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  1. I'm sorry i hadn't seen your reply. And sure, seems good. Seems good, you're in aswell.
  2. Don't you think that's a lot of just gray and black? Anyway, his weapon is the crowbar i assume?
  3. If you're still up for it i'd like to do a one on one RP. I've been away for a while though.
  4. I've been away from here for a good long while, so let's get back with some roleplaying action. In the distance you see a light. It is dark and cold and it looks like a fire. Upon closer inspection it appears to be a camp. This might be your last hope of surviving. A new group. As you arrive you notice only one person there. He wears a dark green tank top and camouflage pants with black combat boots under it. Right next to him there's a bag and some gear. He hasn't spotted you yet, but you hear things happening around you. How will you approach this stranger? That's the intro story. I'll play the character described in it. I'm looking for people that are willing to join this person in an effort to survive. I'd like a good mix of males and females in the group so maybe some love might grow aswell, makes for an interesting story. The RP will consist of looting, killing zombies and maybe even dying. For a bigger RP there have to be some rules of course. This is what i had in mind. - No killing other characters, they decide if their character dies. - Don't control other people's characters. - Use proper grammar/spelling and such. I don't want to sound mean, but i really don't enjoy an RP if this is done too badly. - Have fun The RP will start with every player gathering around the campfire. The way you approach is up to you, but remember, your goal is to survive. From everyone that wants to join in here i would like to know the following things about your character: - Name: - Gender: - Age: - Gear: (what they have on them, please don't go overboard.) - Appearance: Race doesn't matter as this is more an EQG version anthro, so no wings and no magic. Also, please don't make your character to militaristic. Although firearms are allowed, i'd like the main focus to be on melee weapons.
  5. I propose we wait untill @Painted Star returns, so we are all there from the start.
  6. As said, this RP is dead now. However, if everyone is up for it, i'm willing to do a reboot.