guy, only ever loved one other who wasn't my daddy... I mean we were engaged for crying out loud. at least he proposed, gave me a ring and we would let everyone know when we were more financially stable and ready sort of thing... Now I went to school, finished school and was there for a total of 3 months, 2 weeks prior to me finishing, he called to let me know a week ago he cheated and dumped me... yup that was nice. To top it all off he dumped me for someone who worked with him.... I am not stupid I had known things were going on prior to me going to school.... but with someone at walmart! Like come on dude.... Once I get a job in my trade I am making 6 figures, like really? Smart move. So now I am hurt, and while I am down I decided hey friend, let's cut costs and live together. Me and said friend live together, company we work for finds out and slaps us because we could be dating so now hours are cut and I am not in my trade! I am not a whore.... any more..... so why are people fucking me over??? Like come on if ya wanna take a ride you gotta pay! This is stupid, nothing comes for free so why does my love apparently cost nothing... I mean me and friend aren't together! Why are we then? Nothing makes sense and it is all dumb. I have come to the conclusion that life hates me because in my past life I was a very bad person.. Alright, so I am done bitchin and if you enjoyed my random rambles lemme know, if not and somehow you made it to the end and you are now seeing this well good on ya. If you want some free art I wanna drunk draw someone's OC I have 4 slots available so first come first serve.
  14. PurplePony

    Searching Descending Darkness~ OCC

    I approve all of you however @Gloomfury would you be able to submit a different character as we are rping in another rp with that one? Sorry I am picky
  15. PurplePony

    Open Fallen Angel~Rp

    @arkman575 @Dirge of souls, @Gloomfury, There seemed to be a slight commotion across the street and as Ange peered into the crowd she realized it was the gang from the night prior, "Oh shi." She began stopping herself and taking a quick side step half hiding behind Spirit. With out turning her head Spirit scanned the street, her eyes fell upon the small group, "Why are you hiding? Who are they?" She questioned softly. "Hunny I don't know who they are but at least one has to be bad news otherwise Ketua wouldn't have acted the way he did. He must have been following at least one of them for some reason." She replied back. The girls stood outside softly gossiping and contemplating what if anything could be associated with the mysterious characters she had met the previous night. Spirit began to contemplate aloud, "Well we could just go over and introduce ourselves, you are within the vicinity of his keep so you shouldn't receive any punishment, however, there has to be a reason for this all which would mean ketua or one of his lackeys is watching one of them carefully. I mean we are all expendable however his business is not." The cat smiled coily, "In it together." Ange smiled back, "In it for life." Deciding it would be safer to approach the group as a pair they walked over slowly so Ange could keep up with her hurt paw. When they were close enough the fox let out a short whistle, "Hey, long time no see!" She called out. "What are y'all doin over in these parts?"