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  1. That would be the greatest plot twist in the show! But at the same time, think about what kind of lesson that would teach... In bridle gossip, the moral of the story was don't judge people because they're different/don't stereotype/don't jump to wild conclusions based on appearance. That would completely go against that lesson now, wouldn't it? Its the equivalent of saying to kids "Don't jump to wild theories about Zecora because she looks different than you, she's just from a foreign place....*bwhaahahha who are we kidding she was evil all along!*"
  2. For the most part, I'd say the majority are uninterested in sex, although Rarity and Twilight seem to be the only ones to have shown any interest at all in other ponies. Rarity fantasizes about stallions all the time, and then Twilight seemed interested in Flash Sentry.... But that doesn't automatically make it sexual interest.
  3. Most powerful because they are the hard labor class/race? Eh, that just doesn't cut it. Especially since if they were to stop farming in retaliation, they'd also starve. I'd like to see more Earth ponies in higher, more dignified roles than that. There is definitely unequal distribution of power among the races. I for one think there needs to be an earth pony revolution.
  4. Team Fortress 2!!! I would watch the HELL out of a Team Fortress 2 movie. It would work even better as a TV show. We have 9 well thought out characters with distinct personalities at constant war against basically their clones to protect a mysterious objective from someone higher up. Chaos insues. What more could you possibly want? Hell, watch this 14 minute mini-movie of it, and watch the videos if you haven't already. I want, no, NEED more. These characters have so much potential.
  5. Blehh lag. Sniper's pretty fun too, although I usually use the huntsman because I have this soft spot for projectile weapons. My time with the crusader's crossbow translates well with the huntsman... and its fun to pin people to walls.
  6. Ah i was just playing TF2 as well. I'm a medic....battle medic.
  7. Definitely a visual/tactical learner. To study or prepare for my art history class, I sketched each art piece in my notebook alongside important facts. The process of sketching them out helped me remember the facts next to them more easily since i would see the art piece every time i read my notes. I also learn well by watching someone do something and then trying it myself. A good example of this would be origami videos. My auditory learning skills are horrendous though. A few seconds of explanation and I start to zone out. I was always horrible at math for this reason. If I asked for hel
  8. Chicken or beef taco?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. crazitaco


      I really do like them both, but beef tends to be more common ^-^

    3. aoEAF2FBvC0MIo2Q


      And do you have a pet Chihuahua that can say "yo quiero Taco Bell"?

    4. crazitaco


      Taco Bell is for peasants xD

      All hail Taqueria Jalisco, Taqueria Alcapulco and Alteños :P

  9. *difficult or obnoxious camera angles *the "protect this thing" mission where the thing walks around stupidly taking damage from enemies and you have to kill the enemies before it dies *press X to SHAUN. AKA "quicktime events" *games with a ton of confusing button combinations *terrible voice acting. If its gonna be poorly done they shouldn't even bother. *poorly done "realistic" graphics. the humans just get plain creepy looking. *grindfests
  10. I get where you're coming from, I never had much interest in the songs until i started hearing all the fan remixes and stuff. Its an entirely new genre of its own, and if you like drastically different kinds of music it may not appeal to you. A lot of it is hit and miss for me. This season I really liked Apples to the Core and the songs from Pinkie Pride were all kinda nifty. The rest were pretty meh in my opinion. I'm not sure what it is, but it seems like the songs from earlier seasons were better. Or maybe others have influenced my opinions on the matter. (This Day Aria is probably my
  11. Simply put, a Mary Sue is a character who lacks substantial flaws. When I say flaws, I mean traits that emotionally, morally and physically limit the character. Take spider man for example. He's not a Gary Stu, because he has both physical limits (while he can take a punch, he's not invulnerable), moral limits (he's a good-hearted character, but displayed a desire for revenge in the movies) and emotional limits (suffers chronic heartbreak and endured emotionally hard things) Early superman had little to none of these traits. He was a Gary Stu. Now Mary Sues are not well written characters, but
  12. Yup, mine's a weird Earth pony who works in a taco shop. She's mostly average aside from some personality quirks, so nothing to complain about there.
  13. We describe things in ways that work best with our system. In your pool example, I obviously wouldn't be setting my goal in miles, I'd decide how many yards I want to swim that day. Or instead of the pool being marked as 25 yards, it'll be marked as whatever fraction of a mile the pool is. Alot of places will provide information for you in whatever way is easiest to convert. For instance, there's this indoor track that has a ground markings which display how many laps equal a mile. I don't know exactly how many inches are in that track, but based on what little information is provided I can de
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