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  1. Celli

    My poltikz

    Carl Sagan is the best ideology.
  2. religion sucks, worship carl sagan, aka me.


    1. Celli


      Also I just learned that my friend @Comrade Key Sharkz was basically shadowbanned, wow this site really sucks!


    2. JonasDarkmane


      How would shadow banning even work here?

  3. This site. Can't even let a debate get a little heated.

    If you allow debate you should expect arguments to get heated from time to time. If you don't, why even allow a debate "symposium" at all? Afraid people are going to have some feelings hurt? If people are going to get offended they don't belong in a debate pit. Enough said.

    I've had it with this fucking site and the staff treating things with kid gloves. 

    I don't give a shit if I get banned for this, I'm fed up. Staff on this site have gone downhill over the years and they treat everything like it's infected with anthrax. Goddamn.

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    2. Celli



      Spare me. I see you lock threads that get even a little heated.Some guy says gays belong in an asylum it takes you weeks to do anything. The moment someone criticizes religion you jump on it like a hawk.

    3. SuperNESBrony


      if you want to participate in a heated debate

      why not just move to venezuela

    4. JonasDarkmane


      A bit hyperbolic, don't you think? Take a breather and look over what you just wrote.

      I have my disagreements with @Jeric, but I have yet to see him lock threads purely because of valid criticism of religion. What you might see as staff being selective in their handlings can come down to when someone is around to properly go over reports (vacations, kids, school, life in general among things that can limit staff activity). 


      Do I agree that people could have a little bit more of a thicker skin? Absolutely. But that goes for everyone and being able to understand that the mods are not out there to get you~ :nom:

  4. No one is trying to offend you??? If you post a controversial opinion expect it to be challenged, if you can't handle that you probably shouldn't be on the internet.
  5. @Midnight Solace Mate. There are tons of weirder things to like in the world. From different fetishes to other things. And fucking crossdressing is the weirdest to you??? Yeah, no, it's far from the weirdest. Yes it can look weird when it doesn't fit the particular person but done right and on the right person it looks natural.
  6. I'm already bored with 8.1 :p The Faction assaults are alright but they're only worth getting for the gear, I'm sick of emissaries, and the new raid will only keep me occupied for so long. I haven't finished the War Campaign yet though. I hope 8.2 isn't too far away. And I never played WC3 but this will be an amazing chance to do so and I'm super interested in it, more for the story, and the remastered cinematics
  7. @Snow FrostflameI hope you're ready for 8.2 and Warcraft 3 reforged~
  8. True, he has been destroyed and came back because he can regenerate. And he's intelligent unlike the rest of his space pirates. And perhaps.
  9. Cunning god of death? Also Rundas was a one off character in Prime 3 and I'm not sure he'd be added. Dark Samus was a recurring villain and the primary antagonist of prime 2 and 3 so she makes sense. Ridley was the best addition imo though since he's the biggest Metroid villain.
  10. If only. But hey, we got Ridley and Dark Samus so I'm content.
  11. @Quantum Pony Speaking of Dark Flow, this a good video on the subject, I recommend giving it a watch.
  12. Celli

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    This video where Neil Tyson talks about his encounters with Carl Sagan. Both are very talented astrophysicists/astronomers and I have major respect for both. More so Carl though, he was an amazing man and was extremely passionate and bright, optimistic. I wish I would have known him when he was alive.
  13. Celli

    Science The Space Thread

    The size of the great superclusters like ours is beyond imagination. And that's just a fragment of the vast size of the observable universe. Which itself is not the entire universe, either. And this from Carl Sagan, one of the brightest minds of the last three decades.
  14. Personally I would have rather I was just born a couple decades earlier so I can know Carl Sagan sooner.
  15. I thought it was decent as a kid but now I think the prequels are very flawed. The originals had far less problems than the prequels.