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  1. Light Blade

    Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Slightly bashful cutie
  2. Light Blade

    Luna Fan Club

    Lulu knows how to be pretty
  3. Light Blade

    Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    Oh look, Starly paid us a visit
  4. So apparently during my absence this place got some awards. I got a mug of cider at some point. I tried to look it up and some of them were not clear enough to me. Could somepony please explain this new system to me?

  5. Light Blade

    Movies/TV Low Rated Movies That You Like

    I still enjoy that one too.
  6. Light Blade

    Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Just Twilie in the wild
  7. Light Blade

    Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    One of them Twilienanas cases, eh? With her beloved dragon boy <3
  8. Light Blade

    Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    The Magic is strong with this one! There's no such thing as Twilie-less season! She can do it. She will make sure that you pass your exams successfully.
  9. Light Blade

    What is the latest pony related merchandise you bought?

    I got one of them fireworks with Trixie and Glimmy ridin' it. Yaaay, I now have a Glimmy in me collection! Not to mention, it came packed with these additions to me pony comic shelf
  10. Light Blade

    Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    @Loyal Defender Make sure to hug first. And pet : )


  12. Light Blade

    Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

  13. Oi! Thanks (even though it’s kind of late) for that cider, mate!

    1. Ragland Tiger

      Ragland Tiger

      Thanks for the swig:-D

  14. Light Blade

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Whatever you do, do not, under any circumstances, tell Fluttershy about video games.
  15. Light Blade

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Everypony, do the BLEEEEEEEEEH!