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  1. At least MMOs don't have pandemics. OK, actually there was this one time World of Warcraft had a bug...
  2. Most programming languages start counting from zero for arrays and stuff, and initial conditions are labeled with a zero...
  3. Ganaram Inukshuk

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    more birbs
  4. That awkward moment when you're so used to seeing British floor numbering on Runescape wiki that you get confused when there's a setting for toggling between UK and US floor numbering and it's set to autodetect based on region. Imagine naively writing some code that converts cardinal numbers to its corresponding ordinal and you have it so that it's the number with the -th affix tacked on to the end, no matter what the number, so you get 0th, 1th, 2th, 3th, and so on. Now imagine doing that on purpose just to troll people.
  5. Ganaram Inukshuk

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    OK, here's some birbs.
  6. That's not the image where Celly-bug questions her place in the tree of life, though. Oh, I guess I can share this now.
  7. Something something Ocellus asking another changeling whether they were mammals or insects. I may need to relocate that image I found where Celly-bug asks that. Sandbar was expecting a simple food request but QA never bothered to order a "I need to pee" through the drive thru, and hence Sandbar.exe crashing. I just realized that whole thing likes up with that QA engineer walks into a bar tweet.
  8. Me about 20 minutes ago: Sandbar: Oh, we can just go through the drive thru for that. What do you want? Ocellus: I need to pee. Sandbar.exe has stopped working. Would you like to restart? No ❌ No but with a green checkmark ✅
  9. I'll regularly refer to eggs as eegs or deggs now, and fish as fibsh.
  10. All I want is the time and energy to draw Smolder eating aquarium gravel, but I won't get that chance until maybe later this week.
  11. This is something I wanna make sure I get right the first time; otherwise I'll just scrap it.
  12. I wanna ensure that any character interactions are at least plausible, unless it's something on par with a crackship.
  13. For one, I have this idea in mind where Gally-birb is worried about Silvy-birb's wellbeing/health but... Also would Gabby-birb and Terry-birb be like instant friends? Also, would Gabby sing the toes-toes-toes-belly-belly-belly-beak-beak-beak song to Gallus because she can?
  14. Ugh fine no more rainbow road trip I was already in a terrible mood today.
  15. I just said "Coronavirus Kerfuffle" to myself when the only thing I know about Rainbow Road Trip is just the audio because i listened to it through my car's Bluetoof speakers.
  16. Why the hell did I draw this at 03:00 AM in the morning
  17. So why does everyone think Gallus looks like a wonderbolt or is a chicken when the blue and gold macaw is a thing?
  18. So apparently you can get Windows Movie Maker to export 4K video.
  19. What happens if something is reversible? Or cyclical?
  20. Death, war, pestilence, and the absurd idea of Yona being a pack yak. Hold up...
  21. We could always go for anagraphs instead.
  22. Revelations: Never let Smolder attend woodshop. Especially if she's sick and is sneezing fire.
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