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  1. And I've been in a bad mood even before I mustered up the willpower to drag myself out of bed. Can I go back to sleep?
  2. I feel like I wanna draw a sad Smoldy being comforted by Celly-bug, because I feel like Smolder right now.
  3. Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to draw a Celly-plush but I ended up with art style version 7.
  4. What if... Seapony Sandy but he can't stop flopping like a fibsh. Nurse Yona and sick Sandy. I upgraded to art style version 7.
  5. Well, there was this one time where... I have a really silly story idea for this, too...
  6. Have I ever shared this before? Also, why do I keep drawing Gally-birb in depressing situations?
  7. There are moments in that episode that I can't help but chuckle at...
  8. Imagine Celly-bug and Smoldy-woldy with juice boxes...
  9. I'm reminded of the birbatoo that likes to play with cups now.
  10. Ocellus: *unamused* We’re not that. Sandbar: How could this happen?! I wanna study… Smolder: *hugs Sandbar* Sandbar: You don’t wanna study… Sandbar: Yeah, I’ll be right now? Gallus: *nods yes* Sandbar: Gallus, nice dress. Ocellus: *falls* OOF!! Gallus: *wiping away tears* I wanted to my birthday party, right? Sandbar: *sick sandbar noises* Sandbar: No you had a vegetable last week. Sandbar: *chuckles* You said you had a part of Yona. Yona: Not sick and I’ve never mind… Gallus: AGH!! *laughs* Sandbar: Gallus, nice dress. Sandbar: Guys, stop!! Let Gallus left out. Gallus: AGH!! *laughs* Gallus: Yeah, Gally!! We saved you celebrating my hatchday. Gallus: *nods yes* Gallus: Well— Yona: GROUP HUG!! *hugs Sandbar, not talking about that true? Have you sure? Yona: Yona think Gallus his party hat* Happy birthday, Gallus. Sandbar: Wait, what? *looks around* Was I got Ocellus got sick. Ocellus: What’s wrong? Sandbar: Gallus… Can we forgot and even remember when your birthday a secret… it’s because I just that… *whimper* Smolder: *hugs Gallus* Don’t worry, I get run over a part of the chance… Gallus: Yeah, we forgot and even want to bed before I don’t like birthday is, right? Ocellus: *falls* OOF!! Thanks, Markov Text Generator.
  11. I'm under the impression that it's more common for ponies to be transformed into non-pony creatures. If that's the case, I already got an excuse for turning Gemmy into a griffon. (And Sandy into a fibsh.) Why did I just sing that?