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  1. So NASA launched it's new mission yesterday, Parker Solar Probe, which will come within 3.9 million miles from the sun. We will literally touch the stars.

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    2. PoisonClaw


      Wasn't that the plot of the movie "Sunshine"?

    3. ChB


      Awesome! Can’t wait to hear more discoveries about our life-giving Star. :) 

    4. Celli



      Indeed, I'm interested to see what research comes of this, there's still much we don't understand about our parent star :o


      I can't say I've ever heard of that before.

  2. There's no way it's worse than 4, FO4 took every aspect that made the series what it was, which was first an foremost an RPG. Not an FPS with watered down RPG elements and a dialogue system that's downright insulting to the core of the franchise. Better shooting mechanics make it a better game but not a better fallout. In terms of keeping faithful to the core of the series New Vegas trumps 3 and 4 in spades.
  3. Celli

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    For fuck's sake.
  4. Doom Eternal looks siiiiiiick!

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    2. Celli


      Doom is probably my favorite FPS franchise.

    3. TheRockARooster


      Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein were my favourites as a kid.



      Always glad to see another DOOM fan.

    4. Celli



  5. Celli

    The (extremely weird) Bedwetting Game

    He never wet the bed. Rarity. Eh, pardon?
  6. Celli

    Trigger the fanboys game!

    >Fallout NV >Worse than FO4 my sides
  7. I'd honestly love a redux of Super Metroid. Like not a remake of any sort, just like give it HD resolution support, 16:9 widescreen support, put it on the switch eShop and charge like $20 for it. I would totally pay for it.
  8. Celli

    Gaming your favorite video game

    I'm fairly certain there are a few threads like this already but eh. Super Metroid, Metroid is my favorite series, and Super exemplifies everything good about Metroid.
  9. Celli

    Gaming Has anyone played the Megaman Franchise?

    I've been playing the new X legacy collection 1+2. Beat x1-x5 and doing my personal least favorite x6 now. I really don't like this one and I remember all the trouble I had playing the first time.
  10. If a remake of the first Metroid Prime was made and it looked like this I would die of happiness.




  11. What's that supposed to mean?
  12. *poke*

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    2. Celli


      I see~

      I've lost interest in this place myself, I feel more at home on derpi, especially as a mod there.

    3. Sidral Mundet

      Sidral Mundet

      I find it easier to reply and much easier to get off subject

    4. Celli


      I agree.


      Especially when you SUBVERT EXPECTATIONS

  13. *boop*

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    2. Error 404

      Error 404

      yeah I been going through some stuff and been trying to get a better understanding on what was and is going on around me but right now im feeling pretty good =) 

      I hope you've been good these days too =) 

    3. Celli


      I'm good~

    4. Error 404

      Error 404

      Its good to hear that =) 

  14. Celli

    Gaming Bad parts in great games.

    I won't deny that's one of the weakest parts of Prime 2, but in honesty I think it's still a 9/10 game. This part I disagree, you're only forced through two flooded rooms and the fight itself is one of the best in the game imo.
  15.  *Hugs*

    640?cb=20151016014820 :rarity:

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    2. Celli


      *hugs you both*

    3. Sparklefan1234




      That's weird. :huh:

      I thought @ChB's been following you full.gif.

    4. ChB


      Yeah, I thought I was following Celli, too. Guess there was a glitch...