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  1. Holy hell ya'll nekrod a post from 7 years ago pls
  2. Dude it has been years

  3. holy hell I still have the 3rd most posts on the site it has been years

  4. baby shark do dod do do

  5. I miss 2013's layout the site is so ugly now oh my god

    1. Kaneki


      Blame IP.Board 4, not MLPF.

  6. wait holy shit you were staff??

  7. Nearly 7 years ago I posted about my crippling depression and I still face it. What fun.

    1. Emerald Shine

      Emerald Shine

      I'm sorry to hear, have you been able to get any professional help?

  8. So I know I haven't visited the forums in a while, but I was too excited about a video I made about a week ago that hit over 12,000 viewers. I wanted to share it with you guys, as this place is like an old friend. Tell me what you thought about it!