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  1. I'm pretty sure that's the point of a "show all" button.
  2. Tom

    Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    This is a public service announcement: everybody vote for Princess Mononoke.
  3. Tom

    Notifcation for birthdays?

    I third this motion, would be a nice feature if it isn't too difficult to implement.
  4. Tom

    When do you go back to school?

    I start University again sometime around the 23rd of September. So I've still got another month of vaction That's makes 5 months.
  5. I concur. Not really had this problem myself but I can understand how frustrating it could be. If it's possible to filter comments by author this should be quite easy to implement... I think.
  6. Tom

    Suggestion for mobile

    Yes, IPB does run on PHP but it isn't open source.
  7. Well this explains all the changelings I've been seeing. Anyway, great job with the new badges @Jokuc! I especially like the crystal pony... only 1200 posts away I concur, we all know the crystal ponies are far supperior! But seriously, unicorns have always been the higher ranked badge; nothing has really changed in that regard. Whats a bit odd to me is the dragon, why is a dragon lower than ponies? I may find myself agreeing with you there, perhaps Alicorn should be the final badge? Or maybe Princess? And for the sake of argument I don't belive we seen any crystal ponies that weren't Earth Ponies, with the exceptions of the Mane 6, Cadance and Shining, all the inhabitants of the Crystal Empire we've seen have been Earth Ponies. So perhaps non-Earth Pony Crystal Ponies don't occur naturally.
  8. Tom

    The Wait Time

    As the other folk before me have said: the wait time is essential for cutting down spam, also it allows members to think about what they write. And it really shouldn't be seven minutes, you should only have to wait one. I recommend writing a support ticket if such issue pervades.
  9. Tom

    Moving Banners, Interactive Signature and More!

    As Yunkio has already said, these would slow down mobile devices and other low end stuff. As it stands the site is already pretty image heavy and sluggish on my netbook.
  10. Tom

    Topic revival

    I concur with the other member's here, making a new topic while one already exists on the same subject will only serve to clutter the forums and perhaps have a detrimental effect on the the site's SEO. Although I don't know all that much about that so don't quote me on it. Probably the only issue with our current system, as when people make new duplicate topics it'll result in more work for the mods however I think a autonomous robot could help; scan each new topic's title and original post to and flag the new topic if it's similar to an already existing topic.
  11. Tom

    They are out of age... Or are they?

    I've always pictured the main six as young adults, they all appear to have jobs and a few run their own businesses. Rarity has her boutique for example and AJ appears to do most of the work in Sweet Apple Acres. But I will admit that mentally and emotionally they sometimes act younger as some other people have said. Although it still strokes me as a bit odd to see them as highschool girls.
  12. This right here is why no one has reached 10,000 posts yet, that and this site isn't very old. This time next year we will probably see a few people with the certified brony badge.
  13. Tom

    Favorite Number/Numbers

    My favorite number? 6, not sure why, I've just always liked it. Apart from that I like base 2 numbers: 2, 4, 8, 16 ,32, 64, 128 etc. They are quite useful if your doing computer science.
  14. Tom

    Make this site last forever!

    Indeed we do, and all the fan art, fiction, music etc. could keep it that way for quite a long time. I doubt these forums will be going down anytime soon.