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  1. Jon the VGNerd

    Movies/TV The Current Fate of Pokémon

    @Bas IIRC, Team Rocket were much of a threat while still keeping comedic int he earlier seasons and almost succeeded as well. Now in later seasons, they've become nothing more than a total comic relief that it's basically hard to laugh. Also, I wouldn't mind a new protagonist, maybe Ash's future son. Of course, the show's creators seem to not care about that at all, do they? And you'd be surprised that older fans like myself would surely love to watch a much newer series following Ash having reached his ultimate goal and reached towards young adulthood, including starting a new family and being with his older friends from time to time and being with their past Pokémon, and even have one of his future children to follow their father's footsteps. But again, the creators had showed serious disregard for their veteran fans out there because they utterly refuse to advance the story progression any further.
  2. Jon the VGNerd

    Movies/TV The Current Fate of Pokémon

    Now, I'm not talking about the Pokémon games, but rather, the animated show itself. And yes, I was a Pokémon fan back around the late 90's and loved every bit of it. Now, I have absolutely nothing against new species of Pokémon, but I do, however, have something against the current state of the show itself. I apologize in advance if I've offended you people for my point of view for the state of Pokémon animated series; just remember that I was a devoted fan of the show back then. Back in the 90's, the show Pokémon (or Pocket Monsters in Japan) was a huge hit and I loved every bit of it, including the main character, Ash Ketchum, alongside Pikachu; the storyline, and supporting characters like Misty and Brock (And Tracy as well) on an adventure, even by capturing and training new Pokémon to their greatest potential. And you have no-gooders like Team Rocket, who stop at nothing from capturing Pokémon for their evil deeds, Then once having collected all badges, he doesn't become the master after losing (result of a plot device, I know), but their friends soon part ways, as well as Ash's previous Pokémon (not counting Butterfree, since Ash had to let it be free). While I do like Max and May and even Dawn, the new characters are bit on the on & off side in my honest opinion. In all fairness, however, as years went by, I start to notice the same pattern on each and every new series, with same plots being recycled over and over, and Ash's maturity have never sought improvement. It seems the show's creator has shown serious disconnect to veteran fans out there. And the fact that Ash Ketchum doesn't age is baffling. I get that this is a kids show, but recycling the same thing over and over, like friends parting ways, Ash leaving old Pokémon to meet and capture newer ones, and making new friends whilst older ones are forgotten just proves that it eventually becomes too good to be true. And the fact that Ash's old Pokémon back in the 90's and early 2000s having long forgotten means there's something fishy going on with the show. I had thought that Ash would've already been in his 20's, or at least 18 and have seriously matured enough to understand new and old Pokémon species, yet it seems the show's creators think it's a good idea to keep him 10 years old and never age any further, as if he was immortal. That's a red flag right there, especially when he should've already been a Pokémon master a LONG time ago and would've grown into adulthood and started a new family in his hometown, but the creators were like "Nope, it never happened", just to fool their own older fans while catering to the younger, oblivious generation. Also, Team Rocket is no longer considered the main villain and Giovanni is no longer considered the big bad (they basically forgotten all about him), because simply put, it never happened. Instead, Team Rocket, mainly Jessie, James and Meowth (and Wobbuffet of course, however you spell it), have become less as threatening villains and more of a comic relief, just to show how cringeworthy they've become, and in a bad way. And they appear in almost EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE in the 2010s more as a running gag than villains. I could be wrong, but since Pokémon was pulled from the airings on Cartoon Network, I've come to realize that the overall quality of the show is gradually diminishing and it's gonna continue on because now it's rinse, recycle and repeat when it comes to the actual storyline. I get that they want their show to be catered for kids, but, all good things have to come to an end and move on to a newer series with a newer protagonist. I liked Ash Ketchum as a kid back then. Nowadays, he's seriously overrated, with the same old personality that's gotten utterly predictable since stale bread. He's just flat-out annoying. And the fact that creators refuse to make Ash older and more mature and caring enough doesn't help at all either. In addition, older, notable friends Ash made are basically forgotten; Brock, Misty, Dawn, Professor Oak, May, Max, Gary Oak and Paul, all are forgotten and it's extremely rare that they'll be seen again, same with Ash's previous Pokémon (not counting Pikachu) which were never reunited. The last Pokémon he got to reunite with (if I remember correctly) was Cyndaquil, which evolved into Quilava, the ONLY Pokémon to date to have ever evolved (previous of his Pokémon such as Squirtle and Bulbasaur NEVER evolved throughout, no matter how strong they've become). Otherwise, the rest of the Pokémon Ash had acquired from the past seasons are an afterthought. In the end, while I loved Pokémon back in the past, the storyline eventually became all the same with each and ever new season, all while Ash remains a kid and not having since fully grown into a full-grown adult and should've achieved his ultimate goal as a Pokémon master and retired long ago. Instead, it just became utterly monotonous because of the show's creators' serious disconnect among veteran fans, which means the show goes on forever and ever with no end to it and which has run its course long ago.
  3. Jon the VGNerd

    General Media YouTubers You No Longer Subscribe

    Unsubbed Jacksepticeye. Yes, he was funny back then, but now he's trying too hard to the point where he's just craving nothing but attention that it makes it hard to take him seriously anymore.
  4. Jon the VGNerd

    Gaming Slightly Mad Studios Making a New Console

    I wonder what were the devs even thinking when they designed this?
  5. Jon the VGNerd

    Gaming Slightly Mad Studios Making a New Console

    Here's what their new console looks like. Design-wise, it's alright, but it's not mind-blowing because that kind of move is going to bite them off more than they can chew.
  6. Jon the VGNerd

    Gaming Slightly Mad Studios Making a New Console

    I can also bet that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are openly laughing about this. Also, the devs' CEO, Ian Bell, has a serious ego problem into thinking he can take on the big boys. His self-entitled pride coupled with his superiority complex will be the devs' major downfall. Not to mention he's completely defensive and hostile to people regarding Project CARS because he thinks those games are the milk and honey compared to the likes of Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport. It's just baffling beyond belief.
  7. Yep. Now, if you'll excuse me...
  8. Jon the VGNerd

    General Media YouTubers You No Longer Subscribe

    Yep. Used to like Game Theory (mentioned from my previous post), but after what you mentioned, it seems those "game theories" has gotten utterly biased and the humor is completely tasteless, especially when MatPat is showing serious inaccuracies, just to get those easy number of views and subscribers. Also unsubbed Samination, his content has gotten pretty stale and activity has been almost nonexistent at best. Plus the fanbase died out ever since.
  9. They can remove copyrighted videos, but they can't be bothered to remove clickbait videos for cheap likes and faves? Yeah, I can see YouTube becoming hit with an eventual lawsuit soon. Even videos that don't break rules, much less violate copyright, still get taken down for lulz, because YouTube doesn't seem to care.
  10. Jon the VGNerd


    Thanos vs. Darkeid was, simply put, amazing. Thanos did put up a huge fight, but Darkseid completely trumps by jumping on one universe to the next, and being able to kill over and over again with the real Darkseid being completely unharmed. I hope Season 6 gives us more promising competitors, including a sentient weapon on wheels K.I.T.T. (or Knight Industries Two-Thousand) and Ishimura survivor Isaac Clarke from Dead Space.
  11. Jon the VGNerd

    General Media YouTubers You No Longer Subscribe

    Planet Dolan: Used to be funny, but it's humor has been derailed from one of the Top 10's, one being chocolate which Dolan claims to have come from a beaver's butt hole, which not only makes absolutely no sense, but it hardly EVER comes from an animal source. This made me wonder if their videos are even considered worth watching anymore and eventually walked away afterwards. Used to like their videos in the past, but their humor has gone dry and utterly stale as well.
  12. The greatest issue is monetization. It's become a monotonous chore as majority of viewers focus on overly-popular YouTubers like PewDiePie. And it's gotten increasingly difficult to get to even 1k views, 10k if super-lucky, because even when it's deemed creative and funny, they are often ignored and majority of videos never even reach hundreds of views at all. In addition, most videos get false-flagged as copyright infringement, which goes to show that YouTube's moderation system is severely nonexistent. Also, advertising creates more inconvenience than earning revenue as ads can seriously put a dent on even the fastest internet speeds, which often leads to slow video loadings. If there are alternatives that can help earn money safely and easily besides YouTube, that'd be grateful. YouTube is slowly but surely sinking itself towards rock bottom, in my opinion, at least.
  13. Jon the VGNerd

    Movies/TV Upcoming (2019) Sonic Movie

    Oh god no. (This is coming from a Sonic fan too, but more on the on & off side.)
  14. There's nanomachines which are currently being researched. Memes aside, it's still under extensive testing and who knows if I'd be the lucky few, along with the rest of surviving family members, to have nanomachines implemented inside that can help restore dead cells, reinvigorate skin and hair, and even restrengthen bones, organs and brains. It's only a matter of when the research is completed.
  15. Jon the VGNerd

    General Media YouTubers You No Longer Subscribe

    Even though Angry Joe did get back to making angry game reviews recently, the damage was already done and have avoided his channel ever since.