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  1. The thing is, apart from me, no one else has drawn a Kirincellus up until now.
  2. I wonder if I can go an entire month without ever refuelling my car.
  3. So, ultimate question: where did Smoldy-woldy even get a Celly-bug plush?
  4. The last time I drew a bug that I then shared specifically as an attachment: (Yeah, she needs a hug now.)
  5. So I found a Silverstrseam a horsebirb a hippogriff in Minecraft.
  6. Y'all ever played the tetrahedron in band class?
  7. People are saying that Silvy-birb should snuggle Gally-birb.
  8. That hasn't stopped some really good programmers, though...
  9. But what if she dreams of the Storm King again? Or Pipe Dream?
  10. Silverstream: But I don't wanna go back to sleep!! What if I wake up and I can't move again?! How am I supposed to hug anycreature?!
  11. Does snow count as a present? 'Cause I got snow now.
  12. All I want for Christmas is my two back teeth. And maybe a 1440p monitor.
  13. All I want for Christmas is my two back teeth. Also:
  14. I wanna find a bunch of fortune cookie fortunes and Markovify it.