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  1. I don't hate you man, it's your opinion, I just found that there were some bits that could have been clearer, and the villain was weak, and I wish Cortana and Chief's relationship was touched on deeper. Also, the only Halo games that were hated a lot were 4 and 5. Reach was mixed at launch but now has a lot of love.
  2. Don't get me wrong, Halo 4 is overhated I feel but I just find some of the writing and characters to be... questionable.
  3. Doom has aged tremendously well if you play on a source port with modern fps controls and 60+ fps. Not even doom, half life, Duke Nukem 3D, or the Bungie Halo games?
  4. I literally do not care about Xbox anymore. It looks horrible. They're just making the same mistakes by not using their first parties and putting all their games on PC. The ps5 will probably kick it's ass again.
  5. Halo Reach for the Master Chief Collection on Steam.
  6. I will say I'm stoked that he's appearing in Cyberpunk 2077. He's one of my favorite actors, and that made me more excited for a game I was already excited enough for.
  7. Funny thing is Keanu obviously appreciates it but he definitely just wants to live a normal life too.
  8. Still playing The Outer Worlds, amazing game, and a much better Fallout than any of the Bethesda Fallouts.
  9. Why? Oh, they made an episode about a popular icon, how horrible. News flash, they do that all the time, it's not new. They've never sold out. They just poked fun at another popular internet sensation. The episode wasn't about Pewdiepie, the synopsis also says "Kyle can't figure out why Ike and his friends want to watch people comment on things going on around them rather than experience it for themselves. Meanwhile, the Marsh family needs money after Stan spent it all on freemium games so, Randy is forced to perform live to bring in some cash."
  10. I hope you are doing well, BFFFF. :)



    1. Celli


      I am, thanks :D


    2. Sparklefan1234


      YOU'RWELCOME! :ticking::squee::mlp_smug::mustache::rarity::pinkie:B)

  11. I'm fairly excited for MCC on steam and am going to buy reach as soon as it comes out. If it takes a while I don't mind as long as it's polished and has all the things I want for a PC fps.
  12. I've been playing since about launch day and I've enjoyed it far more than BFA. Levelling is slower, grindier, and harder. But it's an RPG and it definitely feels like one. There's something about grouping up with people to do a hard quest, too. Progression feels rewarding, you get small increments with talents but they add up and feel like your character is growing. I've never been so ecstatic to be in full green armor, too. Dungeons are far more fun, too. The world just feels big and dangerous. I have a 30 mage and I've gotten a warrior to 10 as well.
  13. True, which is why I think Blizzard will push TBC servers, or release cut content that didn't make it to Vanilla.