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  1. Most would say some game like Skyrim, but oddly enough, my highest played game time is like 15,000 on Lego Star Wars Complete Saga, or maybe I should check my Skyrim time.
  2. Nye

    S02:E01+E02 - Return of Harmony

    I like how Twilight Sparkle and Rarity Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy But Applejack and Pinkie Pie are untouched.
  3. Nye

    How would your world be if MLP never existed?

    I would probably still be depressed if MLP never existed. And I most likely would still be very antisocial, and I would still have a negative opinion on life. MLP has changed me for the better.
  4. Goodnight everypony! :orly:

  5. Nye

    Request Shop I Need Ponies to Draw

    Can you draw for me Fluttershy with a graying mane, reading a thick book to a few assorted foals? It doesn't matter what the colts and fillies look like, just make sure there are some of both gender.
  6. Goodnight everypony! :D

  7. Nye

    Request Shop Free Chibi Head Requests (Open)

    Cherry! Blue Smiling happily Snow Very slight smirk (you don't need to include hat if you don't want to, only one ear is cut) Rose Grinning with glee Aqua Frowning from annoyance
  8. Nye

    Request Shop Jorge's Request Shop (Art)

    Can you draw these two looking away from eachother? Just their faces, and some sort of basic color background that contrasts well with their faces and manes. They aren't mad at eachother, they are just contemplating things. It could be interpreted that they aren't actually next to eachother, they are just put there for the image.
  9. Nye

    Request Shop I Would Like Ponies/EG to Draw!

    Cola! For the first image, could I have Rose hugging Aqua basically in the same pose as the first example image you posted? But instead of Aqua liking the hug he is looking away and making that embarrassed type face with the squiggley mouth. Aqua's cutie mark is covered with steel plate armor. For the second image Blue is booping Snow's snout. Snow is rolling her eyes and Blue is squeeing. And this image is just a bit of their body and all of their face. Snow is wearing leather armor with a hole for her wings, and Blue is wearing chain leggings with a thin leather strip holding them on her legs. Kind of like the one image of Blue, but without shoes. Neither of their cutie marks will be visible since they are sitting.
  10. Nye

    Request Shop Fay's taking requests! ♡

    I really like the cute innocent art style you have! Can you make the two cuddle playfully? Blue is slightly smaller than Rose despite how the images look.
  11. Nye

    Request Shop I'm back to draw your oc

    I love your art style! Here's my oc, she wears chain armor on her front legs and back legs without shoes, and it has a leather strip holding each legging on, as seen in the first image. She has a quiver in front of her saddle bags, so close to her neck but still on her body, and she has a black bow. Her arrows have an orange and black fetching. The bow has an enchantment of binding which lets it sit seemingly unnaturally on her back without a harness. Her cutie mark is a generic, pulled back wooden bow with a very light blue string, and an arrow with a red fletching and steel/iron arrowhead.
  12. Nye

    Terrible Therapist game

    Tell Celestia to banish them to the moon. Doc, my foot itches no matter what, I've tried itch cream, burning it, and amputation. The itch won't go away.
  13. Nye

    iOS apps

    If they aren't on the app store anymore, that means either the developer hasn't updated it to the latest iOS, they removed it, or Apple removed it. If it was the first option, you might be able to email the dev about it, otherwise, you won't be able to find out much more as to why its gone.