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  1. Reminds me of this: Then suddenly Smolder with magic.
  2. So if I had to choose between 12, 17, and 19 tone equal tempered tuning, 17 has really strong leading tones, more so than 12TET, but at the cost of sounding like an old and out of tune piano. somehow I thought you were talking about Sandy, Silvy-birb, Gally-birb, Baroo-baroo (Yona), Smoldy-woldy, and Celly-bug.
  3. Given the image below, what if Silverstream dismantled a bed, only to get two beds after reassembling it?
  4. Something something programming infinite loop bug
  5. Perhaps if this picture of Yonapuppy has anything to do... Are tally marks base 1 or base 5?
  6. Sorry, I keep thinking Ocellus is the cutest bug when Pharynx could be just as cute.
  7. That scene from the Spongebob movie where citizens are being blinded by King Neptune's baldness. Also...
  8. Bill Gates five years ago: we're not ready for a pandemic. People today: he just spoiled all of 2020.
  9. Something something a computer scientist and music theorist walk into a bar...
  10. Music theory: A modern-day piano constructs a major scale, without accidentals, starting at C. Computer science: Hard drive letters starts at C. Coincidence?! Yea, probably.
  11. What if the cat part of Gallus refused to drink water? Because I hear house cats are like that.
  12. I'm convinced that Smolder can't taste spicy, not even the kind of hot induced by horseradish.
  13. Maybe an Ember-Thorax version of the Smolder-Ocellus picture...