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  1. spoiler

    i'll just leave this here.
  2. spoiler

    so, funny thing about that Daybreaker dude? i made a theme for her.
  3. Mega Thread

    well, for one thing, Viscra isn't that formal, so she probably wouldn't use "sir" or "ma'am" when talking to someone. secondly, i'm quite sure she knows how to open a bathroom door, let alone any door.
  4. request shop

    hmm, a classic feel, huh? do you have any examples i can use as inspiration?
  5. request shop

    i'm still open to requests if you have any! couldn't hurt to be a teensy bit more productive here haha.
  6. Mega Thread

    *pokes her head inside*
  7. request shop

    so sorry for the delay! i've been pretty busy over here. i finished your request now @Nightshade Primus, i hope you like it! i even took the liberty of having the MIDI file loop (since the original song does), and the MP3 repeating itself and fading out, for a better listening experience, i hope that was okay. MP3: Folk n Storm.mp3 MIDI: n storm.mid?dl=0
  8. request shop

    ohh, that's a pretty nice song you've got there. it shouldn't be too hard to cover, so i'll add it to the list.
  9. request shop

    i'm glad you liked it! 2 slots are still open if people want to grab them, by the way!
  10. request shop

    your request is finished, @CentipedeGhoul! i hope you like it. MP3: Next Notice.mp3 MIDI: Notice.mid?dl=0
  11. request shop

    okay, sure, i'll add you on the list. it shouldn't take too long to finish.
  12. request shop

    you want me to make a cover of that song, is that it?