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  1. Turns out, no. Coal comes from swamps and oil from dead sea creatures. And diamonds come from plate tectonics.
  2. Imagine Sandbar saying to Ocellus it's his turn with the brain cell.
  3. I think I've seen this film before, and I didn't like the ending: not knowing whether it's pee or water on the ground.
  4. Could Gallus play the piano?
  5. Since I uploaded the picture offsite (https://derpibooru.org/images/2480224), I opted to add a description. How mad does Smolder have to be to almost cook Silverstream? (Then again, if cartoon physics applies here, then all she'll get is only small charring around her feathers and mane.)
  6. Don't give Smolder a phone or else.
  7. What if the bird part of Silverstream acted like a parrot?
  8. can a roleplay with one or fewer players make sense
  9. You had me at Pinkie Beaver.
  10. I wonder if I can scrape enough DnD stories and have a text generator spit out something hilarious.
  11. So the TzHaar from Runescape don't do books, either; rather they read off of stone orbs. TzHaar, probably: So apparently the humans don't read off of stone orbs; rather, they somehow get information from heaps of ash.
  12. So I ended up drawing the student six in a zoom meeting.
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