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  1. I used to have Windows 7, but I no longer do. Majority of newer games, while they still do Windows 7, their recommended requirement is Windows 10. And it sure as hell will not run on an older OS like Windows XP. Eventually, newer games will be required to run Windows 10, nothing else. If you're running on an older OS, you're gonna have a really difficult time playing them. Just my two cents is all. Yes, Windows 10 had a negative reception and that Windows 7 was better, but at the end of the day, everyone will have to adapt for something new, whether we'd want it or not. I don't hate Windows 7,
  2. Jon the VGNerd

    Web New YouTube ToS.

    Now I don't know if the ToS has landed YouTube in hot water, but it looks like a huge lawsuit is looming over their heads right now. And its not looking good for both them and Google.
  3. Unfortunately, they're not going to because Vince is all about the money. WWE is basically cash cow at this point. I wish I can watch AEW, but I'm not sure which channel has broadcasting rights.
  4. It has been a whole year since FiM has ended. How are you guys currently handling after its final episode in 2019 that marked the end of a famous, ground-breaking show?
  5. Jon the VGNerd

    Gaming Flash Games

    @Nsxile 🔥🐲 Even if there are some Steam games that have microtransactions, the majority of them do not and often have DLC expansion packs that have more content to add (though there's also a handful of games that don't have it but are either being updated still or are still popular such as the original Half-Life and its episodic contents). As great as flash games were, it's only a matter of time before it ceases to exist (unless it can be done through emulation, but even that would require serious effort since they're unlikely to work on newer OS).
  6. Jon the VGNerd

    Gaming Flash Games

    Honestly, with far more popular PC games being released (namely on Steam and Microsoft Store), Flash games has gotten less and less relevant and its already one foot away towards its inevitable grave. Yes, I have played flash games in the past, but, even it has to bid itself adieu eventually. Adobe has gotten less consumer-friendly and have gotten increasingly greedy. And with newer and far better games being released on PC (especially if its on Steam), Flash games as we know it have become nothing more than mere afterthoughts. Sure I could play old (and likely outdated because with newer PCs
  7. Snow is nonexistent for me where I'm living in. That is all.
  8. It seems 2020 hasn't finished killing off amazing people yet. Especially when it comes to the famous actor in both Mad Max movies.
  9. Why is Disney willing to go corporate by getting rid of good shows while bring in the bad ones instead? Now Disney's no better than Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.
  10. Wishing that my neighbor's dogs would stop making so much noise. They ruined my sleep so I ended up becoming irritable as a result. Even my parents had gotten irritated as well.
  11. The fact that Quora demands that you use your real name for posting questions and answers show that they have no care for privacy when it comes to posting anonymously. Even writing fake names won't do any good because again, they don't care about privacy. They're deliberately making you give out your real name and location, ant that screams invasion of privacy. Am surprised it hasn't been shut down yet, or even been hit with a fat lawsuit.
  12. So regarding anime... yeah, the fandom is far too chaotic because people have absolutely no idea what they're even on about. As much as I love anime, if people are gonna get triggered over specific shows that are either good or bad, then I want no part of it. Seems majority of fandoms are just going down the gutter because of variety of BS reasons. And don't get me started on Fortnite either. I never played the game and never will. And I don't even want to know what the Fortnite community even looks like.
  13. Okay so how do I even say this? My sleep was ruined because of my neighbor's unruly and aggressive dogs that doesn't know how to shut up for the past two months. I'm already at my limit, and the worst part is that animal control had failed to show up yesterday as these dogs were still around. I seriously cannot wait to not only move back, but to make huge plans in putting the house up for sale for a willing buyer. Once me and my relatives (as well as my parents) move to Florida, then I can finally say goodbye to a disgraceful island that is Puerto Rico. And I can also finally say good riddance.

  14. I bet the late Satoru Iwata feels greatly disappointed of his own company becoming like this.
  15. Jon the VGNerd

    Animation Animaniacs reboot discussion

    Better than the shows Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon continue to force-feed us with.
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