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  1. Gaming What console should I get?

    Oh you mean that console with no games?
  2. Gaming Thoughts on Nuzlockes?

    Because people like challenging themselves? Are you against people finding other ways of getting fun out their games?
  3. Have you ever been banned from a website?

    Well they were all well over two years ago, and they can see userbans, as well as IP and FP bans, plus, we even have a special badge for mods who were banned before becoming mods. @Sparklefan1234 They were a long time ago
  4. Have you ever been banned from a website?

    Does who know?
  5. Have you ever been banned from a website?

    I've been banned from 4chan several times for posting stuff in /mlp/ that you aren't supposed to. I've also been banned on derpibooru 3 times for acting like an ass, and I fully admit to deserving them. And now I've been a moderater for the site for a year and a half, heh.
  6. Gaming Favourite Mario Game

    For 2D mario, SMB3. For 3D I'd have told you Mario 64 but Oddysey is starting to take that place.
  7. Dark Souls 3, just beat Abyss Watchers. Having a great time with the game, especially after the awful experience of Dark Souls 2.
  8. So Trump wants to cut funding for NASA's upcoming WFIRST telescope, essentially scrapping the mission completely, when it's meant to launch in 2021. 

    I cannot express my disgust.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Johnny1226


      Most likely the money will go toward the Great Wall of trump how unfortunate 

    3. ~Dusky~


      @Johnny1226 Or the military, one of the two. Both are complete wastes of the money.

    4. PoisonClaw


      Because science is another thing on the long list of things Trump doesn't believe in, right beside common sense and basic human decency. 

  9. Food Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescetarian?

    You will never get me to stop eating meat.
  10. Gaming What console should I get?

    Xbox One is a crap console with no real exclusives and all it's third party games can be played on PS4 with multiple exclusives. NES.
  11. Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    Got a Nintendo Switch, along with Mario Oddysey, Zelda, and Skyrim~
  12. That said, claiming console gaming is dying is pretty far-fetched.
  13. Fallout 4. Gotta say, the rpg elements aren't nearly as good as New Vegas or even 3 but it's still fun, it has actually pretty good shooting mechanics, and while the graphics could be better for a game in 2015, they're at least a step up from New Vegas and actually look colorful and more detailed. That said it still suffers from bethesda-itis, i.e., random bugs like attempting to use a computer terminal and your character randomly gets stuck in front of it while moving from side to side and you can't exit out without reloading your last save. Play testing Bethesda, do it!
  14. Congrats on your first Super Bowl win Eagles! What a fantastic game!

    1. Woohoo


      Glad the Eagles won. Patriots have enough rings. :okiedokieloki: