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  1. Tom The Diamond

    The Great Pony-Off 2012-2013: Global Apocalypse Edition

    First of all, my apologies for the late update, recent family issues that needed to be taken care of took up way to much time. Rest assured, I do plan to see this to the end, which is rapidly approaching! And now, the results for this round of votes, Shining Armor got 2.9 for Personality, and 3.6 for design, totaling to 3.3! Soarin' got 2.8 in Personality and 3.6 in design, giving him a rating of 3.2! And our good Spike got 3.4 in Personality, and 3.1 in design, giving him a 3.3! Our current standings are now; So.. Roughly the same as the last results. Will this round be able to mix up the batch though? Let's see, as our final contenders for this round enter! Enter Sweetie Belle, Twilight Sparkle, and Vinyl Scratch!
  2. Tom The Diamond

    Movies/TV Why does it seem that most Bronies hate SpongeBob?

    As an avid Spongebob fan, this topic seems a bit odd. From my experience, most bronies tend to enjoy a good episode of Spongebob (Seasons 1-3 and the Movie. Very few care for the post movie series, but the series decline is another topic entirely). But there's really good reason for that. Classic Spongebob was very well-written and intelligent. Witty and sharp, with a wide cast of characters. It's somewhat similar to MLP:FiM, though there are some differences. Such as Spongebob being much more fast-paced and more focused on humor, as opposed to MLP, which is slower paced and focused more on story. However, they do share the similarities of being character-driven, as the interactions between the characters are one of the main focuses of both shows. So yeah, the shows built a large fanbase of teens-adults for a reason. Good shows attract all people, not just a specific audience.
  3. Tom The Diamond

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Ah, quite a great portrait of Trixie riding her noble steed into battle. Just the way nature intended! EDIT: HEY WAIT A MINUTE WHAT HAPPENED HERE? WHO DID THE THING? I would never say something so vulgar! Unless I did some time long ago and somehow forgot but I am 85% sure I didn't
  4. Tom The Diamond

    If you could make your own spin-off...

    OK here is my pitch Imagine an Anime with Trixie. Trixie wanted to try to get her revenge on Twilight after her plan failed but when she approached Twi, she saw Celestia was nearby. Not wanting to anger the queen of the kingdom/goddess of the sun, she feigned regret and asked forgivness from Twi. Twilight believed her act and Trixie got away. Now Trixie is on a quest to travel across Equestria, and eventually the world, to become the greatest unicorn of all time, and defeat Twilight Sparkle, her rival, (Even if Twilight doesn't know she's her rival.) She is accompanied by her sidekick, Derpy, a ditzy pegasus who follows Trixie claiming to be on an important delivary. The series would be episodic, and focus on world building and the character development of Trixie as she meets people, and sees how others live and act. The series would be darker, but mainly handle mature themes, like death, revenge and such. Nothing too explicit, like no gore or lewd acts or anything though, I'd say 13 and older would be OK to watch this. oh yeah and trixie would totally be tsundere for twilight through the whole thing Anyways, what do you guys think of my spin-off?
  5. Tom The Diamond

    The Great Pony-Off 2012-2013: Global Apocalypse Edition

    That is most unfortunately true. Hopefully though, we'll get a Rarity's Sofa-centric episode in Season 4? That is a character that deserves to have their personality fleshed out! Alright, my apologies for the late update, recent family issues sprang up. On the good news, here's the score tally! As before, these are rounded. And our current standings have changed quite a bit! They are... Fluttershy is knocked from her throne at the top by Rainbow Dash, with Rarity following shortly behind! Quite a few ponies tie for 4th place, but will another pony knock all of them out of the game? We'll find out! Since only 6 ponies are left, and the poll can only do 5 at a time, we'll split these two over the next two weeks. First up is three Ss! Ladies and Gentleponies, time to rate Shining Armor, Soarin', and Spike! Who shall win, and who shall fall?
  6. Hello there Sir or Madam! If you're reading this, then congratulations! You either believe that with the recent rumors and Equestria Girls spin off that the Brony Fandom is going to be destroyed and this is the apocalypse, or you're just curious what is in this reference manual. Well look no further, as this guide will instruct you on all the important information you'll need to know. Including... What to do if the show is canceled What to do if the Equestria Girls Spin Off goes horribly wrong What to do if the show's quality drops and loses the charm it currently has We will also take a look into other fandoms and see how they deal with similar situations. So, can you make it through this rough patch? Is there a rough patch to begin with? Let's find out, follow me my little ponies! "What if this Equestria Girls Spin Off bombs and is absolutely horrible?!" My my, that would certainly be a pickle, that would. First of all, let's all remember not to call it horrible until it releases. After all, wouldn't most people have called My Little Pony bad years ago? Now, I'm not at all saying you have to be excited for this, or even interested, but calling it bad before it airs and you've seen it seems a bit harsh. But none-the-less, if it is bad? Well, it's thankfully not intended to be canon with the main series! This is something that has been confirmed, rest easy there! If it's /really/ bad and bombs, then odds are the spin-off will end right there, and we can all move on with our lives. Worst worst case scenario, we'll deny it ever happened. Many fandoms deny things happened in their franchise. Ask a Sonic fan if a Sonic game was released for the X-Box in 2006. Ask a Pokemon fan who primarily enjoys the games what they thought of the Anime. Or a Legend of Zelda fan what the best dungeons from the CD-i were. Most fans will willingly acknowledge the faults there, or deny they exist. Both are perfectly fine and normal responses! One bad apple, contrary to popular belief, doesn't spoil the bunch! You instead focus only on the good apples, the reason you're buying apples in the first place! "I heard rumors from 4Chan though that elements from Equestria Girls will leak into the Mane series! What should we do if the core series drops in quality?!" Let's first start with an important issue here. Take all rumors with a grain of salt, especially at this period in time. This is a very crazy time in this fandom right now, panic left and right. No doubt there are people eager to plant a few seeds a chaos into the mix. Yes, 4Chan has leaked legitimate information a great amount of times. But they've also not just as many times. Pokemon Fans, remember Mr. X? Man who supposedly leaked such Pokemon like the Card Legendary, and Houndoomed? Those were proven fake. This kind of stuff isn't uncommon. Anyways, back on topic, assuming you've lost faith in the writers, and the show actually does go downhill, all is not lost! Assuming you are a fan now, you certainly enjoyed at least one season, no? What does a new bad season do to change and make the older one less enjoyable? It doesn't. You can still watch that older one and enjoy it just as much as you did before! Those will still be just as good as they were before! And you can always return to those and enjoy them, just like old times! Let's bring in the Spongebob Fandom! Backstory, Spongebob was started as a cartoon. It was extremely creative and well written, with very sharp wit and humor. Spongebob was a innocent, quirky, and well-intentioned main character brought in a time where most cartoon characters were gnarly and tubular, and cool. The show was a success with everyone, all audiences, young, old, male, female. It's quality was wonderful. Cue the movie, what was intended to be the end of the series. Everyone in the staff room was ready to head home, but unfortunately, the movie did so well, Nick didn't want to end the series. By now, not only had the creator left, but also a bunch of the original staff too. Nick brought in new to replace the old, and the new didn't fully understand what made the old good. Needless to say, the modern series was not good. Quite the opposite. However, it was still successful in both viewership and merchandising that it continued. Right now it's in season 8, with a new season and a new movie on the horizon. Seems a lot like what people in this fandom are worried about happened here, big corporate suits ruined a great series. But is all lost? No. Spongebob still has it's fans, it's forums, it's fandom. How, you ask? Well, roughly 90% when asked if there were any episodes after the movie will tell you the series ended. Denial and ignoring succeeds again! That's right folks, this strategy works wonders for fandoms! Instead of crying over what was lost, enjoy what was given. To Spongebob Fans, those first three seasons were wonderful, amazing and an experience they will cherish forever. And they certainly wouldn't allow anything to ruin their feelings to the classic. Would you let something get between your love for My Little Pony? "OK, but what if the series ends? What if there are no new episodes, or Equestria Girls replace it? Will it be the end of the brony fandom?" That is a very good question, and I can understand why you'd be worried. To have such a good thing taken from you would most certainly be a tragedy. I'll explain this one similar to the above, with another fandom. Enter the Earthbound Fandom. Earthbound was a game released in the early 1900s for the SNES. It was a standard JRPG, but with quirky characters and a modern setting. It was odd, it didn't sell well, but by God did it build up it's fans. They made fansites, fan art, fan fiction, all dedicated to showing how much they loved this game. A few years later a N64DD game in the series was announced, but due to the failure of the N64DD, the game was never finished. With that, it appeared the series, aside from it's ambassadors being sent to Smash Bros., was over. Suddenly, a new game, what was originally the N64DD one, was announced for the GBA to be released in 2006. Years after the last game. Fans cheered. The game was only released in Japan. Fans cried. Then, fans worked their butts off to translate the game to English by themselves. Note that this isn't say, a Mario game. This is a text heavy RPG that people hacked into the game and translated to English. Not a small feat. And that was really one of the last big events in the series. Only one game released stateside, 3 games in the series total, and for years ignored pleas to bring them to the west. The most latest big event is finally confirmation that Earthbound will, after years of waiting, be released on the Wii U Virtual Console in the West. Plus Europe to boot. But that's pretty much it, asides from an old game being released digitally, there has been official confirmation there will be no more games. Not counting the Smash series, Earthbound is pretty much finished. But the fandom is not, not by a long shot. Fan art is still being made, podcasts still being aired, and to boost, there are fans making a Mother 4. Just because the series ends doesn't mean nothing more will come from it. Fans can, and will, keep something alive for years afterwards, on their own. In short, the Brony Fandom will only end when you allow it to end. If you jump ship, that certainly won't help at all. But you continue to show your support, make fanart, read fanfiction, watch episodes with friends, talk about which ponies would make a good couple, enjoy the good, ignore the bad(If there even is bad), and hey, who knows, this fandom might go on till the sun sets one final time.
  7. Tom The Diamond

    The Great Pony-Off 2012-2013: Global Apocalypse Edition

    OK, my apologies for the late update, I had to finish college exams which just destroyed me, but hey, it's finally done now! Yay, onwards to our final results! Remember, the totals are rounded to the nearest decimal, so if some of the scores seem off, that's why. Daring Doo earned a personality rating of 3.4 and a design rating of 3.2, resulting in a final score of 3.3! Fluttershy earned a personality of 3.9, and a design rating of 4.4, totaling to 4.2! Granny Smith earned a personality rating of 3.4, and design of 2.6, earning a solid 3! Princess Luna's personality is rated 3.8, and her design is 4.4, resulting in a total of 4.1! Octavia made a 2.3 in personality, and a 3.8 rating in design, giving her a total of a solid 3! Her are the current standings! Remember, only the top five ponies will make it to the next round! And already a few ponies out of the competition! Who shall fall next, and who continue on to greatness? We'll see in this next round with our latest contestants; Queen Chrysalis, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Rarity's Sofa, and Scootaloo! An all star cast up here, who shall win?
  8. Tom The Diamond

    The Corrupted Wish Game

    Granted. But the computer has an intelligence of it's own, and goes rogue. It conquers the world, but unfortunately it accidentally downloads a virus. Now it's slow and laggy. I wish for a pickle.
  9. Tom The Diamond

    Movies/TV Best Spongebob Episodes PLEASE?

    Oh boy, I love Spongebob. I mean you guys don't know what I mean by love when I say I love Spongebob. The First 3 seasons and the Movie finale were spectacular and some of the best western writing of all time. While I can't pinpoint a favorite, and most of the really notable ones have been mentioned, I am deeply shocked not a single soul has mentioned Pizza Delivary yet. Many ragard that as the best episode of all time. Why? Well the writing is sharp, jokes are quick and funny, the concept is simple yet very well executed, and a very wonderful conclusion really ties it up and shows just how well Spongebob and Squidward's dynamic can work on screen. I'll try to limit spoilers in it, if you haven't seen Pizza Delivery yet, go see it now. Very good episode, easily in my top 10. Oh, and who wants to feel old? Here ya go! Pizza Delivery is over 13 Years old.
  10. Tom The Diamond

    The Great Pony-Off 2012-2013: Global Apocalypse Edition

    OK, so time to tally up the ratings and see how the ponies stack up! Note that these are found by tallying up the votes, and diving them accordingly. Ratings are also rounded to the nearest decimal. So 3.95 is rounded to 4, and 3.05 is rounded to 3.1. Oh yes, and before I forget, I should probably say that since we're dealing with 5 Ponies per round, these will last for about a week and a half, as opposed to last round which (usually) lasted only 3 days. Applebloom has a 3.5 Rating in Personality, and a 3.3 Rating in Design, giving her an overall rating of 3.4. Applejack has a 4.1 in both her ratings, giving her a 4.1 overall rating. Cadance has a 2.7 Personality Rating, and a 3.7 Rating in Design, giving her an overall rating of 3.2. Next is Celestia, the Alicorn with a 3.5 Rating in Personality, and a 4.4 Design rating, giving her a 4.0 Rating. Cheerilee has a 2.8 Rating in Personality, and 3.0 Rating in Design, giving her an overall rating of 2.9. Here are the current standings of Ponies. Remember only the top five ponies of this round will travel to the next round! You're least favorite pony near the top? Better make sure five others knock her out of that position! You favorite near the bottom of the list? Good, make sure no pony knock them out! Our next batch of ponies ready to fight, Daring Doo, Granny Smith, Fluttershy, Princess Luna, and Octavia! Good Luck My Little Ponies!
  11. Tom The Diamond

    *SPOILERS* Is Queen Chrysalis, Luna in disguise?

    At first glance I honestly thought the title of the thread was a joke. I truly did. But, after watching that video, and thinking about it, that is actually a pretty interesting idea. First of all, to really understand this theory, you have to be open minded about it. If you go in deadset that Luna is not Chrysalis, then you just won't be able to 'get' this theory. Heck, it's actually a very interesting one, and the video really explains it well. Just, sit back, and honestly think about how neat the idea of a Luna trying to reclaim her throne in secret is. Also, a lot of people have been saying that Luna just doesn't seem like the kind of person to still hold the grudge. Well... That's kinda the point. Luna needs to appear reformed and normal, she has to be the last person you would suspect. The slightest miscalculation and she has a chance of spending the next few centuries on the moon. Or heck, maybe Celestia already does suspect this treachery but it hasn't been fully validated yet. After all, she might have suspicions, but no solid proof Luna is out to get her. And until she gets that, she can't do a darn thing against her. After all, not only would Celestia suddenly attacking Luna look bad, but she couldn't right now even if she wanted to. After all, the elements of Harmony, some of the greatest magical weapons, are no longer her's to wield. And on her own, she was beaten by Chrysalis (Luna) who received a boost from love. Perhaps without the love they would have been more equal. But hey, why not just bring the Mane 6 to use them? Well why would the Mane 6 turn Luna to stone unless they knew for certain she was evil? After all, they originally used the Elements of Harmony to shock her in an attempt to reform her, also changing her appearance And to their knowledge, it worked, since she's been playing nice with the Mane 6 and Scoots as bonus. They have no reason to suspect a thing. On a side note, remember Celestia wanting Discord reformed? She never said why. Perhaps she's trying to prepare herself should worst come to worst? Perhaps the series finale will be the epic final clash between the sun and the moon? The pawns are aligning themselves, eventually someone will foul up, and the real game will begin. In short, entered with low expectations, got more then I bargained for. Definitely will be thinking about this tonight.
  12. Tom The Diamond

    The Corrupted Wish Game

    Granted, but you lose all the cases you go on. And then a meteor destroys all the courtrooms on Earth, thus putting you out of the job. I wish I could breakdance at will.
  13. Tom The Diamond

    Non-Pony Identity Day!

    I am so late to this party but oh well
  14. So in spirit of Non-Pony identity day, I changed mine to a really cool character from a really anime. So far only one person recognized it. And so I figured 'Hey, I should get the internet to watch this, so why not tell the internet my opinion on it? After all, the internet loves opinions, and they'll want to see something I gave my opinion on right! : D" So well, here's my opinion on Little Witch Academia. I should start of by saying I'm not really a big anime fan. I mean, I have nothing against Japanese animation, but it just never really appealed to me. I do like the Studio Ghibli films though, and I have watched a few series with friends, but overall it's just something I never really bothered to watch. The few I did seemed dull, with fanservice out the wazoo. Well, I had seen a few pics of this particular anime on Tumblr, so I figured "Hey, why not watch it? It looks pretty interesting." So I watched it and I really enjoyed, I thought it was spectacular! But then I learned something at the end of it that really disappointed me. What was it? We'll get to it later! So, let's get to the story. Akko is a girl who, after watching the performer Shiny Chariot live, wants to be a witch just like her. So, she enrolls in a Witch's School in Britain. Unfortunately, since she is from a regular family, she doesn't really have any natural magical powers like the other witches, and she also finds that Shiny Chariot isn't as revered in the magic world as she thought she was. However, in her Dungeon Crawling class, she's determined to prove herself to her school. Will she succeed? The plot and story of the anime is pretty basic. I mean, it's not bad, and it doesn't do anything wrong, it's just basic. Average. You can kinda predict things if you have a keen mind and are paying close attention. But the story really isn't the main attraction of this, it's the rest. The animation, the characters, the setting, that is what this anime focuses on and by God does it succeed in these aspects. The animation is very lovely. It's vibrant, bouncy, it's a pleasure to look at! The colors and backgrounds are all aesthetically pleasing, In fact the animation actually is quite similar to western animation more so then what you'd expect from typical anime. It kinda resembles Disney-style animation to me. Here are a few spoiler-less gifs showing the animation style, in case you'd like a quick visual example of what I'm talking about. Ok so those gifs? Imagine a whole 30-so minutes of animation like that. It is gorgeous. And are you not a fan of constant fanservice in your shows? Could you care less about panty-shots and extreme cleavage that is no way possible? Well neither were the animators, as this anime has none of that! It's animation that appeals, and by God does it work! On a side note, this anime is very tame. The only real questionable content I could find was a few shots of blood in one scene. But eh, it's very quick, isn't the focus of the shot, and really isn't more then what you'd see in most other PG works. Anyways, the second next thing is characters. I'm not gonna go too in depth here, so expect pretty shallow explanations here, and I'm only gonna cover the 3 main witches. The middle one is Akko, the one who the anime revolves around. She wants to be a great wish, but unfortunately she isn't too talented. She's a big fan of the performer Shiny Chariot. The witch on the right is Lotte, who's skilled in magic, eager to learn, yet prefers to play things safe. And then there's Sucy, the fan favorite. Seriously, when you see her on screen, you'll realize why she's regarded as best witch by most. She's deadpan, indifferent, and badass. She's also skilled in potion-brewing. And her animation is the coolest of the characters. Trust me, she's just amazing. On the other characters, there is Diana, who acts as Akko's rival, Hanna and Barbara (Get the reference?) are members of her posse. They play a small role and only get named in the credits. And there's Shiny Chariot, the entertainer that inspires Akko to be a witch. Each of these characters has their distinct personality and animations, which makes them interesting to see how they act off of each other. My only real complaint is that Sucy steals the show whenever she's on screen cause holy crap is she awesome, so other character tend to be overshadowed when she's on. But eh, the characters are still fun nonetheless, and I liked each of them, especially their designs! And finally, the last extremely big thing to note is the settings, the backgrounds, the details. The basic world of 'Academy for Magical Beings' has been around for a long time, popularized by Harry Potter, so it's not really new. Fun, but nothing special. Though the backgrounds do have a ton of details in each, and the background characters all have their own distinct animations. No copy-pasta here. All of it, just like the main animation, is just wonderful to look at. And the background music that accompanies the anime is whimsical, and works well with the animation. Fast paced when it needs to, slow when it doesn't. Anyways, this anime is a treat to watch. It's interesting, fun, happy, and positively gorgeous to watch. Even if you don't like anime normally, you should still consider giving this a watch since it's really different then what you'd expect from anime. It definitely has some western influence in it. It's animation at it's purest, art through-and-through. And it's theme and pacing is similar to that of MLP's, and I know a lot of fans of LWA are also fans of MLP. Odds are if you like MLP, you'll enjoy what LWA has to offer! Seriously, it really isn't hard to find either, just google it and you'll find it. Heck, it's even on youtube. Now, I mentioned there was something that disappointed me. Well, here it is; It's only one episode. A short made with funding from the Japanese Government to help train young animators. There are no plans currently for any follow up, or series. Which is a shame as this would make a wonderful series, the characters and setting at all wonderful! But hey, who knows, maybe if you believe hard enough, they just might make a sequel~
  15. Tom The Diamond

    The Great Pony-Off 2012-2013: Global Apocalypse Edition

    With Granny Smith beating Crackles 20 to 7, Granny moves on and we begin stage 3, that rating stage! Gonna streamline this process a little bit so it'll go faster then the other rounds, here 5 ponies will be available to rate, and you rate them based on their design, and their personalities. Simple eh? When all the ponies are rated, the top 5 with the highest ratings will move onto the next round! Not that these five ponies are done in alphabetical order, and all the ratings will be tallied up at the end. In this round, have ponies to rate, Apple Bloom, Applejack, Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia, and Cheerilee! Who'll be rated what? Let's find out!