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  1. If it comes to something like a pre-modeled book or something, then perhaps; it's just that I have to swap out the materials so that it's cel-shaded. What if I just straight-up got a 4K monitor?
  2. I dread the day I have to 3d model cloth. I'm also super tired. Maybe a sleepy dragon...
  3. Assuming I populate even just one corner of the room with enough trinkets to make it passable as a background, what should be the first thing I do with this Blenderp scene? I have in mind Smoldy-woldy and maybe Celly-bug. Of course the long term plan is to populate the entire room to be as show-accurate as possible within the requirements that it be cel-shaded and such.
  4. People tend to talk about how the plural of moose isn't meese, but what about the singular of sheep not being shoop? I got more, too: Gallus -> Galli (plural) Ocellus -> Ocelli (plural) broccoli -> broccolus (singular) macaroni -> macaronus (singular) dang -> danger (comparative) -> dangest (superlative) pi -> pus (singular) deep freeze -> doop frooze
  5. Imagine Dragons Visualize Wyrms Picture Wyverns Lizard I swear, Smoldy-woldy is huggable but the risk of hugging her...
  6. HEaD On apPly diReCTlY tO the foReHeaD I cant believe I forgot that existed.
  7. So, how long until I have a complete 3D model of one of the school's bedrooms?
  8. Told you this image was gonna be enormous.
  9. This bug. I already know the resulting picture is gonna be enormous.
  10. And I drew her jammies with bugs on them. Also, lighting. If we continued this pattern with the rest of the Student Six... Sandbar: turtles Silverstream: stairs (or pipes or both) Smolder: gems Gallus: nothing Yona: Yona (maybe recursively)