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  1. Can I confuse a Celly-bug instead?
  2. Would Smoldy woldy appreciate being hugged?
  3. So throughout the duration of DXPW, I got five 99's. That's a lot.
  4. How does a seapony... Actually, don't think this one.
  5. Ocellus plus energy drink = ? Gallus/Smolder plus energy drink = kinda reasonable Silverstream plus energy drink = run for your lives
  6. Ever seen a giant rabbit?
  7. Conjecture: Silverstream will indiscriminately hug any creature she can get her arms around (even if she can't wrap her arms around). I say this because Embergriff strikes again. https://derpibooru.org/images/2349555
  8. And yet it continues to be the case where I take the time to explain something close to me only to have the explanation flat-out ignored. All it does is prove the conjecture I have that people value the art more than anything about the artist. At least in a super technical field, explanations to the user are not mandatory because good luck making them understand.
  9. I feel like abandoning art on the basis that it makes me feel useless as an artist. That way, I can free up time to devote towards programming instead, something that is near impossible to understand to outsiders. Because why care about the people who make something creative when it's the end product people care most about?
  10. I used to have that be a part of a much more complex program; basically it generates a simulated population based on a household count using real-life census data. I then almost had it so there were demographics for subpopulations that also had to be generated and tallied. What if I Markov Chain'd the whole poopulation? Also, bug.
  11. Alternate caption: you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about. Oh yeah, and I found a way to keep this from having a delta (I call it a discrepancy) of any nonzero number. It's hella complicated.
  12. I was talking about Smolder. Did you know there's an Ocellus in Runescape? And a Starlight?
  13. So how much experience is slaying an orange dragon?
  14. I just got 99 cooking last night.
  15. So I got three different skillcapes over the course of a few days, and it's looking like it's gonna be four.
  16. Apparently so; I simply picked that image because Ember as a birb looked adorable.
  17. How about something that does not have an enraged state? https://derpibooru.org/images/2326221
  18. There's also this picture that featured Ember transformed into a hippogriff against her will... Why not kirin Ember?
  19. "There are enough horror stories of people dying from a CVT (continuously variable transmission) ." "Don't you mean DVT (deep vein thrombosis)?" "No."
  20. When your panorama fails hard enough...
  21. So, can we talk about that one time I made Trixie into a two legged creature?
  22. Imagine Silvy-birb cheering someone up like this...
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