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  1. Congratulations @Lord Valtasar!
  2. I voted for Winter Wrap Up and At The Gala. This is gonna be pretty fun! I can’t wait to sing along.
  3. I hope everypony is having a happy New Years celebration! :D

  4. How about some EG faces? I know you said no Mane 6 but I think they’d still make a good addition to the emoji list.
  5. I hope everypony had a very Happy Hearths Warming this year!

  6. I give my congratulations to the two ponies in the banner. I just wish I knew who they were.

    1. CypherHoof


      I think you can be happy for them without a bio :)

  7. It’d have to be in a flashback of after the Pony of Shadows was banished “1000” years ago.
  8. Hope it wasn’t too late to donate! :D 

  9. Nye

    Snow Wars!

    I toss snowballs back at @Sparklefan1234 and @Prospekt. And hurdle some at @Wannabrony, @The Recherche, and @Denim&Venom. We all join forces and drop an entire snowpony on @Jeric!
  10. We need Vinyl. Or Octavia.
  11. Nye

    Adopt a User

    Am I allowed to put myself up for adoption? No? Darn. @Sparklefan1234 I guess I've adopted you. That means I am @ChB's adoptive grandfather!
  12. I meant paying with PayPal. It seemed like you said that it was required to pay in CAD on the website. Am I able to pay USD on the hospital's website? I want to donate there, rather than through PayPal.
  13. Bas

    Lovely organizing Rarity.

  14. Nye

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    Here is my ponies, two if you don’t mind. If you do, the first one is the one I’d prefer.