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  1. Lost, but not forgotten ;c

  2. Alright, i shall accept this challenge. Edit: That took nearly 2 hours to type out. Total of 455 games, but likely missing a few, especially Xbox games. Currently playing: Black Desert Online Overwatch Xbox One (some backwards compatible 360 titles): 16 PC Standalone: 4 Origin: 10 Steam: 418 Uplay: 1 Battle.net: 6
  3. The last thing i drank was a Shot of Kraken Rum. I mainly have it because the bottle is awesome
  4. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

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    2. Missklang


      -gives a frog- This Christmas frog is a gift from Discord! Enjoy your frog!

    3. Lost


      Thankyou for this wonderful Turkey! I shall now eat it for this fine thanksgiving!

    4. Missklang


      Be careful. It's highly magical

  5. I live nearly exclusively on a diet of Pizza, just plain cheap pizza. I only eat once a day too.
  6. Well i don't remember last nights dream but i do remember the night before, i had just finished watching all of attack on titan in one sitting so i ended up dreaming about that. I remember i woke up after being eaten by a titan and vowing that next time i fell to sleep i would kill the titan
  7. My real name is Thomas, or Tom. I don't mind either way.
  8. Time for some Ranked Overwatch ^^

  9. I also have a fan in my room that is on at all times, my room is rather small and living in a flat it gets incredibly hot in here very quickly.
  10. Kinda boring if i just state my digital purchases, so my last physical purchase (other than food/drinks) was last week, i bought a medium Baymax tsum tsum from the Disney store.
  11. Looks to me like Firefox, Gamemaker Studio, FL Studio, VLC, Notepad and Paint.net? And Steam is pinned but not opened. I was watching Attack on Titan for the first time, decided to sit through all the episodes in one go.
  12. I'm currently drinking a glass of Pepsi Max.
  13. Pure nostalgia for me right here: Its the first time that i was ever blown away by an opening cinematic.
  14. I cant remember if the last game i purchased was Project: Highrise or Software Inc. If we're counting ingame purchases though, the last thing i bought was likely something on Black Desert Online, i sink so much money into that game and cant account for half of it
  15. English, C# and Java. Those count right?