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  1. I mean G5 not being as good as G4 is a given tbh. G4 being as good and becoming as popular as it was was a stars aligned kind of event that anyone who’s expecting the same result again is most likely setting themselves up for major disappointment. My expectations of it is it’ll be decent enough. I liked G4 cause it got me attached to characters in a way no show has ever done for me before. I’m definitely not gonna expect that result again. I just hope it’s decent, and I definitely understand your frustrations with Hasbro. I too wish MLP could be under some company better. The show deserves to be controlled by someone so much better than Hasbro.
  2. Good morning guys!  

    Does anyone remember that 4chan story where the “Giggle at the Ghosties” gave a guy the courage to stand up against his father that abused him as a child?   Lauren Faust even commented on it.  

    It was years ago around the beginning of the show.  

    I can’t seem to find it these days.  Wish I could, it was a nice feel good story on how MLP helped people in their lives.

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    2. AppleButt


      Yup I remember reading about that. :mlp_icwudt:

    3. Pastel Heart

      Pastel Heart

      I don't remember that, but here's my own story.

      Back in 2011 I was still deep in the closet as a trans girl and had been repressing that my entire life. After being introduced to the show by a friend, I was directed to Ponychan where I made myself at home. The positive atmosphere and people there encouraged me to accept myself, so I did~

      Fast forward... Last year, my mom died. Afterwards, I came under the care of a family member who abused me for months on end and there were times I considered doing terrible things to myself

      Coming to these forums, however, I found amazing friends, the love of my life and a dear friend I made here even helped me physically escape my abusive home and get to my aunts house.

      I am now safe, taken care of, miles from my abuser and am healing. and I owe it all to the bonds I made because of a cartoon about colored talking ponies <3

    4. AppleButt


      @Pastel Heart So glad to hear you got out of that situation.  I was anxiously awaiting a status update where you were finally out of that environment and was happy when that update finally came :mlp_icwudt:

      Im really happy for you!

  3. Welcome! Rainbow Dash is awesome.
  4. They look cute in life jackets 


    Goodnight guys.  See y’all tomorrow! :wub:


    1. InfernalEnergy


      Sleep well, my friend! :eager:

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      They sure do! :wub:

      Goodnight! :mlp_icwudt:

    3. AppleButt


      Though imagine if a whole swarm of pony fans went up to the ponies and said they looked cute in life vests.  


      I bet their reaction would be more like 



  5. I’ve been a fan of the show since 2011 and I just joined this forum this year after a three year hiatus from watching the show, lol. I can’t believe I didn’t find this place a lot sooner. Im here to try to make friends and just have fun with fellow fans. I mostly look at other people’s status updates. I’ve found that’s a really good way to interact with others here. My profile pic is just a screenshot of Dash from the “Best Friends Till the End of Time” song. She made so many adorable faces in that song it was hard to choose so I picked the one where she looked happiest.
  6. Good afternoon guys! 

    Hope your day is going good.  

    Mine has been good, but busy.    My work is doing a promotional video via drone. 

    There was a part they were filming me and I didn’t know.  When I parked the fuel truck and got out I suddenly notice the drone right in front of me filming.  I was like “Oh god don’t laugh don’t laugh don’t laugh!”

    Camera guy actually complimented me though.  Said he liked filming me cause I was a one take person.  He has to do a few takes a lot of times cause people mess up and look at the camera, and etc. 

    I mean working there 8 1/2 years now makes me a natural at it so.  B)


    I still reeeally hate being on camera though!


    Was neat though.  Can’t say I’ve ever been filmed from a drone before. 



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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Wait is that TV’s Applebutt?!


       I am glad you had a good day my friend. Be safe!

    3. Kujamih


      .....what are you doing in a hangar?

    4. Kujamih


      Oh yeah wwolf me and you are aviator buds....

  7. 2020 now, and there’s still a decent fandom around it that’s not going away any time soon. To me it’s nice now that the fandom that is still here are the real dedicated ones. Sure I do miss the times it was at its peak, and fan content was coming out like clockwork, but now I feel a better sense of community within the fandom now that it’s smaller.
  8. Well back to the morning stuff tomorrow.  Goodnight guys!

  9. All those sound pretty bad. One job I have experience with that I'd consider going homeless before subjecting myself to again would be a factory.
  10. Good morning!  How are y’all? 

    Im okay except the fact I have to work today and it’s the first kinda cold day I’ve worked so far. 

    Now all the coworkers are gonna tease me as always cause I manage to be the only cold natured one there and I “shiver like a chihuahua” at the first sign of cold according to them.  :adorkable:  


    But I’d rather shiver than sweat so it’s all good. B)

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    2. Junko


      good morning! have fun and stay safe! love from Canada! (i'll use my canadian powers to lower the cold!) :mlp_wink:

    3. Deae Rising Shine~
    4. InfernalEnergy


      I hope you have a good day today! :fluttershy:

  11. Well I’m heading to bed.  Goodnight friends. :wub:

  12. Just kill me now... :oh_golly:




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    2. StarrySkyDash
    3. Vefka


      Oof I had this situation once and this is really frustrating

    4. AppleButt


      @Vefka Yes very frustrating lol.  And to make it worse I got soaked cause it started pouring rain while cleaning it up. 

  13. Today’s been a day.  I barely had time to get on here much at all.  

    Wore me out so now it’s time for bed. Goodnight friends! :wub: