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  1. Call Me Kevin: He's quite the humble, funny yet quite a friendly fellow, and is known for playing not just The Sims 4, but also older games as well, and even makes bad games look much more enjoyable to watch as well. And his humor is never forced either, which is something I really like about him. YongYea: Whenever there's always news involving games, his voice may sound dead, but he's definitely not like Angry Joe. But one of the notable videos include Take-Two's inclusion of casino for NBA2K20, which his tone of voice speaks for itself too. Another is his sheer disappointment with Rise of Skywalker, and his facial expressions about that movie says it all. GrayStillPlays: While I don't watch most of his videos, his methods of torturing NPCs, especially in The Sims 4, is just utterly hilarious. And his humor is on point too. LegacyKillaHD: Like YongYea, LegacyKillaHD is an entertaining YouTuber to watch, especially in regards to not just gaming, but also maybe miscellaneous stuff. And his voice sounds appealing too. Optimus: One of the few YouTubers who not only makes blunt news and criticize them for various reasons, he's also one of the few creators who know about YouTube's shady and senseless actions, especially given YouTube's history of continually ignoring the community and creators alike.
  2. Online and at stores, especially for retro gaming. Even if they're fairly pricey, it's worth every penny.
  3. Never watched Teen Titans Go, and pretty much never will since Cartoon Network's unexpected cancellation of the original Teen Titans. Cartoon Network has lost all my respect ever since.
  4. The fact that YouTube hasn't been hit with a class-action lawsuit amazes me. And LeafyIsHere was permanently banned for the wrong reasons and YouTube themselves refuse to explain why. Nowadays, YouTube will only cater to bigger YouTube creators, but even they aren't immune to having their channels just suddenly banned out of the blue. They demonetize videos wherever they see as fit, and their comment sections are no better either. It's filled with far too many things wrong with it and YouTube themselves will not do a damn thing about it. Good luck reporting them and providing them with proof, because YouTube will absolutely never ban these kinds of people unless they feel like it. And even then they can create as many channels as they want with no punishment so for them, it's basically a slap on the wrist. And the fact that YouTube hasn't been shut down yet because of it's obviously-poor practices show that it's gonna continue on until the hammer comes down on them. Even Optimus, a YouTuber, knows what's been going on with YouTube, especially because YouTube itself is unwilling to listen to the community in every way and doesn't explain about their terrible move either. And because YouTube is associated with Google, Google can very easily bribe off of YouTube so that it doesn't get hit with a massive lawsuit. It's basically a lose-lose situation for newer YouTubers who are just looking to make a living. And their forced ads included in every video doesn't make it any better. The other, alternative version of YouTube is known as StoryFire, which doesn't have intrusive ads and looks to be a much more friendlier version than YouTube. Of course, being a niche streaming site, it still has a long way to go. And with YouTube's totalitarian state means it doesn't matter if your videos don't contain copyright material. Even when its not, they'll just completely erase them because they can and they will, and whatever objections you post will often be met with silence; they'll just outright suspend your channel and ruining your career altogether. Just gotta wait until YouTube gets hit with a gargantuan lawsuit that will mean the end of YouTube, and for Google to be forced to relinquish their billions of dollars to settle an unwinnable lawsuit, if that ever happens.
  5. I didn't think that this year was worse than it already is, but, here we are. And this time claiming the iconic actor that is Chadwick Boseman. I can honestly say these two, famous words:
  6. It already has become a trend.
  7. No. Far too expensive and unnecessary to even buy a VPN.
  8. You're definitely going to need a new PC, preferably a gaming laptop, or a desktop if you're lucky. There are non-gaming desktops yes, though gaming PCs can run many games for you without problems.
  9. If its a non-gaming laptop then yes, laptops aren't very keen on PC gaming.
  10. Honestly, I'm perfectly fine with me being the way I am. And no, I can not change my gender because I'm still biologically male (and males, unless FtM, are incapable of bearing children, no matter how hard they try). So yes, I'm perfectly fine with being a guy.
  11. I don't even liked Fornite. At all.