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  1. Hey, send me pizza pls

    1. Haven Celestii

      Haven Celestii

      Send me pizza first. :)

    2. Rainbow    Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      Nah, you send me one first then ill send you one at a later date.

  2. Happy birthday! ^_^ 

    1. Haven Celestii

      Haven Celestii

      Thankies thankies, hun!

  3. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

    1. Haven Celestii

      Haven Celestii

      I appreciate the chosen words for this.
      thankies, thankies, hun~ x)

  4. Nice, gzs. I almost maxed. But, then I didn't cause I kept getting sucked into PVM. Only 3 skills left, so wheee. What all do you still have left to do in that silly old game?
  5. Well, hello there, Punic. Yeah, I still dabble in pony from time to time, but its just about dead for me as well. I've wanted to get back into a bit of smaller communities for it to see if I could get anything to stick, but man, that just sounds like so much extra work to keep something alive. I'm also terribly bad at making friends still and bleh. More active groups would be nice in this lockdown though. Stuff changes with time, yeah. Sad to see it all go, tbh. Though, I prolly wouldn't be as sad if it had a decent little bang instead of the whimper, but hey.
  6. Yes, hello, fellow chat boomer. Welcome back to our poor, poor chat thread lmfao. I actually still follow the thread, but like...it's legit nothing going on anymore and no one really tries to even put forth a simple effort so hey, even I've just about forgotten about this place. Sad to be able to say that, really.
  7. I've finally done it. I finally got a decent recorded speedrun of Dark Witch 2 and I beat my last PB too, wheee.


  8. Kilz bby. Heppy birf. Nerd.

  9. Not really, imo. That just means you'll bypass anything proper assuming its bad or just not seeing it in the same light.
  10. Same, actually. Also really, really, really subconsciously angry too. Huh.
  11. I told them for you, hun. Also, did I not tell you MLPF people were gonna try and do some things together? Though, to be fair, iirc the stuff they went to do together was like, dinners and such moreso than just run around the con together. Dinner and breakfast would have been a bit odd without actually knowing people, imo. Also, I totally wouldn't mind actually trying to get into this place again, but I really don't see that happening very easily, tbh.
  12. Too late, you're getting one and you're gonna like it. Besides, they weren't handing them out for being on the forums or hanging with them, it was literally for finding them AND going to BronyCon. Both of which we did, so.
  13. Do it, you won't. Also, do you want me to poke Jeric for the badges we're supposed to have for going to BronyCon?