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  1. request shop

    hi. i'm really sorry for the absolutely massive delay, but i'm afraid i have to cancel your request. i just weren't able to get it to work. sorry if this disappoints you. requests are closed indefinitely. this was a bit too much pressure for me to handle. if i get back to them, i'll make it known, but it was too hard to keep pumping out new, fresh ideas for me.
  2. Boop

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      No one


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      Viscra Maelstrom

      i heard that. you can't whisper here you know :P 

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  3. request shop

    phew. okay. @firephantom, your request for a fast-paced , energetic theme-song is finished. i added in a slower part at 0:24 to 0:35 that should be enough time to introduce all the characters, so to speak. MP3: Fighting Theme.mp3 MIDI: Theme.mid?dl=0 i also finished your request, @Lotus Aura. i hope you find it fitting for your character. MP3: Soaringful Skies.mp3 MIDI: Skies.mid?dl=0 ---- i'll get to your request soon, @coopster1101.
  4. request shop

    oh jeez, all these new posts! i should respond... once again, @Iced_Coffee Nerd, your request has been finished. check back a few posts to find it, i want to know how you liked it! @firephantom, your request is currently being worked on. i should have it finished very soon! @Lotus Aura, @coopster1101, your requests will have to be put on hold! i noticed that i had accidentally taken on more than 3 request slots at a time because of my tardiness, so i'm gonna have to take a little break so as to not get overwhelmed. sorry about the confusion! i hope you can understand.
  5. Mega Thread sticker.png?dl=0 face
  6. request shop

    oh gosh. i'm so very sorry for taking so long to get to your request, @Iced_Coffee Nerd! i was waiting to get more info on your request, and then i completely forgot to make your request! i am incredibly sorry for this mishap! i have made your request for a classic song based on Turquoise now. i structured the song so it's like it has several "mini-acts" in it, i hope you like it, and i hope i didn't burn your trust for taking so long on this! MP3: Turquoise.mp3 MIDI:
  7. spoiler

    i'll just leave this here.
  8. so, funny thing about that Daybreaker dude? i made a theme for her.
  9. Mega Thread

    well, for one thing, Viscra isn't that formal, so she probably wouldn't use "sir" or "ma'am" when talking to someone. secondly, i'm quite sure she knows how to open a bathroom door, let alone any door.
  10. request shop

    hmm, a classic feel, huh? do you have any examples i can use as inspiration?
  11. request shop

    i'm still open to requests if you have any! couldn't hurt to be a teensy bit more productive here haha.
  12. Mega Thread

    *pokes her head inside*
  13. request shop

    so sorry for the delay! i've been pretty busy over here. i finished your request now @Nightshade Primus, i hope you like it! i even took the liberty of having the MIDI file loop (since the original song does), and the MP3 repeating itself and fading out, for a better listening experience, i hope that was okay. MP3: Folk n Storm.mp3 MIDI: n storm.mid?dl=0
  14. request shop

    ohh, that's a pretty nice song you've got there. it shouldn't be too hard to cover, so i'll add it to the list.