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  1. request shop

    so sorry for the delay! i've been pretty busy over here. i finished your request now @Nightshade Primus, i hope you like it! i even took the liberty of having the MIDI file loop (since the original song does), and the MP3 repeating itself and fading out, for a better listening experience, i hope that was okay. MP3: Folk n Storm.mp3 MIDI: n storm.mid?dl=0
  2. request shop

    ohh, that's a pretty nice song you've got there. it shouldn't be too hard to cover, so i'll add it to the list.
  3. request shop

    i'm glad you liked it! 2 slots are still open if people want to grab them, by the way!
  4. request shop

    your request is finished, @CentipedeGhoul! i hope you like it. MP3: Next Notice.mp3 MIDI: Notice.mid?dl=0
  5. request shop

    okay, sure, i'll add you on the list. it shouldn't take too long to finish.
  6. request shop

    you want me to make a cover of that song, is that it?
  7. request shop

    okay, i think i'm gonna open up slots again! post a comment in this thread alongside your idea to claim one!
  8. request shop

    i'm glad you like it! i'm gonna be a bit busy this week, so i'm gonna hold on opening new request slots for now. i'll let you all know when i open them up again.
  9. request shop

    @PrincessOfCompassion, your request have been finished just now! i hope you like it! MP3: Theme for PrincessOfCompassion.mp3 MIDI: for PrincessOfCompassion.mid?dl=0
  10. request shop

    okay @chaosprincess, your request is finished now! i hope you like it! MP3: Theme for chaosprincess.mp3 MIDI: for chaosprincess.mid?dl=0
  11. Mega Thread

    it was a subscriber perk to get a taller avatar size. i don't know why this newer forum software has a smaller avatar size. makes the space look kinda empty tbh. not that i absolutely care or anything, it's just a bit odd.