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  1. My latest headache is me overlooking the fact that, well, this: public static float SumOfElements(this float[] array) { int sum = 0; foreach (int element in array) sum += element; return sum; }
  2. The plural of Felix is Felices.
  3. Great, now I want pizza too.
  4. Meanwhile I'm trying to imagine Gally-birb or Silvy-birb in this position.
  5. help i think smolder is the cutest little firecracker
  6. 'm jst mmckng th styl psd by fll t by. Why s smldr s drbl? I once drew a bug sleeping in a light.
  7. thnks fr th mmrs tht brng bck mmrs
  8. I want those bananas to go back up the stairs and stay there.
  9. when you have some really comfy pajamas im basically glimmy right now
  10. Nah, my specialiszation is text generation.
  11. I expected a voice emulation AI reciting Star Wars using Trump's voice...
  12. It had better not be dead changelings... (I think it'd Thorax sad...)
  13. I like the idea of having a chandelier big enough for a bug to sleep in.
  14. what if smolder's horns fell off
  15. Nah, Smolder and the student whose project got burned BOTH got sent to the headmare's office as an act of overkill.
  16. The original comic was Smolder getting in trouble for sneezing fire on another student's woodworking project...
  17. So did I ever tell you about the time I had to do an art assignment and I ended up submitting a 5-page comic snippet that features two of my characters, Smolder, and a 3th OC that I made up specifically for the assignment? Now there's plans of revitaliszing a disused character as a 4rd OC to be used as the 3th character's roommate, and Sandbar, how did you get so big?
  18. Except what I had in mind was an extension of the above image where Gally-birb's camera 🅱️roke and Sandy and Silvy-birb were offering their own cameras for Gally-birb to borrow, and Smolder is looking on with a smartphone with way too many cameras. Silvy-birb's camera can record in ADHD but only has 4K memory.
  19. Meanwhile in my brain.. Smolder: *reads off nonsensical specs of a smartphone to Sandbar, Silverstream, and Gallus* Yona: Yona lost now. Can Smolder explain again? Smolder: Look, I don't know what any of that even means; all I know is that it sounds cool. Ocellus: Umm, I hate to break it to you, but none of that made any sense.
  20. smolder still wants a hug or something
  21. Ganaram Inukshuk

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Is it fair to call Gallus a meower?
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