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  1. Wow, I got 50% sleep last night. My hype for my new iphone 4 and new pony kept me up all night Let'sa go pony episode. IM READY.
  2. EmbodimentOfCringe

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    If this thread is how I think it works... I win
  3. EmbodimentOfCringe

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for being an admin when I am not.
  4. Sorry to say, I would chose to be Luna's slave rather than princess trollestia
  5. Thinking about cloudsdale, it is pretty neat
  6. EmbodimentOfCringe

    : D All my franns!

    Hi phunkthisnoise, and If you don't reconize this user.... It's abcdude
  7. I remember it was may. I think I just started watching HUB when commercials came on and I was like "WOW THAT LOOKS SUPAH STUPID LOL" *Two days later* "I love this show."
  8. EmbodimentOfCringe

    Wallpaper Requests

    Could you do one with finn and jake, MLP, gumball, phineas and ferb, rayman, mario, sonic and link? (That is called.... A CHALLENGE)
  9. EmbodimentOfCringe

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned cause... I still have the nightmares
  10. Disco discord, rainbow spike and applerliar.
  11. Great, I would de great stuff with my sisters figureines before she LOST THEM
  12. EmbodimentOfCringe

    Play the game

    I take right path.
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