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  1. No. Far too expensive and unnecessary to even buy a VPN.
  2. You're definitely going to need a new PC, preferably a gaming laptop, or a desktop if you're lucky. There are non-gaming desktops yes, though gaming PCs can run many games for you without problems.
  3. If its a non-gaming laptop then yes, laptops aren't very keen on PC gaming.
  4. Honestly, I'm perfectly fine with me being the way I am. And no, I can not change my gender because I'm still biologically male (and males, unless FtM, are incapable of bearing children, no matter how hard they try). So yes, I'm perfectly fine with being a guy.
  5. I don't even liked Fornite. At all.
  6. I've lost interest with TF2. Ever since the lootbox debacle, I've had every other items with me and I'll know that I'll just end up getting "more of the same" kind of weapons, skins, cosmetics, etc. The only reason I still even have TF2 is because they are associated with Garry's Mod in terms of maps. Otherwise, my interest with TF2 has completely died down, same for other F2P games.
  7. Used to back then. Nowadays, Nickelodeon is an afterthought of becoming corporate greed, with crappy cartoons and milking SpongeBob to no end in sight.
  8. Nope. I'm disabled, and I'm not fit for military anyway because of stupid and unwanted reasons to even join there. Plus I'm nearsighted and to top it off, I'm over-aged, so basically I'd meet NONE of the criteria anyway.
  9. Admitting that I'm actually and officially disabled.
  10. Twitch has reached an all-new low. (Mind you that I'm not against or with Twitch. I'm basically in a grey area with Twitch.)
  11. I just look and talk like a teenager, even though I'm about to be 30 by next year especially by shaving (didn't had a beard growing until I was 22).
  12. Yeah... this is actually my voice. <_<
  13. Sent a friend request on your Discord. To put it simply is because you're someone I can definitely relate of the things going on.

    1. Kyoshi


      Accepted. :) It is always good to have more people to chat with that can understand how you feel. 

  14. Am far too disabled to get a job myself. I originally had a job as an office worker, but after seeing the depressing and rather unfriendly nature to it, I basically turned it down. I wish I have disability benefits, but sadly its virtually nonexistent. My actual "job" is trying to do art, or other mod stuff for games. Not much, but it's something at least. I could also be a Twitch streamer, but I lack the necessary resources including a capture card and webcam, especially for both PC and console gaming.
  15. Just wanted to let you know I read your post about the COVID topic. Trying to distance myself from anything DT related for some days, though, at least on writing.

    1. Jon the VGNerd
    2. You


      Just for you not wondering or getting frustrated if I don't reply or don't reply for some time, that's all.

      Felt it would be fair to letting you know.