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  1. I can't help but notice majority of people still renting houses/apartments and not actually buying them, unless landlords care more about money than their well-being of others or if majority of houses, even smaller ones, only cater to the rich and not the poor or the well-off. And this is directed in the good ol' USA where houses and apartments have gotten ridiculously expensive, I'd have to wonder why prices keep going up instead of down, and people just dumping money on renting, rather than buying altogether unless high-paying jobs don't actually pay well and often give their employees abysmal salaries, especially since their funds end up going for food, bills, and other necessities. Is anyone still paying rent on houses/apartments in the US, rather than just buying them altogether? (This question is for those living in the US, thought he same might apply outside of the US, like Canada, Australia, or even Europe, including the UK, in case anyone wonders.)
  2. Jon the VGNerd

    Who else is hyped for next years Bronycon?

    Not me, because flight tickets are very pricey these days, and hotel accommodations are extremely pricey as well.
  3. Jon the VGNerd

    General Cryptocurrency Discussion Thread

    Although I was skeptical about Bitcoin for months, it seems I gave CryptoTab a chance, and so far it looks alright. It usually mines itself on certain times, but at a snail's pace at best without posting a link as a means to boosting profits. And the majority of people were awfully skeptical regarding sharing links, but CryptoTab looks pretty safe and easy to earn without putting too much stress on the CPU. Anyway OP, here is the link if you wanna go for it:
  4. Thanks! Have a nice day!


  5. Jon the VGNerd

    Ask the Mane 6 & TGAP Trixie

    Hey Rainbow Dash! If you were to listen to this particular music, will it make you 200% faster?
  6. Jon the VGNerd

    Spoiler The Fate of the Fandom

    That I'm aware of. However, with Everfree Network/Canterlot Hill, including the Cutie Art Crusaders, no longer being produced, it still felt a pretty big blow, especially since they were very popular livestream shows back then too.
  7. Jon the VGNerd

    Spoiler The Fate of the Fandom

    Now, I know there has been various threads regarding the show's fate and its fandom and I understand that it'll likely get a lock, though I want to voice my saying regarding the fandom's fate. And if Season 9 (or Season 10) will mark the end of an era for the popular show, then who knows if the fandom will strive on. I've read that BronyCon, and other pony-cons, may close for good as the number of attendees are slowly but surely diminishing, mainly due to expenses becoming increasingly expensive (not just hotel accommodations, but also merchandises and flight tickets, which add up to thousands of dollars). Although, even before the show would've ended beforehand, there are notable events that left a pretty large gash on the fandom itself. One of them happened to be the once-popular Everfree Network, which was formed in October 2011. It was very amazing and filled with shows and even live music played as well, including Saturday Night Songs with none other than Michelle Creber and the gang, led by FInalDraft, the founder(?) of Everfree Network. There was also a show by DustyKatt, with special guests aired as well too, along with the Cutie Art Crusaders, known for giving each art critique and such (all which were pre-recorded). The other was Elements of Harmony, which is was a live show consisting of remixed songs made by other artists. And OsakaJack as well, who lives in Japan before handing over his show to Dolcetikky and SakuraCheetah, who are both native Japanese, in order to keep said show going. And things had started to gradually go downhill for the Everfree Network. Saturday Night Songs were no longer aired, most likely due to Michelle's career holding her back, including other real life things. Afterwards, the show ended silently. And as mentioned, OsakaJack was still around for a good while with his shows, but with his schedule being awfully tight (since he lives in Japan), he's handed the show over to the other two natives and after that, just like Saturday Night Songs, that show also ended silently; OsakaJack still tweets MLP stuff from time to time, though as for the show itself, it's long gone. And even other shows had basically stopped altogether and abandoned them entirely (including Elements of Harmony, whilst the Cutie Art Crusaders had soon migrated over to Picarto stream. Soon after in 2014, Canterlot Hill took over the Everfree Network, and the Everfree Network was as good as discontinued as a form of an "upgrade", or so it seemed, according to FinalDraft himself. Canterlot Hill went off to a bad start, with notable shows being completely left out and pretty much, with Saturday Night Songs having ended altogether, Canterlot Hill was no more. Not only was it a huge shock, it left a huge blow in the fandom; it formed a scar that will never heal, no matter how many years it's passed. The last show that remained standing was the Cutie Art Crusaders, which aired exclusively in Picarto, until the final episode (known as episode 189 in 2016), which officially marked the end of the last remaining shows aired in the MLP fandom. I loved their shows, as well as the other shows, but the finale left a hard pill to swallow for me. And their updates have long been ceased as of this year. Even though the show itself is still ongoing, it seems many of the popular shows had stopped airing and moved on. So that's that. Even though the show itself is still going, along with the fanbase, I'm deeply reminded that the popular fan-made shows made by dedicated people had stepped down and stopped airing shows altogether as a result of either mismanagement or that they weren't getting much satisfaction despite their amazing effort. Sure the fandom is still going on, but as mentioned, it left a scar that's rather difficult to heal after the unforeseen events that has happened to them, which resulted them to close their livestream site indefinitely. You are free to opinionate regarding the fandom's current fate, and what its future will hold.
  8. Jon the VGNerd

    Pony related dreams you've had?

    Back in 2013, I wound up dreaming with Lyra Heartstrings as my partner for a spy mission to stop "The President" (not Trump, mind you) from taking over Equestria. If I have a chance, I'd write a fanfiction and continue to where I left off. And the second dream was Lyra again, in her human form, giving me a bit of motivation during college and she somehow managed to boost my confidence in the end. And the third one was, you guessed it, Lyra Heartstrings, this time with Bon Bon (or Sweetie Drops), and they were making funny faces while I was asleep, with Bon Bon having drawn my face with a marker as well.
  9. Jon the VGNerd

    News Hurricane Florence

    I know that feel all too well from last year, especially when the hurricane hit me that left me inactive for countless of days until early December. In all seriousness though, stay safe out there.
  10. Jon the VGNerd

    Gaming Games you have NEVER finished

    Have several games I haven't finished, either they're too hard, or just me being too lazy to proceed any further: Dark Souls II - Very punishing and never got through the first boss due to lack of adequate resources Dead Space 2 - Couldn't proceed any further because of that one level that's just too puzzle-ish for my taste, left me wandering around aimlessly L.A. Noire - Have to rely on guides since I can't actually solve crimes, no matter what I do. Even then, I hardly finished it Borderlands - Because of the DLCs I have (GOTY Edition, mind you), I basically never focus on the main quest and have been reliant on side missions. Hardly even beat the game too Elder Scrolls V - It just never ends. Literally Bioshock: Infinite - Was so busy exploring areas that I often lose track in even focusing on completing the game at all
  11. Jon the VGNerd

    Console or PC?

    Both, because why not? I game on both the consoles and PC.
  12. Jon the VGNerd

    S08:E18 - Yakity-Sax

    As funny as the episode is, I kinda have to question Pinkie's intentions regarding playing the bagpipe. Couldn't she have played it elsewhere? I get she wanted to impress her friends, but it seems she's become a public nuisance right off the bat at the start, which drove the residents away out of sheer annoyance. And when she stopped playing the bagpipe altogether, well, she becomes full-blown Pinkamena again, and then becomes a vagrant by moving from her hometown. All for one, noisy instrument others found it grating? I can't say it's a bad episode, but not a good one either. Pinkie does need serious help. I get she's being herself, but it's gotten rather overkill.
  13. If I were to see episodes aired ahead of time, I'll be sure to keep it to myself especially regarding spoilers. Otherwise, it's just baffling on so many early releases prior to the official releases instead of the usual Saturdays since Season 5, I think? In all seriousness though, it's a mixed bag for me so I can't really say.
  14. Jon the VGNerd

    Spoiler Season 8 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    Christ, can countries and other streaming providers stop airing episodes way too early? What happened to regular airings on Saturdays? Do they simply not have a care that spoilers are almost always inbound? Spoilers create nothing but problems, yet they seemed to disregard it altogether.