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  1. May I say that all you mane 6 are amazing? And yes, same goes for you, Starlight.
  2. YouTube, because its run by incompetent morons that don't really take their job seriously. They don't ever moderate comment sections, and they wrongfully remove videos that are deemed "copyright violation". To top it off, they give no revenue to smaller YouTubers and only cater to bigger YouTubers.
  3. It seems like YouTube is getting worse and worse.
  4. E3 was bound to fail, even if this year's E3 didn't cancel.
  5. I see you snooping around! 

    1. Jon the VGNerd
    2. Blivy


      Lel lelelel lel

  6. I always get people who look at me as if I'm not getting any younger and have no GF. Am a year away of being 30 and still without a love life... then again, I wouldn't be able to survive on my own due to no job.
  7. Puerto Rico. Contemplating on moving to the states.
  8. Been here since 2012, albeit less than active than I used to be.
  9. To put it simply I'm not employed. Was initially hired to work at an office job but turned it down due to depressing conditions, along with long, erratic work hours (even have to work on holidays too, which makes it less fair). It seems majority of office jobs care more about productivity and less on their own employees' well-being. Truth to be told, even if I'm able-bodied, I wouldn't last a whole week, maybe a month or two, just work at a dead-end job when I know it's seriously going to affect my health, both physically and mentally.
  10. Merry Birthiversary!

  11. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  12. I realized that ScrewAttack was closed down and replaced with just Death Battle!, meaning they no longer have the forums, not even their Discord server. Guess their forums were 100% focused on just Death Battle.
  13. Never heard or seen the actress before. But for her to go far too early is just sad.
  14. Windows 10 is the go-to, and older OS are becoming obsolete. Windows 8.1 is still okay, though best to go for the latter. And Windows 7 is basically dead so time to move to a newer OS and adapt it.