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  1. SunShim is about to get booped. SunShim wants no boops! SunShim is a blep-y cutie SunShim gets pettings by...HERSELF!


  4. Celestia might be afraid of them because by now they have successfully annoyed the everlasting feather out of her by making their trademark "Raise the Sun, Celestia!" sound.
  5. until

    Um...isn't it happening on Sep 22?
  6. I hope they do. Thanks for listening, Twi. Until next time. Take care of your friends!
  7. It''s Princess Twilight. You know, the you from another dimension. Serious changes are coming into her life. She is on her way of becoming the new ruler of Equestria. She and others are preparing for the grand coronation event. Coronation dress, making Starlight new headmaster of her school, moving out of Ponyville - all that stuff. I should be proud of her, just like her friends, family, mentors and others, and I am. But...darkness settled in my mind. It's difficult to explain, or maybe I am wrong. Basically, I feel like the bridge that connected us is either getting narrow or outright decaying. With her new responsibilities, she will most certainly be even more busy to find time to spend with others. I also started noticing how much more adult and collected she has been acting lately. As if she is effectively eradicating any inner quirks and flaws that she had in order to become the wise ruler Equestria needs. And if that wasn't enough, 2 weeks ago I had a dream in which she physically became the new Celestia. (Ask Sunset. she'll give you the idea what your principal is like in Equestria). I was not supposed to see it, and yet it happened. It was out of my control. Her friends did not change that much. Twi...I think I am either clinging to the past or just am another case of when one fears the change because he might not like it or have this feeling that he lost connection to somebody he used to know for so long just because of a social gap getting bigger or goddes-like image. 'sigh' My mouth is getting out of control. Please, Twi, tell me how to be? Can you say anything that would help me to stop being afraid of a change and go back and look into her eyes without shadow of a doubt once more? Do you have any advice for that? I don't want those bad thoughts hammering away anymore.
  8. S...sort of. I didn’t know who could I talk about it. I wasn’t sure about your friends, especially Sunset, because I know how supportive they would be of her. That would be double true would we be talking her friends. Then I remembered about you, I am.
  9. 'knocks the door' 'door opens' Hi, Twi. Do you think we could take a walk? There's something I need to talk with you about.
  10. I also gonna say Sunset Shimmer. Why? Um...don't you think that everypony already answered that one? I'll make it simple: Part of the reason is that I have a thing for baddies who choose to become goodies and stay that way. I just really love seeing villains (preferably after long time of villainous behavior) siding with heroes and start doing good things. It just warms my heart when you get this realization that this character makes a great friend when they are not evil. LOVE IT! X3 While design-wise she was pretty cool, as a villain Sunset wasn't that much. She was just another baddie that I knew is gonna get defeated by goodies. But then I saw her working hard to become a better, friendlier and nicer pony girl, and let me tell you: it felt like the worst surgeon ever poorly and bluntly surgically implanted me with love for her...and I loved every second of it. And of course, I loved her in everything that followed RR. And that's how abruptly ends my tale of How Sunset went from one nasty piece of work to "Oh c'mere, Sunny-buns, you pwetty pony girl <3"
  11. WHAT?! Wha-ha-haat? Wut iz diz meme-rememe I am C-ing in dis Equestria Girls short? :love:


    1. Sparklefan1234


      TallMixedKid-size_restricted.gif I think this is what it is referencing. 

    2. Light Blade

      Light Blade

      I figured it out. What I was saying is that I didn't expect it to see it here so unfiltered :laugh:

  12. Happy late Rarity Day!


    1. ChB


      You too! :) 

  13. Happy late Rarity Day!


    1. Sparklefan1234


      Happy Rarity Day, My Friend! :D