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  1. I really, really appreciate your input on the RP....I mean it Unfortunately I have to put a halt on the RP. With summer vacation coming sis asked me to help watch her kids during the summer. It was one of those last minute things that I can't escape from Oh, and Ragna is from an anime fighting game call Blazblue.
  2. Would really like some help here.....anyone....hellllllloooooo? Well I'm sorry, this is the best I could come up with. This is why I was asking for help and my character is supposed to be in a way scary at first, but opens up to friendship. Oh and I was going for more of a Ragna the Bloodedge way...not Sephiroth. My RP character that is.
  3. No....until it doesn't happen, they will never say its a fake.
  4. Am making a RP "New Home, New Life", I would like some people to join and help out if any of you can.

  5. I wasn't trying to sound negative, when I talk to most people about this.....their answers were always "The world is going to end". It just got annoying and I wanted to just say what I wanted to say.
  6. How many people believe in the 2012 end? I think whatever happens, happens. People shouldn't be scared...I've been told stories which many have predicted the end but nothing happened. It's just a matter of waiting to see.
  7. umm...Happy Birthday :)

    1. ~Eilsel~


      Thank you! ^^

  8. im welcome to any ideas anyone has to offer, right now my mind is a blank I was thinking about "The alien Laharl travels to Equestria because a certain princess was in need of help. Upon entering the world, He triggers an event that unleashes an ancient demon that was thought to have been put away a long time ago. Could this be what he needed to do and how will he cope with this new land and it inhabitants while trying to battle his own demons? Can the Mane 6 help his as well as help their world?" Tell me what you think?

    1. weegeez


      you hit puberty, DAYUMMMM

  10. Most of us like to watch anime to relax. We have other things as well but most go for the anime. I like One Piece, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist (and Brotherhood) and Rosario + Vampire for night time there is MLP (don't know if it is considered anime, but to each there own). Anypony out there has relaxing anime to watch as well?
  11. This may seem a little odd but, is there a animal (besides dragons) that you are not fond of?
  12. Some new games are coming out this year...I'm looking forward to Resident Evil 6, Persona 4 Arena and Kingdom Hearts 3D What are you looking forward to?