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  1. Metroid: Super Metroid Zelda: Majora's Mask Doom: Doom 2
  2. Celli

    I feel like I'm over MLP's animated series

    NMM constantly makes annoying topics like these whining about the current state of the show. It's quite grating and tiring to see.
  3. Celli

    I feel like I'm over MLP's animated series

    I don't give a rat's ass. Not everyone is as insufferable and unpleaseable with the show as you. Some people still love the show and that's fine. Pieguyrulez is hilariously overrated.
  4. Celli

    I feel like I'm over MLP's animated series

    @Nightmare Muffin Then stop watching the show and spreading your annoying negativity around to people who don't care.
  5. The Metroid series went down after Other M, but after Samus Returns I think it's making a comeback.
  6. Celli

    Gaming What was your first steam game?

    Team Fortess 2 was my first steam game.
  7. Still playing World of Warcraft's newest expansion.
  8. If you don't take into account the smaller library than steam, it's waaaaay better than steam. Better customer service, DRM free, better and more deals....
  9. Esports are already giving professional sports a run for it's money in popularity. https://onlinebusiness.syr.edu/blog/esports-to-compete-with-traditional-sports/
  10. Celli

    What are your religious beliefs, if any?

    Atheist. I don't believe in god, or any sort of being. To me it seems like fairy tale mumbo jumbo, and I personally see it as illogical. The only way I'd believe is if a god came down from the sky and said "Michael, I am god and I exist!"
  11. Metroid by far, with Super being my personal favorite.
  12. The grayscale threw me off.

    Oh well, worth it for second best pony.

    1. KindaEvilTwily


      reminds me of grayscale mode on my phone that I remember when I had to use it to save battery when in Spain