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  1. Revy ~ Two Hands

    System Shock 2 - OBS Capture Test

    30 Video capture tests and my sanity later I have OBS ready for livestreaming:
  2. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Three reasons I don't like Derpy.

    If you weren't here when DerpyGate happened you don't truly know Derpy.
  3. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Funniest Lines

    These are some damn funny lines! XD
  4. Revy ~ Two Hands

    How often do you drink pop / soda?

    I can easily drink 1.5 litres a day if I have soda around. This is why I switched to diet soda.
  5. Revy ~ Two Hands

    ExtraMana - Doom II ModDB Page is Live

    I just wanted to announce that my Doom II mod 'ExtraMana' page has gone up. I'll be releasing the Beta soon! ModDB give you option to 'Track This Mod' if you don't want to check back manually. Also check the page for screenshots of the Mod. Mod:
  6. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Greetings all. Firstly I'm working on a Doom II mod I hope you check it out, I'll be putting up the beta here soon: Secondly: Who here is gonna play Fallout 4, and how they gonna play it? I will play as SirLolzalot who will valiantly strive for the most hilarious decisions possible. Namely screwing people over for no reason whatsoever other than amusement, pretending to help people but secretely nicking all their stuff. Doing a mission diplomatically most of the way then when getting bored murdering everyone.
  7. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Things that used to scare you as a kid.

    I was a cliche' child I guess since I was afraid of the dark.
  8. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Gaming Doom Thread [Cute Cacos Inside]

    Leaning more toward casual I think, but there will be a challenge in areas. Okay so here's the ModDB page for the Doom II 'ExtraMana' it contains new screenshots for the mod in progress. Check it out!
  9. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Gaming Doom Thread [Cute Cacos Inside]

    Yeah it doesn't handle right though, needs to be on pc.At this point I've got three different forums to put up a beta for, I might as well just upload a pblic beta at this point since I was going to want plenty of feedback.I still think its less neat to do it thisway but I've come round to it.When the beta is finishe I'll just link it here
  10. Revy ~ Two Hands

    The Hiatus.

    HiatusHius, I'm still 5 episodes behind. I always wait so I can watch them in a short time period.
  11. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Gaming Doom Thread [Cute Cacos Inside]

    About 15 years. I used to install mods from Pc Gamer demo discs, downloading mods off the internet could take days for most people since Broadband was barely a thing and moddb didn't yet exist
  12. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Gaming Doom Thread [Cute Cacos Inside]

    I've followed modding for over 15 years, this actually isn't as standard as you claim it to be. Beta testing is usually closed to the public which is exactly what I'm doing. You can make mods anyway you want.
  13. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Gaming Doom Thread [Cute Cacos Inside]

    The GBA simply wasn't powerful enough for Doom. Talking of ports, the Duke Nukem PS Vita Port handls a lot worse than I thought it would.
  14. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Gaming Doom Thread [Cute Cacos Inside]

    Because I don't want the public playing an unfinished mod. Why wouldn't I want to fix missing textures or other problems before release? I prefer ModDB because I can publish multiple mods from mutiple engines all on one page as opposed to all over the net. I'm planning on modding other games in the future.
  15. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Gaming Doom Thread [Cute Cacos Inside]

    I made it using GZDoom, in BOOM format. I personally run it using Zandronum that's my favourite source-port atm. I'll add you to the list of testers, if anyone else wants to be a tester just comment In this thread. I'll PM you all the file whenever I get the map finished. I'll credit anyone who tests out the map on the ModDB page when the map is ready for release (unless you don't want credit for some reason) Here's my developer page for ModDB when the level is ready for public release you'll be able to find it here: