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  1. I'm convinced that Smolder can't taste spicy, not even the kind of hot induced by horseradish.
  2. Maybe an Ember-Thorax version of the Smolder-Ocellus picture...
  3. What if this was an arts and crafts project by the two and it was instead Thorax and Ember and Thorax and Ember saw it?
  4. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  5. From left to right: Silvy-birb, Gally-birb, Smoldy-woldy, Baroo-baroo, Celly-bug, Sandy
  6. I have a text replacement plugin set so that makes it say "fibsh" instead of "fish".
  7. I'm torn between pushing everyone away from me and longing for a meaningful connection. I dont like that tension.