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  1. Phosphor

    Are you a fan of bananas?

    Sure. I love the taste of bananas. Plus, they're a good source of potassium. Banana pudding is awesome too!
  2. Phosphor

    Name an iconic duo

    Drew Brees and Marques Colston
  3. I'm a bit late, but congratulations on winning the banner contest!

    It looks awesome!  :-D

    1. Midnight Solace

      Midnight Solace

      :ticking: Yay! Thanks dude, it thought mine was the odd one out seeing how all the other banners are coloured, and then there's just mine. :D It was some pretty tough competition! 

    2. Phosphor


      You're welcome bro. I really love black and white drawings. 

  4. Phosphor

    Surrogate Scootaloo Day Trivia.

    I've yet to try a trivia on here. Gonna take a shot at this one!
  5. Had a good time visiting some family over the weekend. It was much needed.

    1. Tacodidra


      Great to hear that, my friend! :yay: It's always nice to visit family! :D

  6. After sitting outside in the freezing cold for over hour, I ordered an intervalometer for my camera. Just enter the number of exposures, set time interval, and go inside where it's warm. :) 

    He he. 21st century astrophotography 

  7. My 3rd attempt on the Pleiades. Last image is the Horsehead and Flame Nebula. Exposure info is on the lower right hand side of each photo.
  8. 2nd attempt on the Horsehead and Flame Nebula. Not as good as the one from last night since my optics fogged up towards the end of the exposure.

    27°F is a bit chilly. Brrrr!!  

    Exposure: ISO3200; 23 minutes; f/5.5

    Horsehead Nebula_12-5-2018_Embed_AWB_Gimp.jpg

    1. TwilySparky


      Huh wow, you took this? Looks fucking great!

  9. Phosphor

    Do you even like real-life ponies and horses?

    I like horses. I just don't have enough clear land to get one. I enjoy riding in a wagon, as my old neighbor use to have one and a couple horses. He would invite me to ride with him occasionally, but that was years ago.
  10. How are the skies in your part of the woods tonight?

    1. Celtore


      We're back to the regularly scheduled forecast for at least the next 2 nights: clouds, rain and snow. It looks like the weekend might be really nice though, so I suppose I can wait :)

      How about you? Do you have a good shot at the Horsehead Nebula this evening?

    2. Phosphor


      It's clear tonight, but the temps are dropping fast. Gonna be in the 20's. I have everything setup outside, but I doubt my dslr battery is gonna appreciate the cold temps. :mlp_lie:

      Had to do a battery swap last night. Went from 76% to dead. Luckily, I keep a spare on the charger. I'm running AC power on my tracking mount and laptop tonight. 

  11. Phosphor


    Wonderful drawing! Is that a smile I see?
  12. Phosphor

    What time of day do you shave?

    At night, usually right before a shower.
  13. Phosphor

    What is the worst grade you got at school?

    For an assignment? A zero. I may have forgotten some homework here or there. Worst average: definitely biochemistry in college. Passed with a D. I was in a bind during senior year of college, so that class got pushed to the bottom since it was an elective.
  14. Phosphor

    What version of yourself do you cringe at the most?

    Definitely 9th grade. I hung around the wrong crowd, thought I was top dog and could do whatever the hell I wanted. I am not proud of that year and grew up fast come 10th grade.
  15. Phosphor

    General Real or artificial tree?

    I pretty much never put up a Christmas tree, though technically, my front yard is full of them. They just need lights. I do Christmas at my grandparents' cabin and they prefer an artificial tree due to allergies. I like real trees. They smell good!