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  1. Btw is it the animated Charlotte's Web from 1973 or live action from 2006?
  2. I nominate Wall-E for next week.
  3. So it starts 6 PM EST like it says here, and not 6 PM EDT?
  4. Usually not super many, 5-15 I would guess. I also wanted to say it's nice that these announcements are posted earlier then before, so one know what movie will be first. Summer Wars seemed interesting, but I'll probably won't stay up that late this time.
  5. I'm nominating Rio and Rio 2 for next week.
  7. Guess I'll nominate the third Hobbit movie again, since it came kinda close. Quite ironic and unfortunate that it was show on wednesday on another site and I missed it, oh well.
  8. For next friday Im nominating The hobbit the battle of the five armies.
  9. I would have though it to already be ahead. Anyhow, animu on saturday?
  10. I feel that Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Wreck it Ralph, Spirited Away and Princess Bride have been shown more, to mention some classics.
  11. I guess I'll suggest Lilo & Stitch 2 for next week since the first one won.
  12. Suggesting Lilo & Stitch again.
  13. I'll try suggesting Wicker Man (2006). If that one is not ok I'll suggest The Dark Knight Rises instead.
  14. Hmm it's one of those polls, where I'm pondering whether to vote for 90% of the movies or narrow it down to 10% of the movies.