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  1. 30 Video capture tests and my sanity later I have OBS ready for livestreaming:
  2. 30 Video capture tests and my sanity later I have OBS ready for livestreaming.

    1. Boyevyye De

      Boyevyye De

      Where have you been! >:c

    2. Revy ~ Two Hands
  3. I can easily drink 1.5 litres a day if I have soda around. This is why I switched to diet soda.
  4. PinkiePie, AppleJack, Rarity want colts canonicly. Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle don't. Shipper's at standby.

    1. ponylaces


      Didn't pony Twilight have a "crush" on Flash Sentry at the end of EQG?

    2. Revy ~ Two Hands

      Revy ~ Two Hands



  5. My haul of anime posters off Ebay. Black Lagoon and Death Note posters are A3. Persona 4 Poster is 14″ x 20″

  6. I just wanted to announce that my Doom II mod 'ExtraMana' page has gone up. I'll be releasing the Beta soon! ModDB give you option to 'Track This Mod' if you don't want to check back manually. Also check the page for screenshots of the Mod. Mod:
  7. PinkiePie has a thing for old male Griffins. ~ Things MLP season 5 has taught me.

    1. The Crimson Cross

      The Crimson Cross

      Woah! Really? xD

      I'm yet to see much of season 5 myself actually!

    2. Ecto Storm
  8. Greetings all. Firstly I'm working on a Doom II mod I hope you check it out, I'll be putting up the beta here soon: Secondly: Who here is gonna play Fallout 4, and how they gonna play it? I will play as SirLolzalot who will valiantly strive for the most hilarious decisions possible. Namely screwing people over for no reason whatsoever other than amusement, pretending to help people but secretely nicking all their stuff. Doing a mission diplomatically most of the way then when getting bored murdering everyone.
  9. I was a cliche' child I guess since I was afraid of the dark.
  10. Leaning more toward casual I think, but there will be a challenge in areas. Okay so here's the ModDB page for the Doom II 'ExtraMana' it contains new screenshots for the mod in progress. Check it out!
  11. My Doom II Modpage is live! I will posting the Beta here when it's finished.

    1. NovaCosmic


      I love Doom. I might have to give this mod a go.

    2. Revy ~ Two Hands

      Revy ~ Two Hands

      Sure thing man, I'll post an update here when the Beta is up.

      You can also Track the mod on the page.