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  1. pinkiefan1287

    resolved Want to delete account

    Just as the topic say's, I want to delete my account on this site. Now I know I can't just delete it, so I need someone on the site to delete it. So if one is reading this, please delete my account. Just to get this out of the way. The reason why I want this account deleted is because, I'm just not that into the show anymore. I got into the show for the wrong reason and I don't want this account up anymore. So again please delete my account.
  2. I am Free. Pretty much what I would say.
  3. Yeah, I'm going with no on this idea. For one thing, it is said, a pony has to find out what they are good at. Kinda lose's the meaning when you have someone else find it for you. Second, if that was their talent why hasn't one of the figured that out? 3 ponies working together and none of them have gotten a cutie mark. So I just don't think that's their talent. As for me I don't really think the name is your talent. There are other ponies who have cutie marks that don't match up with their name.
  4. I'm going to put in a 7th option and just say they are all creepy and none of them look cute.
  5. Does anyone else think it's kinda weird that we have some people on this topic using "Baby Cakes" as an example on where babies come from and another half not even considering this happened? Is it mostly because it does not truly explain where babies come from or is there another reason? Answer if you want to.
  6. But there's no proof saying that 7 year old, well stick with the show for 9 years. As people age, they grow out of thing and get interested in other thing. It would be a wast of time trying to appeal to an aging audience. Besides I highly doubt that they would age the show with the audience. They aren't going to have an episode in season 1, about playing far and in season 8, Rainbow Dash deciding if she want's to keep the baby or get in aborted. That would never work.
  7. That was covered in, Baby Cakes. As for the other ones, NO WAY WOULD THEY DO ANY OF THESE EPISODES. Problem 1 is, they are ponies not humans. The message won't relate well because of that. Second these are questions when kids get to their teens, not when there 4 or 7. Way to soon.
  8. Your link took me to a page that does not exist. Might want to check what happened.
  9. Yeah, but that's because she took her time and didn't push herself until the end. Besides she got 5th place for running. The WB wouldn't care how well you run. They would only care about how well you fly and how fast you went. There all about speed and pushing limit's. Even if they did care about running, they wouldn't wast there time with the pony who got 5th. They would want the one who got first, second, or even third. They would send forth and fifth home. Do you really see Twilight wasting her talents and powers on stunts and tricks? Twilight has a job as princess right now and other t
  10. I'm going with no. Twilight doesn't seem to be the fiscal type. She can fly, but not at RD level.
  11. Well I don't think there are any kind of elder ponies. Seeing that we have not seen one. Kind like everyone's been saying, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake, were already given names when they were born and there's no proof right now saying that they well become backers. It could be parents just name there kids hoping they well become something that want them to become, or good at, or maybe they just have a feeling. The name thing is something I don't feel can be answered and should probably should not be looked at to close.
  12. It's an interesting idea, but I don't think he created the world. I'll give you that Discord could have created the forest, but stampeding of animals is just something that happens. I don't think Discord programed every animal to stamped at random moments. That's just what happens when a group of animals are together. Also there would be no reason for someone to create a weapon that could stop him and just hope no one finds it or use's it on him. No one, would do that.
  13. Well I still think it was to protect the lie. Thats just how I see it. As for a new Mane 6, I could see the show doing it, but I don't think they would pick background characters. Most likely they would create 6 brand new characters that have not been seen and use them. And like I said before, the elements well not play a factor with them.
  14. Yeah, but the only reason why she did that was to protect her lie and nothing else. Besides the elements are gone. If new characters are picked, it won't be based on the elements anymore.
  15. Sorry, but I don't see how that is to weird or made the episode bad? They did make them a pegasus and a unicorn. So it was kinda obvious that they were going to have them fly and use magic in the episode. If they weren't going to do that, then they would have just mad them earth ponies. Yes, they did it a little to well, but the episode would have been boring if Pound only got off the ground a little and Pumpkin only made her horn glow or something. That's just what I think.
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