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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. There needs to be an official distro called Derpian. I want this now. D:

  3. Happy Birthday! ^^

    1. SPLinux


      ありがとう!/ Thank you!


  4. It's Linux's birthday! What did you get!

  5. interesting how it's a combination of the stems of 知る and 合う
  6. I have the strange feeling you like Linux...

  7. Hia SPLinux, thanks for adding me as a friend and following my little blog, haha ^-^

    1. SPLinux


      こんにちは Jaxsie! NP, I found your blog randomly browsing these forums and i am glad i did as a person trying to learn Japanese,(or as i should say 日本語:-))I am very much in the early stages only knowing hiragana, katakana a few kanji and a tiny bit of vocab and a few sentences but i plan to really learn this :), i look forward to seeing more of your blog :)

    2. Jaxsie (Inactive)

      Jaxsie (Inactive)

      Thank you x3 I'm so glad that my blog is helping others. If you don't know about it already this site is great: http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/ And don't hesitate to PM me, if you have any questions; I'm here to help :D

  8. I have always liked Tom Nook from the Animal Crossing series yet everyone seems to hate him, he just always seemed to be a nice character to me, i like how he never forces you to pay your loan and will literally wait forever for you to pay it back.
  9. Well maybe something from here is useful... http://alternativeto.net/software/adobe-flash/ It looks like Tupi is the next best option if Synfig and Pencil2D weren't working well for you, I don't think it has any bone functionality however... Blender is not listed there but i'm pretty sure it does have bone functionality and is capable of 2D animation but since its obviously meant for 3D work its probably pretty difficult for your use. there is website dedicated to 2D animation with blender: http://www.blender2d.com/
  10. Get with the times, it's Derpuntu now

  11. I am in shock... i cant believe this..., Mr. Iwata :-(

  12. finally i got my game... 15 minutes late from my gurantee but whatever. Every time UPS gets later and later with delivery...

    1. Koukatsu


      I've had them marking stuff as delivered the day before, and then I get it the day it was supposed to arrive through USPS. They're getting lazy. D:

  13. Why does UPS like delivering things as late as possible to my neighborhood, still havent got my copy of MH4U and have been waiting all day for it lol.

  14. *takes a dose of Derpian* *starts to smell like muffins*