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  1. Woo just arrived home from Niagara Falls! That was fun xD Canada is a nice place :3

  2. Espeon is best pokemon! Best pokemon on my team <3333 Best pokemon EVER.

  3. I think that is very, VERY nice! Great work! She's so cute. I'm jealous of you're abilities x3 I don't normally like humanized ponies. Only the special art makes me like them x3 And this I find to be special Thanks for sharing!
  4. Today is the 15th of the 6th month. 15-6=9. 9/3 = 3. Half Life 3 confirmed

  5. Not really specific characters, but in Assassin's Creed 3, those god damn little kids that go like "HAHAHHYUCKHYUCKEHEHEHEE" and follow you around even if you're in the middle of a fricken fight. They get in your way and if you're just doing some freerunning, they are like "HEY LOOK A DUDE WITH WEAPONS AND BLOOD ON HIS FACE, LET'S PLAY WITH HIM" and they run in front of me with their stupid faces and stupid smiles and incredibly annoying laughs. Omg I can't even stand them. I just want to throw a poison dart at each of them but I know that it horribly wrong, and fortunately, you can't even do that in the game. I end up throwing money at their feet. It's like a fee. "Give me money and I won't bother you!" They could be millionaires. As to a specific character.. I dunno. I've always hated Diddy Kong with a passion. Meta Knight and Sonic in SSB:Brawl I found annoying, but a specific character that I extremely hate, I don't know off the top of my head. I'll be sure to post if I can think of one!
  6. Slender. This is the first scary game I played, really.. Watching the guys like Pewdiepie on Youtube, I thought they were all wussies and I laughed at how pathetic they were. I was saying, "I could EASILY win this game without even jumping." I downloaded it. Played it. Got a few pages. Looked left. Jumped, started shaking, put my head down with my hands over my eyes, and almost cried. I'm not afraid to say that. xD I was SO surprised that I was such a wimp! Every time I played it after, I was shaking before I even collected the first page: before Slender even began chasing me. IT WAS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I bought Amnesia on a Steam Sale and whenever I heard footsteps and growls in the game, I put my head down and said "please no please no please no" and when I saw the first monster, I screamed and turned the game off. OMG I AM SUCH A WUSSY. Bioshock is supposedly scary but I was never scared by it o-o Only played the first, though. Got pretty far but didn't beat it!
  7. Wow. In my first little scan of the article, I thought it said "hooker boobs." x.x Anyway, I didn't really think making this movie was a good idea in the first place.. But that's a brony's point of view. Little girls are probably going crazy. I never thought I'd see Hasbro make the ponies human! IT MAKES ME SICK. Can't wait to see it!!!! Omg I'm excited to see it I'M READY FOR THIS. And to those parents.. Shut up xD. It's a cartoon. Based off of ponies. I highly doubt the little girls are going to grow up to be hookers. That would be interesting.. "How were you inspired to be a hooker?" "Why, Equestria Girls, of course!"
  8. Welcome to the forum! This place is fantastic and you will make so many friends here. Welcome to your new home Cupcakes was AMAZING. I loved that fanfic. The first time I read it though, I was sooooo scared and couldn't sleep for three days.. ughhh x.x The Elder Scrolls are amazing! Did you sign up for The Elder Scrolls Online beta? I did when they first opened applications.. Didn't get accepted though :/ It told me my chances of getting in were above average, but.. Oh well. Unlucky! And yes I did read all of your footnotes Once again, welcome!
  9. I like it! I remember when I used to try and draw Sonic.. Oh god I don't even want to post that garbage that I made! But to be fair, that was YEARS ago. I should try again.. Meh. Dunno. Anyway, it's really nice! Good job
  10. Ugh, I seriously need to come back here. I sorta randomly ditched it a while ago. With all the crap I'm going through now, I think this place would be the best place to go to >.<

  11. Happy happy birthday !

    1. Lulamoon


      Awww thank you~ <3

  12. Happy birthday Kittens !