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  1. Trixie is teh lame lololol

  2. happy happy birthday to you :D

  3. Happy birthday, man. Hope you're still alive!

    1. Crystal Edge

      Crystal Edge

      I hope hes alive too.

  4. Happy birthday, Tom. I hope you're doing alright.

  5. I actually am concerned as to whether or not you died.

    1. Akemi Homura

      Akemi Homura

      I'm pretty sure he made a contract

    2. ~C. Discord~
    3. Clarity
  6. Miss you, you silly Trixie loving goose

  7. Late, but happy birthday. I hope it was epic. :3

  8. Happy birthday! Hope it was an awesome day and congrats to you :D!

  9. Happy B-Day tom! Stay safe, and remember who best pony is! (Luna)