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  1. Again, they're not fixing a thing. Porn bots have been, are, and will be an issue long after the ban until the site dies. Which is soon. So, they're trying to kill a house fly by blowing up the house with C4. And the house belongs to Tumblr. Oh, and the fly is the CP and porn bots, which will live on.
  2. And the porn bot accounts which as I said have been an issue for the better part of a year and Tumblr did nothing about, and will continue to do so. After the ban porn bots will continue to stick around while Tumblr continues to stick it's head up its ass and do nothing about. Meanwhile hate speech, homophobia, racism etc continues to stick and they rather target harmless NSFW blogs that also tag their stuff. I expect Tumblr to be shut down by the end of next year.
  3. Or you know, use google instead of wasting money on something you'll throw out in less than a week. Except the site isn't meant for kids. It's restricted to 13+, and the irony is there will still be porn bot accounts that tumblr has not and will not do anything about.
  4. Celli

    George H. W. Bush dies at 94

    He wasn't really a good president but he led a long and good life and served our country. Rest in peace, Mr Bush.
  5. I still do because I game on a PC with a dedicated PC monitor.
  6. Celli

    Movies/TV RIP Stephen Hillenburg

    Stephen Hawking had it since he was a teenager and lived to 76, and he was given a few years to live. I think Hillenburg wasn't diagnosed that long ago.
  7. Celli

    Gaming Games that give you nostalgia.

    Probably Super Metroid, Super Mario World and Metroid Fusion.
  8. Bas

    What a lovely avatar! I don't think we have met before.

    1. Celli



    2. Bas


      I know. You don't need to pay for my appearance, I am generous like that.

  9. Currently improving my skill in Quake Champions.
  10. Celli

    Science The Space Thread

    There is Mars one which is a thing. https://www.mars-one.com
  11. Celli

    Gaming Spyro reignited trilogy and spyro fans

    Waiting for a PC/Switch release personally. I don't have a PS4 yet and I have no plans to get an Xbone so I hope we don't wait as long as we did for Crash.
  12. Celli

    Science The Space Thread

    True. The thing is, I think they need to work on making a sufficient and good enough way to get humans to Mars, since we haven't even sent anyone there yet. Terraforming if it ever becomes a reality, is still far off.
  13. Celli

    Science The Space Thread

    NASA isn't slow, It's just expensive and time-consuming to attempt to colonize and especially terraform Mars. Mining Asteroids, I'm not so sure.
  14. The original Quake, aka the best first person shooter ever made.
  15. I feel like I'm the only person who liked the artifact hunt lol Then again I'm a huge Metroid fan and Prime 1 is my second favorite game only to Super Metroid.