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  1. What if the bird part of Silverstream acted like a parrot?
  2. can a roleplay with one or fewer players make sense
  3. I wonder if I can scrape enough DnD stories and have a text generator spit out something hilarious.
  4. So the TzHaar from Runescape don't do books, either; rather they read off of stone orbs. TzHaar, probably: So apparently the humans don't read off of stone orbs; rather, they somehow get information from heaps of ash.
  5. So I ended up drawing the student six in a zoom meeting.
  6. how would the student six fare in a zoom meeting
  7. I can't not think about how fluffy Gally-birb can be.
  8. Biologists generally divide hooved animals into two categories based on the number of hooves per appendage being an even or odd number. Then there's this creature: Imagine a hoofed Smolder-- wait...
  9. Imagine Smoldy-woldy being allergic to wood dust... and causing an entire woodshop to explode.
  10. Gally-birb's family tree would be pitifully small. Smoldy-woldy's would fare better..Sandy's would be mostly standard fare, as would Silvy-birb's. Methinks changeling culture would be the closest to upending the concept of a nuclear family but at the same time not, but what if Yona's really mixed things up?
  11. most of my pony ocs have clothes because i think its more expressive that way