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  1. I already started on drawing little bugs on Celly-bug's pajamas, but I had to bolt when I drew only one bug.
  2. Worst part is that I really wanted to draw Celly-bug again...
  3. My valenderp's day is gonna be spent in the Lhopital (as a visitor) and in traffic.
  4. I suppose this'll do for "special pony".
  5. bug It's quite possible that Art Style Version 8 may see an overall reduction in relative outline size. Yes, I'm already working on ASV8. And even then, Delicious still works as a font.
  6. So, uhh, this. No, I don't want any garnish.
  7. Where does Angry Gallus fit into this? Context: I've seen a parody of Angry Birds where it's Angry Gallus and the birds are just Gally-birb's head.
  8. ...maaaaaybe... Sometimes I think to myself about how Gally-birb deserves a hug.
  9. No, it's not the Markov Text Generator this time. It's this:
  10. So I programmed for fun again.
  11. You can just draw every dot at once.
  12. Me: Yall better stop before I start pronouncing the hat in "what".

    Also me: Laughs at the word w-hat.

  13. The birbs are already cuddling, though...
  14. Yes, I actually went forward with Kirinstream.
  15. Who'd be the better kirin, Ocellus or Smolder?
  16. I'll just share the relevant images that I've been able to find.
  17. Though the weirdest/funniest ones I've seen are changeling Smolder and Scootaloo Smolder.
  18. I mean, from what I've found, there's: Pony Smolder Changeling Smolder Seadragon Smolder Breezie Smolder Pufferfish Smolder Tigershark Smolder Puppy Smolder Scootaloo Smolder
  19. Alternatively you could end up as the garnish of someone's dinner.
  20. If you beep your horn at me .5 seconds after the light changes green I'm going to put my car in park, adjust my car, check my vehicle my car, check my park, adjust my mirrors, change the oil, top off my car, lay on the grocery store, cook some texts, cook dinner, and build a book, brush my car, charge my vehicle my mirrors, change the transmission, and replace the wiper fluid, change my car in park, adjust my car, charge my park, adjust my emails, return some emails, return some emails, eat a nap, and take a snack, read a book, brush my tire pressure, change the grocery store, cook dinner, and
  21. Not if I bite out of it like any other candy bar.
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