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  1. FIMChangedmylife72

    What's Your I.Q. Score?

    My IQ is GAK. Just kidding. Never took the test but people say I am beyond extremely intelligent and my 55-year old friend (It sounds strange, but friendship is magic!!!!) with a great memory, said out of all her years of living and knowing all the people she knew, she said I was the smartest person she ever met. Also my so-far grades are all A's. And if it matters, I am diagnosed with Autism. My mother says I am so smart that she doesn't understand anything that I say. And I consume caffeine non-stop. And it's strange because I feel stupid because I have Autism and that is known as a "disability". ...gnihtemos snaem sihT However, intelligence quotient's don't really matter because it just states how fast you can get something correct. I find IQ's very, extremely interesting but a so called "average" person could possible get all the problems correct just for taking all the time the person wanted to take on an test. It just really shows how fast an intellectual human can do problems. Plus, this world needs to be more respectful and kind to everybody no matter what IQ they have. That's what life should really act.
  2. FIMChangedmylife72

    Music The making of music

    Well, my favorite music relies on organs or keyboards or mellotrons being played enthusiastically and very nicely and the guitars and bass sounding good with an amazing singer.
  3. FIMChangedmylife72

    Music What's a band you've been digging lately?

    Sparks sparks sparks sparks sparks sparks sparks sparks sparks sparks. Russel Mael & Ron Mael. No.1 in Heaven album was beyond ahead of it's time. I personally think that album is one of the best albums ever made.
  4. FIMChangedmylife72

    What's Your I.Q. Score?

    I have autism. I am proud of it. And you have an extremely high IQ! That is such an amazing thing! Absolutely amazing gift! Wonderful!
  5. FIMChangedmylife72

    Movies/TV Jersey Shore is being canceled

    I heard this this morning! Looks like my old 7th grade dream that me and my friend had came true! Good riddance Jersey Shore, you terrible role-models.
  6. FIMChangedmylife72

    Music Favourite Singer or Music Group?

    This is difficult. I will list some. Yes Sparks Beatles (1965-1968) Emerson, Lake & Palmer Synergy Genesis (All) Peter Gabriel I think there is more. Oh yes, Alan Parsons Project & Pink Floyd. I think there still is more. I doubt that any of the users on here heard about the groups I just listed, the non-overrated groups. I heard you are into progressive rock. I am such a prog die-hard. It is one of my favorite music genres. Van Der Graaf Generator is absolutely one of my favorite prog bands, with Yes & Alan Parsons Project and Genesis. It's so hard to pick a favorite.
  7. FIMChangedmylife72

    Do you act differently in real life?

    Yep! just about. I am absolutely different. My feet moves strangely and I tilt my head front and back. I also run for some strange reason...
  8. FIMChangedmylife72

    Should i open this toy set or should i leave it closed?

    It's you're choice. I have some ponies opened but I keep the boxes and stuff they come with. I have Mcdonalds pony toys with the bags still because I decided to kept them along with the blind bags.
  9. FIMChangedmylife72

    Movies/TV Worst Cartoon shows?

    Now, this is a very amazing topic! I love you!!! 1.Baby Felix & Friends-Crappy animation and made Felix the Cat stupid and his voice is weird. 2.ICarly-Not that really funny. 3.So Random-IS FREAKING TERRIBLE!!!!!! THE SKITS SUCK SO MUCH AND AREN'T EVEN FUNNY! I mean seriously, most of the jokes in that show can be randomly done like, Cats in Space. Wow... 4.Hannah Barberra Casper series-Wow, they just killed Casper. 5.Fish Hooks-Dang, that show is so stupid and annoying. 6.Fred-Really, just really. This is just a spin-off gone psycho. 7.The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange-Another stupid spin-off. Wow... I can't stand TAO but this just got too far. 8.Level-Up-I know you got this one, but I really can't believe they made this a freaking show. When I first found out this movie, I was like BOOOOOOOORING! 9.Almost Naked Animals-One of the most stupidest things I ever seen. 10.Fanboy & ChumChum-Not funny and just plane stupid. I got more, is it okay if I can list them?
  10. FIMChangedmylife72

    My Trip To Wal-Mart (Life Stories #1)

    I'm sorry, friend. I know that everybody will consider me one. I actually thought you said that I have to be one. I'm so sorry.
  11. FIMChangedmylife72

    My Trip To Wal-Mart (Life Stories #1)

    Yes, I know what how to read. I know they will consider me as a Brony. But I will tell them what I am.
  12. FIMChangedmylife72

    My Trip To Wal-Mart (Life Stories #1)

    No. I choose not to be a Brony. I don't give a fucking shit of what you say. That's you're opinion. Whatever. Blabber all you want, I'm watching some Morph.
  13. FIMChangedmylife72

    YouTube: Crying Ponies

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww They all really need hugs!
  14. Hmmmmm, this whole draw pony on pizza box reminds me of Brony Pizza Hunt. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  15. FIMChangedmylife72

    My Trip To Wal-Mart (Life Stories #1)

    Ahhhh, the good old stereotypical half-asses presumptions. Makes me want to be depressed forever, even worse for me because I am not a Brony but I love MLPFIM. And no, I am not either a Pegasister. Nor a transsexual.