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  1. oh ship it's you rbirthday

    1. Retro*Derpy


      Rbday time <_> thanks c:

  2. Happy birthday! :pinkie:

    Hope your day goes so wonderful for you! :yay:


  3. Haaappy biiiirthday!! :balloon: :derp:

  4. Turns out I'm a pretty big lurker, I don't usually have much to add to a discussion. Though I like to read on people's opinions and thoughts about things which keep me coming back. I wouldn't say I have a define time, but not soon.
  5. I like the profile pic, very cute!

    1. Schattenherz


      :o Oh my god! Your profile picture looks kinda similar! I think we both had the same idea, heehee~

      But thank you very much. :fluttershy: I like yours, too! :wub:

  6. Haha plane go zoom zoom
  7. Journey's end for Terraria comes out in 9ish~ hours. Pretty excited for over 40 pages of new/re-balanced stuff :3

  8. lol that's an oof from me chef. I'm in the discord if you ever wanted to catch up or whatever c: I'll probably just lurk this site for a bit longer.
  9. Hey wetwoh! :derp:

    1. Retro*Derpy


      Hi Swirls :muffins: How've you been?