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  1. Phosphor

    General Appreciate a fellow pony!

    @Partialgeek514 and @Midnight Solace, thank y'all so much! I'm glad to have made y'all smile.
  2. The battery packs for my telescope and laptop are depleted. It was a good night for stargazing.

    I'll share some images tomorrow. :mlp_grin:

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    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      Nice. Can't wait to see them.

    3. Duality


      Ooh, yes, do please share when possible. :ticking:

    4. Tacodidra


      Good to hear you enjoyed it! :yay: And I look forward to seeing them! :)

  3. Phosphor

    When was the first time you visited the MLP Forums?

    I started lurking here right after I watched a few episodes of Season 1. Around August or September of last year. Finally decided to make an account in July.
  4. Seeing a distant planet, such as Uranus, in the eyepiece of a 16" telescope is a wonderful experience! :awed:

    And brrrrr! My fingers are freezing!  :twilightcutehat:

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    2. Phosphor


      @Cash In, I'm glad it's cold. It gets downright tropical in the southeastern U.S. during the summer! :sealed:

    3. Cash In

      Cash In

      I see. Currently we're approaching the end of Spring, but it's practically been mid-summer weather.

    4. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      Maybe one day,it’s nice bc it’s nearly pitch black here so it would be perfect :-D

  5. Phosphor

    Web Last thing you googled?

    Uranus rise and set time. I'm waiting on the planet to get close to its transit altitude (highest point in the sky) before imaging.
  6. I set up the big telescope earlier. Mars surprised me this evening, considering how far it has gotten from us. I have about 10GB's of video to process in the morning, but here's a sample from this evening.

    Luna is out tonight. Gonna need my nightvision binos to find Uranus. :P


    1. Celtore


      Excellent! I really wish I had a night sky to search. It's been way too long since the last clear night.

    2. Phosphor


      Time for a trip to Barbados!  :laugh:

      Now that I can feel my fingers, gonna see if I can image Uranus cloud details in Near IR. 

    3. Celtore


      Yep! Off to Barbados to see the night sky, if I don't melt first from the heat. :laugh:

      Best of luck!

  7. Do the ponies in Equestria really just crap anywhere at random? They seem to use indoor plumbing. Even the extremely rural areas at least had an outhouse (featured in The Last Roundup, think) If they did and Equestria ended up smelling bad, I would just stay where I am. It smells fresh here!
  8. Phosphor

    What fast food resturant is the worst

    Burger King. Arby's is close too. Every Burger King (and most Arby's) I've been to in the last several years, has been dirty. If the floors and tables are filthy, I walk out.
  9. Most paints and dyes become transparent in Near IR. Pretty neat!

    Focuser NIR.jpg

    Focuser Vis.jpg

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    2. Duality


      Would the sketch even show up?

    3. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      It looks so deep, profound, creepy, interesting, and cool!!! :ticking:

    4. Phosphor


      @Duality, yeah. From what I've seen, graphite from pencils show up. Some inks are transparent, tho. 

      I have some artwork from my little sister. I'll take a pic of one in NIR and visible light. Photographs look blank in NIR, too.

      You can tell I love this stuff! :twismile:

      @Sondash Studios, thank you! It's like viewing the same world but in a different dimension. lol

  10. Phosphor

    Most Dominant Brand For Your Electronics

    I have a mix of brands when it comes to electronics, with the exception of computers. Nearly all of mine are Dell. I'm not sure why, tho.
  11. I wasn't able to travel to the path of totality, but I was at least able to photograph the partial eclipse (86%) from my house. I used a refractor telescope with a solar filter and dslr. I plan to catch the next one in 2024. I have an RV this time!
  12. I think I'll hold off on observing til tomorrow night. It would suck if I sneezed on my telescope's optics.  :eww:

    Coco Pommel kleenex.png

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    2. Phosphor


      Thanks @Tylad and @Tacodidra

      I was feeling better earlier today, but now, not so much. Time for some Robitussin and a pony video. :muffins:

    3. Partialgeek514


      Lingering colds really suck. Hope it clears up quickly!

    4. Phosphor


      Thanks y'all! I'm feeling much better this evening.

      Gonna do some astronomy tonight! :ticking:

  13. Phosphor

    Science The Space Thread

    I'm glad I found this thread! I'm simply impressed with how much camera technology has improved. From film, webcams, and now specialized high speed planetary cameras, not to mention the quality optics that are now available. Also, the atmospheric dispersion corrector became a big game changer for imaging fine details on planets. The next bit of technology for amateur astronomers is adaptive optics to counter the turbulence in the atmosphere. The price is beyond reach right now, but should come down as more are made. What a time to be an amateur astronomer!
  14. Phosphor

    Easiest money you ever made?

    I found a $20 dollar bill in the dryer once. I made $10 by replacing the solenoid on my neighbor's mower. She always cooks for me, so I didn't charge anything. She insisted on paying me.