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  1. Wow, it's been ages since I've been on... Hiya all! o/

  2. Hey people! Crystal Fair is just around the corner, and I'm wondering if there are any ponies here coming there too ^.^ It would be nice to know people in before hand~~ So I was thinking that this could be a general thread with general talk about the convention and to connect with ya~!

  4. Merry Christmas everypony!!

  5. I'd still call him the Doctor. It's up to the person itself how he/she wants to see it (After all, a person can decide to call a banana a strawberry even tho the society tells one to call it a banana ); but that's a good reason to call all of them with their original numberings and Hurt "Doctor 8.5". I haven't followed what Moffat has said, so that is news to me. I have only stated what I have seen among tumblr and other whovians.
  6. Eeeyup, or that is how some people want to see this, even tho there is no actual confirmation about it. But it seems that... They actually created and killed a Doctor just for one episode. Really Moffat? Some people call him Doctor 8.5, so that we don't have to change the 9th and 10th and 11th numbers, some have started to call them with the "appropriate" numerals. I kinda always thought of it what happened before Eccleston, not before the whole thing. But that might be because I like to peek in Wikipedia (sometimes fer spoilers) and someone had written that the regeneration between 8th and 9th due to the Time War thingy.
  7. I can't say that I have ever gotten truly bad christmas presents, since a gift is a gift after all. But I have gotten a few gifts that have... "bad taste", so to say. Bad jokes. For example, I got one year g-strings from my aunt and cousins... And my aunt said afterwards that "Oh, I forgot to pack the hemorrhoid cream." But other than that, I can't say I've gotten bad christmas presents. I have gotten Twilight stuff since my mum thought I liked it, but I can't say that it was a bad christmas present... And to all those who say getting books is a lame christmas present - shame on you! Books are awesome! You have to read the book before you can say it's lame! But I do get those who get these expensive gifts and still see them as a bad gift, tho it's rude if you just childishly shake it off and have a tantrum about it. "I WANTED iPHONE 4S, STUPID! NOT iPHONE 4!" I got an iPad as a christmas gift a couple of years back and saw it as a bad christmas present, since it was expensive and I didn't need it and didn't want it... But nowadays it's actually quite useful. But that's because I SUCKED IT UP and was thankful that my parents used their hard-earned money to buy it in the first place!
  8. In the episode, it was showed that Capaldi was the thirteenth Doctor. And, before he was shown, the Timelords in the room counted 12 Doctors, including the Time War Doctor. So, Capaldi is the last Doctor, since he can regenerate only 13 times (according to some source I can't remember, tho.) And Capaldi has signed up only for one season, so we shall se, if we get only one season of the Doctor or what. BUT - to the episode! I loved it! There were a couple of obvious plot holes (like, how they didn't wrap up the cliff hanger from the last episode and what happened to the zygons), but I loved it anyway! I personally love the plot twist that they're going to save Gallifrey anyway. Some might not like it, some might. And I am one of those who approve this. I've always found Gallifrey a fascinating civilization and always wanted it to flourish, and finally, it can! The ending was a little "Whaaat the hell happened", and I'm wondering if the War Doctor still thinks he destroyed Gallifrey after that... And they FINALLY wrapped up what happened with the Queen (in one episode, the Doctor was told that the Queen was very displeased with him and he didn't know why. And was it in the "End of Time" where he returned and told that the title "virgin queen" isn't that accurate anymore...?) And I'm SO waiting for these certain plot holes to resolve. Was the Doctor able to go to the Time War only thanks to the Moment? Or why could he go through the "timebubble"? And what happens to the End of Time -episodes after this? But the communication between the Doctors, priceless! Oh, and the bunny! And and and so many great things I just can't think of! ;__; I JUST LOVED IT.

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  10. 23rd is going to be packed with so much awesomeness. First, MLP season 4, and the Doctor Who 50th anniversary~~

  11. Happy birthday to you! *Hugs* ^_^

  12. Well this didn't go as expected... A lonely day yet ahead.

  13. I'll enter too, even tho I'm sooo not gonna win, I have the worst luck in these ^^ But it doesn't matter if I win or not XD Someone'll be very lucky to win this