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  1. I am going to a MLP themed pup crawl tomorrow after work!! :pinkie::squee::mlp_icwudt::twi::D:sneer:

  2. Kind Claw

    VPCC Lounge

    My Biceps are Bulk lol
  3. Kind Claw

    VPCC Lounge

    Work yesterday was tiring we were setting up a new shop so it was a bit labour intensive but I committed my time after work to do a workout set at home
  4. I am super keen to write a FIM Fiction about an adventure featuring Tree Hugger, Fluttershy and me :squee:
    And on that note goodnight Everypony May Luna watch over your dreams (I needs more Lulu pics lol)

    Luna 6.png

    1. Dabmanz


      Goodnight sleep well.

  5. Kind Claw

    VPCC Lounge

    I went to my first vegan activism workshop the other day it was really good to connect with fellow vegans who want to start engaging with the public. I personally have been working out everyday to show others that you don't have to eat innocent animals to be strong.
  6. Kind Claw

    VPCC Lounge

    @Dabmanz I live in Australia and there vegan pizzas are amazing!! Also there Vegan cheesy garlic bread is divine
  7. I'm liking where this is going but it's going to need lots more work and fine turning. I am literally learning by doing 

    Screenshot (22).png

  8. Making another art gimmie three years and it shall be done lol

  9. Goodnight Everypony as always may Luna watch over your dreams.

  10. Alright time to flex, clean, workout and get ready for work tomorrow might try my hand at making another art piece later tonight (note, my cover photo and profile pic are actually my first real art attempts and will improve as time and practice progresses)

  11. In Canterlot Avenue squee! :squee:

  12. Happy Birthday!! Have a magical Ponyrific day! :)


  13. Gallop for joy today is your Birthday!! Happy Birthday! :squee:


  14. Happy Birthday! Today you are the mane attraction! ;)


  15. Happy Birthday! may you trot the night away partying!