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  1. All that's left is the DP cable for my new and improved PC and I'm good to go.
  2. YouTube is basically going off the deep end here. IIRC, there's already another site equivalent to YouTube that had started off small but is gradually growing. Only a matter of time before people start leaving/abandoning YouTube en masse.
  3. I shave my lower parts, chest and even face because they tend to itch and bothersome if I leave them unattended for too long so I'm perfectly okay with it, really.
  4. At this point, YouTube is gonna be facing serious lawsuits raining down on them. In all seriousness, making videos is not fun anymore. If any, it's essentially a chore where if your videos don't even come close to 1k, much less 10k, you're not making money at all. And ads give you zero revenue, especially if you're basically overshadowed by far bigger YouTubers such as Markiplier, T-Series and PewDiePie. It's time that people should start taking a stand against YouTube and give them a massive backlash that they'll have to either make massive overhauls or risk getting their site permanently shut down. It's amazing how YouTube takes down videos that are deemed "copyright violations" yet seems to have no problems in banning the wrong people while letting trolls continue to fester and grow, and even allowing them to get away with it unpunished. It shows how immoral and hypocritical YouTube is becoming, and it's only a matter of time before they become a subject of a massive backlash.
  5. I can already say that this is by far the best animated cartoon there is, even if it's towards adults. And Angel Dust is already my favorite character.
  6. That's unfortunately true, though even then, the veteran actors have to eventually move on to newer things at this point.
  7. To see it finally end had just opened the waterworks for me, with manly tears to go for... even though it ended on a high note (even if some didn't like it), it's just genuinely sad to see it end after nine years. It really feels like a hard pill to swallow.
  8. At least it'll be in comic form. S9 was the final season for the TV show. As sad as it is, it's time to move on. I'll have to buy the MLP comics if able.
  9. This was a really good ep, even though there were shenanigans by Discord by making apples sentient and causing trouble to Ponyville (though not causing any harm besides the usual property damage). And it's surprising that Lyra and Bon Bon (or Sweetie Drops) proposed to each other, which indicate that they're lesbians. And seeing Big Mac marrying Sugar Belle was the most amazing thing ever. It's a shame that this was the last episode before the final three episodes for next week before the true end of G4 MLP. It has been a long run, and those 8 years of the show ending in a high note is truly a way to go.
  10. It's a shame that the show itself is ending but the forums will still be alive and kicking, at least. It's been 7 years since I first joined this forum and even though my activity has been on the on & off side, things has been doing well, even though there are notable people like @Arylett Charnoa who was quite nice years before despite sparse activity. Just thought I'd give a shoutout is all.
  11. That nanomachines would be invented as to stop and reverse aging, and prevent from dying of old age. By 2050, basically most of my relatives (my parents included) will have long passed away, with every piece of me is gone as a result.
  12. Man, IDK what to say. I wish I'd experience first love, though it feels like every missed opportunity because they're either uninterested in me or I'm generally unconfident in approaching them without being too off-putting. Hell, I wish I had that chance back in high school though I was too uncomfortable, and have no confidence in being approached without getting myself nervous. Even in college I didn't do much and didn't really broke the ice around others. I guess it's because my interests were completely different than theirs, though that's just me.
  13. You'd go vegan, though vegan choices are severely limited or scarce. You might as well risk starvation just by not eating meat. I eat meat myself, though mainly chicken (sometimes hot dogs too, though not by much), and fish (mainly salmon, and sometimes lobster and crab). Bears, tigers, lions and sharks eat other animals too. Even bears eat fish too, and sharks eat other fishes too. At least I don't eat shark, rabbit, frog and duck. They just don't do well for me. Sure you'd eat fruits and vegetables, though they're not gonna keep you full, that's for certain. If any, you're just going to be hungry for the remainder until you give yourself proper nutrition. Though of course, fruits and vegetables are, unfortunately, expensive, especially because of rising taxes and prices.
  14. I'm unsure about it. Though even then, I'm two years away of becoming 30 so I feel like I'm not getting any younger.
  15. Used to like Puerto Rico. But, not anymore. Why? Long story short, the economy is shaky, corruption is obvious and job opportunities are virtually nonexistent. If given the chance, I want to move to the states, preferably Texas. Puerto Rico is just a disaster in itself, especially from complete, political incompetence to mother nature just making things hell for the people. And this was from two years ago when the slow and inconsistent recovery because of total incompetence due to the electrical company utterly refusing to upgrade to a better electrical grid. Not only that, jobs are hard to find because the majority of jobs lack the English language (and half the residents obviously know nothing about it because they never bothered to learn a new language). So basically I'm contemplating on moving, just to start a new life around the start of 2020. I used to love Puerto Rico, but due to the current state its living in, I'm already beginning to have second thoughts.